New Gundam announced

>inb4 IBO season 3

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That's just fucking Soulgain.

Im not seeing the problem


>It's currently April 1st in Japan.

Obari Turn A?
sign me in

New Brave series announced too.

wait a second that face

user... that's just mean.

The Glory for Losers anime adaptation confirmed?

>Suddenly Quad Zeta

There are some differences to the original.

G gundam reboot?

That is obviously Soulgain though.

The April Fools is that there is no new Gundam series, but they're making a 2-season anime out of Moon Dwellers.

No, it's definitely Turn-AGE.

>it's got elf ears

What kind of gundam wing bullshit is this?

it's in fact mustache

Mobile Suit Gundam Duocorn

I still remember how hyped and then disappointed /m/ was at the AGE reveal.

Any takers on a bet that it's gonna be a shitty AU that'll be the token shitpost horse to beat for a year or so?

not another one so soon
they need to at least recover from IBO

What's Twilight Axis then? OVA or TV series?

Twilight Axis is UC, and as such immune to criticism

>immune to criticism
Have you SEEN the Zeta threads this past month?

You're right instead people will say it's shit without even bothering to give reasons or have discussion

True. Then again based on their current speed, it'll be about 6-12 months before the next AU so some hints might appear

>UC Immune to criticism
>See constant bashing of various UC works all the time here

How deluded are you?

I sincerely doubt it will be worse than Iron Menstruation

You under estimate their power.

It really doesn't matter if it's UC or AU. It'll still be a token shitpost horse because nobody on /m/ comes here to talk giant robots anymore. They just come here to spew diarrhea.


wait so we will have 2 Gundam series airing in the same year?

Is that the goddamned Soulgain?

It's fucking April Fools you goddamn idiots.
I fucking hate this day.