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you appear to have posted the wrong image, let me fix that

Please, think of your back.

Toqger is a good show to watch if you have trouble falling to sleep.



But Raptor is the weakest team member ever.

Back up your claim.


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The show was boring

>got the right idea to stay out of range of usual for Sentai melee combat and rain justice on fools from above
>weakest team member

Raptor is just Garu without an episode focused on them.

As opposed to what other series?

Who are the Bulk and Skull of Super Sentai?

There are none.

Your mom


Sanbaka from dairanger

>Raptor is just Garu without an episode focused on them.
Except Raptor has an episode focused on her and Garu does not?


Yes, that's what I mean. Raptor has her episode, Garu hasn't (he only shared it with Lucky).

Ryuu Tsueder has kyutama sounds that the Seiza Blaster does not.
>So that would probably be 64+64 different sounds.
No, nevermind, just 10 more regardless of Kyutama used, like Kyu the Weapon does.

Is Gokaiger a good introduction to the series?


You get spoilers for previous series
You won't get any references
You won't recognize half the characters

Here is the thing: my first sentai was Gokaiger, I enjoyed it a lot.
But I would not recommend it as a first series for other people.

The antagonist group were pretty cool. Not going to argue that they're Jetman's Vyram tier or anything but they were all pretty distinctive and interesting enough.
Akira was great fun whenever he was around too.
Also Wagonbutt and that one shot in the final episode of Kagura clearly stretching the hip area of her suit was nice.

I'm watching what's been subbed of Fiveman.

I oddly like the suit designs especially the helmets.

However, I see what people mean about the show itself being just average.

If you only wanting to watch the show to catch 5 second references and cameos then no don't make it your first.

If you want to watch the show for the characters then yes watch it.

A good introduction to super sentai would be Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. It uses lots of clips of previous sentai set to music from the shows.


How about you post the fucking scans so we can fucking read them.

It's like some shit meme. Where the fuck are the scans.




I've been enjoying ToQger a lot so far but I really don't know about this character
Does he get less annoying?

If you don't like him now you probably won't like him at all.

Speaking of which, do they ever end up actually using this in the show?

When did the suitless rollcall become the norm?

I know Dairanger had it but it wasn't really the norm at the time.

I think Gekiranger or Boukenger might have started the (mostly) continuous run of series doing it.

>Good looking individuals
>awful combined form

interchangeable arms with legs
if it wasn't for this they could have made a better job on the combined form


why does champ work out

he's a robot

he can build muscles

can't, even

I don't know but can we talk about how cheap he is?

He tried to give Balance one of his weights. How can someone so in love with justice be so blatant? He didn't even properly wrap it.

That's no excuse for not working out

maybe he has hydraulic joints

The blurays rips are never getting finished are they?

The Showa Riders had "artificial muscles" to explain why they got boosts from training episodes. I'd guess it'd be something similar.

I love this guy already.

OZC is moving at a pretty good pace though. Stop being an impatient baby.

Prepare for the kino that is episode 43

It's not bad but everything this show does is SO average.

>he was the live action Aizen Sosuke of Bleach

Which is the least clusterfuck combined form?
Even when I like the individual parts, only a few like ToqGer ones feel like they should go together.

I loved it when the mecha in super sentai were gods. I miss that.

but honestly, depends on what you mean with clusterfuck

NOTHING will ever be as clusterfuck as this.

So it's kind of a bad Zyuohger?

I'm looking for the full version of this thing


maybe one of you good souls can help me

You're a good user.

Can something average be good or bad if its average?

I haven't seen Zyuohger (I'm an mostly 90's sentai fan).

It's everything it does I've seen done better in other sentai. They really hit lighting in a bottle with Zyuranger with the aesthetics IMO.

Again, love the helmet designs and the OP is catchy as fuck though.

Funny how easily Fiveman toys can still be found on the aftermarket as far as old sentai is concerned.

>Size view

You see, Soda completely exhausted all his good ideas by the time he wrote this, so he tried to do a Best Of for his previous concepts. Didn't quite work.

Remember when they actually gave a fuck about making ultimate combinations look aesthetically pleasing?


wait wait wait
someone did this on purpose to look messy, right?
it's not supposed to be like this, right?

Zyuohger isn't bad though

>Pew pew, motherfuckers!

I know sentai isn't known for amazing CGI but what the hell was this. Did Koichi blew the entire movie budget on explosions?

Sakamoto's Toei movies always seem to have really bad CG models even for Toei's tokusatsu standards. Don't know why it happens, but it seems pretty consistent and it didn't happen with his Ultraman work. So, I guess it must be a time or budget issue.

That's what I'm saying. Zyuohger wasn't bad but it got extremely by-the-numbers, which wasted the opportunities that could've been used by a Zyuman team.

It comes down to personal preference at that point.

Hopefully this won't affect his Space Squad movies too badly, although Girls in Trouble does use some digital effects.

it was extremely good despite being by-the-numbers though. I'd rather have a good show that while had these "wasted opportunities" (which I don't get, the show did most of it just fine) rather than something having a cool premise that is wasted, like Ghost.

Fiveman was boring. Zyuohger wasn't. It aired in my country with Jetman and Jetman was much better. Hell, Bioman, Maskman and Turboranger were far more interesting.

>the T rex has feathers and the velociraptor doesn't


How was Changeman? I assume where you're from by those specific series that you also got Changeman.

flipland didn't get changeman

Generally it's only really a problem if they go for a giant CG boss. It'd be weird if they went for a CG Satan Goss rather than just making a new suit, so I don't think it'll be an issue.

Although in Megamax, the final battle suddenly became a PS2 game when they were fighting outside of a rocket in spite of no one being a giant.

Goddamn literally everything about Zyuranger is just sex to the eyes.

Toei is doing a Japanese adaptation of Kyoryuger Brave, which is an adaptation of a Korean adaptation of an American adaptation of a Japanese show. What the fuck?

It's here.


I don't see how hard it could be to just give him a cloth skirt, I mean they do have suits for Hellvira and Mad Gallant.

Come to think of it, since he has a Polymar movie coming as well, that'll determine his track record in regards to using budget.

>of an American adaptation
It's Power Rangers in name only. Dino Force is just a dub of Kyoryuger.

"Power Rangers Dino Force" is not a Korean adaptation of American Power Rangers. They just use the name.
It's a Korean dub of Kyoryuger.

And the sequel is produced by Toei, with korean actors.

>that timing
I've never wretched so hard.

Kyoryuger Brave is made by Toei for the Korean market and then dubbed into Jap, it's not an adaptation and certainly not based on Dino Charge.

Somebody compare this to Haro. I don't have the show archived anymore.


Let's just put the lyric subs right in the fucking middle of the frame.

You weren't kidding.


So are these Haro's subs?

>tvn tier translation

I'm worried....

I just checked, they're not.

Well that's good and bad at the same time.

Well fuck me, didn't know, thanks.

So Shout is only good when they steal subs then. No surprise there.

It seems to be a new translation. Shout's line about Hazard being destroyed like fireworks is the literal translation, whereas Haro's doesn't mention the "like fireworks" part.

It appears, based on the OP and that clip, they've gone towards a more literal translation a la TVN.

Quick and dirty.

holy font spacing batman


That's what I hate the most about what I've seen so far. Shit oftentimes takes up 1/3 of the screen.