What was special about Dante that entitled him to visit hell?

What was special about Dante that entitled him to visit hell?

He wrote the divine comedy

>Dante's life's work is fanfiction of him meeting his favorite historical figures
Makes you thinkity thinkity thunk

He had a press pass

Virgil saw his dick and thought it was cute
But why was Virgil allowed to leave hell?

he wasn't really special i think he was just picked because Virgil knew he would write about it


Why the heck was Limbo the first level of hell in Inferno, why wasn't it in Purgatorio. Can someone explain this to me

only read inferno, but p sure purgatory is for people who will eventually get into heaven

the first level of hell is for pre-christ ppl who arent punished, but can never go to heaven because they were born too soon

>Tfw born too soon to go to heaven
God beith a fag

Because you can't go to heaven of you're a Pagan, except if you're one whom Dante really liked then you can go to heaven for some reason.
>tfw Dante is burning in hell right now for writing his blasphemous poem

Well that's unfair. Why would God do that?

Have you not read the old testament? God's a dick.

It's okay, we have the new testament, God's our merciful absent daddy now.

Canonically, Jesus went to hell after the crucifixion and redeemed everyone there, so Limbo's just Dante shitposting.

I want to read the comedy but all bookstores here only have this edition. How garbage is it?

>But why was virgil allowed to leave hell
Because he was in limbo, and still had virtuosity. Him not being tainted by sin allowed him to visit purgatory, but he was still disallowed entry to heaven due to being a pagan.

Hard to say without knowing the translator, but 99% chance that it's shit. Just order a good copy off of amazon.

>What was special about Dante that entitled him to visit hell?
He was in need of spiritual guidance.

all poets go to hell, duh.

He was getting close to becoming sinful and damned, so Beatrice/God decided to save him. He had to go down through hell to reach the Purgatorio mountain and from there to go to Heaven.
Why was he chosen for this? Well that is probably the most interesting thing to think about in the entire poem, so you're going to have to read it for yourself (multiple times, you won't understand what he is trying to do the first time) and form an opinion.