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Reminder that weaponizing shotas is illegal under the Geneva conventions.

there are worse things to weaponize in the OG Universe

Why is this allowed?

I hope this is Watanabe's last gig. At least for a while or just for girls. This shit is just horrible.

They're trying to convey a message: kill the landwhales.

I feel like it would have been real simple to give Sharkboy an actual personality, but they just didn't.


At least Ghuli looks cool.

His girls are the worst right now though and way too much focused on sexual fanservice. Look how Elishia or the other characters in Masoukishin F looked and look at the present now that mobage cancer happened.

>Ultimate version of the Vang series
I see

Speak for yourself, that's one sexy killer robot.
Glasses is ok too.

>hate thicc androids
/m/ is not the place for you

I just hate shit designs.

What's wrong with those design except Ark Idea being garbage?
Nevanlinna is a very cool idea for a gynoid too.

At least Lottie came out relatively well.

Considering that he saves a character from a show with an MC akin to Batman, it's fitting.

What the hell? Angelo's fighting with Gamillas now?

Because Lottie wasn't drawn by him

Lottie was drawn by a better artist, that's why.

Nine and Chitose both look great outside of Chitose's final attack art.

>Z and Alpha 3 are two of the best games
>SEED debuted in Alpha 3
>SEED Destiny debuted in Z
Things that make you go hmmmm

Nine is singlehandedly the worst character design in the game.
She looks like a dude in drag.

>>SEED Destiny debuted in Z
You should go hang yourself.


Nine's character design is anything but "great".

Chitose's not bad, but still feels kind of excessive.

SEED in Alpha 3 was just there, nothing special.
Z SEED Destiny is great
UX SEED Destiny is better

Any April fools joke yet?

Yea but it came out a month early for some reason.

Man, compared to most of the jokes on Be A Deliberate Dick Day, that's a pretty good one.

Shit taste, Nine's collarbones are great. I bet you don't even like gothloli.

Oh, no wonder.

For Chitose, one thing that helps is the use of excessive big lips is comparatively lower in her case.

Not liking a man's collarbones isn't shit taste.
It's not being a fucking homo.

You only like her because you want to fuck manlets

Chitose's lips are fairly regular. Only really noticeable because lips aren't normally emphasized in anime.

Shit like Nevalinna, though. That's just comic relief shit.

You guys are going to have to explain how this looks like a man. As far as anime designs go it's pretty unambiguous.

Flat chest = man desu senpai

all these white crackas gettin huffy over thicc females

Fuck off and kill yourself

Upper torso is anatomically more in line with the male structure as opposed to the female structure.

You are just gay desu senpai

I want to teach that robot (male approximately 16 years old) love

>pasty pale white guy pretends to be black
>American pretends being drastically obese is somehow attractive

Don't know which is more embarrassing, honestly.

Ignoring that she has wide hips balancing it out?

where can I see an attack's total crit chance (as opposed to the +75, etc listed under the weapons tab)?

just for you senpai

Someone tell John Boyega that he's a girl now.

But he was the girl in TFA

>balancing it out

That's not how anatomy works.



It does, though. Pear is a great body type.


>Zabine attacks Kincade, leaving him with 25 hp
>Counter with the Beam Zanber attack, which does exactly the amount of damage needed to kill him
>For added bonus, Kincade screams Zabine's name when he finishes him with the Beam Zanber

I love when shit like this happens.

This isn't a 1:1 comparison to Nine's body structure.

At all.

that is like super flat.

Like flatter than Blanc levels of flat (which is a thing that is not even supposed to be possible)

On the whole SRW: Suffering and Salvation from last thread, I think taking cues from the Butterfly Effect film is a better choice since it shows that by trying to save the lives of one person they wind up ruining another and the ending is that they set things back to status quo due to how by helping everyone else, they awoken his alter ego who thinks tampering with everyone else's timeline is going to doom all of the original cast.

Aika is taller and flatter but that's about it. Nine has bigger breasts and wider hips, so if anything she should look more like a girl.

Being a washing board is Tail Blue's shtick.

Go away Tarkin, you're double-dead.

so that's why they won't let us save Gai

Best girl

Didn't the director's cut of that end with the guy strangling himself in the womb?

Would saving Kamina fuck up the TTGL cast?

Different countries had different endings in the theatrical release. I think the DVDs had that ending as the default.

Flattest in all of existence

Probably, if Kamina never dies Simon would never learn to rely on himself.

It's because she's raising her arms. The pectorals are stretched flatter.

What the fuck did you just fucking speed about me, you little speed? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my speed in the Navy Speeds, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret speeds on Iscandar, and I have over 300 confirmed speeds. I am trained in speedy speedfare and I’m the top speeder in the entire Gardim speed forces. You are nothing to me but just another speed. I will speed you the fuck out with speed the likes of which has never been speed before on this Earth, mark my speeding words. You think you can get away with speeding that speed to me over the Internet? Think again, speeder. As we speed I am contacting my speedcret network of speeds across Gardim and your IP is being speeded right now so you better prepare for the speed, slowpoke. The speed that wipes out the pathetic little speed you call your speed. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can speed you in over speed hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare speed. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed speed, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Gardim 9th Fleet and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable speed off the face of the galaxy, you little speed. If only you could have known what unholy speed your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking speed. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re speeding the speed, you goddamn idiot. I will speed Fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Aika's uppertorso is thinner and Nine's trapezius is more pronounced in relation to her shoulders and neck.

In OG1 am I supposed to stick the Jamaican and his waifu in the spare Gespensts? They do some actual damage now but I kind of miss how they were literally untouchable in the jets.

this is literally his personality

and I love him for it

pissed they didn't even give him shadow or attack again

You can do whatever you want with them. Giado's just kind of okay, but Garnet has some top tier support spirits by OG1 standards. She's probably better off sticking in the jet and giving the jet the Repair and Resupply devices.


Gun x Sword again when?

>Fire Emblem as OP pic for /srwg/ thread?

Depends on when he comes back. If he's saved right when he's suppose to die, then yes, but if he comes back later (like during the timeskip), then it's fine.

This post sent me on a tangent.
Is there really no punishment for losing a unit in V, or am I just not noticing something?

an ugly loli in my pokeman game?

Not sure. But I don't see a message saying I need to pay for repair costs.

Then again, I'm not sure if the gain meter is doing anything since I'm not getting a message saying it's giving me cash, either.

What is the name of Jill's ride?


The gain meter works, you can check your cash in the menu before and after moving the unit holding it to see it go up.

If you're going to save him, then he should only come back at the end of GL's plot when Simon's already done maturing.

Dikeosaurus Regina

If he's savable, it'd have like Gai in W where he goes MIA and the cast still think he's gone. At the very least, Simon would need to for his development.

I am curious of what Timeskip Kamina would look like though.

Honestly I think the best way is how Z3 did it, where he shows up inside the Tengen Toppa for a minute to encourage Simon and be generally proud of him.

That's if you want to go full FF13-2 with it and let the player think they can change the outcome only to yank it away at the end. Which I think is a little much.

The same, he goes through a time warp/frozen until technology can save his life/plucked from an alternate dimension.

Best point would be when he's already coming back from the dead for a second to save everyone anyways, just that instead of parting ways he sticks around to co-pilot the Tengen Toppa with everyone else.

Its Hapu

forget Kamina

I want Emperor Zuul to come back from the dead

He can't really die in the first place, and if he does die it's a very final death, so...

Kamina stays in the TTGL iirc, just not as an actual pilot, he does some Lines when attacking.

I ordered SRW V 4 weeks ago and it should have came today, but it hasn't and im just assuming it will come after the weekend

customs probably jacked it

Oh god dont say that..

And I hope the Watanabe train never stops.

PXZ3 never.

Yeah its most of the people in the thread who say that the art of V is shit.

Wittle baby mad that people don't like what he likes.

I like Watanabe's designs, but the in-game art was a bit questionable at times.
I like whoever did Lottie and Velt more though.

Next you're gonna say that everybody who disagrees is just a single, dedicated shitposter.

Oh its not just one. Its actually a bunch of dedicated faggots.