"Men have dreams. Even dogs have dreams. But not women. Women are just a machine. An imitation of men...

>"Men have dreams. Even dogs have dreams. But not women. Women are just a machine. An imitation of men. Can a woman write a symphony? Can a woman turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?"

Thoughts on this quote?

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It's boring.

Asimov is obviously a virgin neckbeard loser. No real man can come to these conclusions.

I didn't know Sam Raimi was making a remake of the movie

That's a really dumb thing to say. His mother probably abandoned him as a kid.

In an odd way, yes.

Seems to be a natural law

the real quote is about robots, not women. asimov basically just took everything schopenhauer said about women, and ctrl + f find and replaced it with robots

Isaac Asimov couldnt even squat his bodyweight why should I care about him?

probably couldnt even clean 50

that is where you are fucking wrong, bro. Isaac was fucking swole. Harlan Ellison gave him some shit at a convention, and Asimov deadlifted him and threw him off the stage.

>In truth, if boys and girls are born equal, the little girls find themselves in a better situation. In the first place, the young girl is not subjected to the perverting conditions to which we are subjected. She has neither cigarettes, nor wine, nor cards, nor comrades, nor public houses, nor public functions. And then the chief thing is that she is physically pure, and that is why, in marrying, she is superior to her husband. She is superior to man as a young girl, and when she becomes a wife in our society, where there is no need to work in order to live, she becomes superior, also, by the gravity of the acts of generation, birth, and nursing.
What did he mean by this

That feminism is a meme. Contrary to popular belief, women had the better end of the deal in a lot of regards for most of human history.


yeah but now they can have their cake and eat it too

they can have a career and hold institutional power, or they can get a free ride off of a man.

They can also do both of those things at the same time. What a time to be alive.

100% accurate. When are just a skinner box sufficiently complex to fool men.


Is there any worse feeling than when you make a good point and then completely destroy your intellectual credibility by accidently including a typo which you can no longer remove?

>I, Redpill

What a blind man.

Of course women have dreams, of course women can write a symphony, of course women can turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece..

>The file I intended to post is too large for Veeky Forums. Look up, Arantzazu Martinez - "Confizanza Absoluta, La Bella Durmiente."

>have dreams
Shallow ones
>can write a symphony
Bad ones
>turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece..
Not impressive

There sure is, for instance, when you make a fucking facile point and articulate it like a mouthbreather.

>The file I intended to post is too large for Veeky Forums
fucking take a screenshot you cretin

That he had a lot of fun in his youth with debauchery and promiscuity, and that he "repented"/came to the conclusion that the grapes were actually sour when he got so old his dick stopped working.

Read the Kreutzer Sonata, it's basically Elliott Rodgers with literary flair.

Yeah, of course they have dreams and can paint a masterpiece, but...
>can write a symphony
I'm not trying to be /pol/ tier, but, the writing of classical music just seems outside the grasp of a woman--and seeing how it has not been done yet, I cannot argue against this notion.


Almost unspottable irony. Good job

Men have to work in order to impress women enough so they will fuck them.
Men have to learn strategy like some sort of napoleon of fucking dumb bitches.
Women just have be good looking.
Men all over the world for millennia have mastered every art, music, writing, comedy, acting, science, just to get their dick sucked.
Men invented the computer, conquer lands, went to the moon.

All just to get their dick sucked.

>has not been done yet
It was done L O N G ago, user.

google.com/search?q=female composers&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8


“everything in the world is about sex except for sex – sex is about power.”

>I'm not trying to be /pol/ tier, but, the writing of classical music just seems outside the grasp of a woman--and seeing how it has not been done yet, I cannot argue against this notion.
I think women just missed the boat on that one. The time when classical music appealed to them was when their opportunities were limited. now their interests have shifted.

Unremarkable, every one of them.

How would a man as shallow as you know what depth is?

"Also a bull"

i think the desire to dominate other men is much much stronger than the desire for blowjobs. like if all men wanted was sex why wouldn't they all just become rapists by trade? why go through the trouble of learning skills and inventing things when you can just rape?

but if a man is better than you at something... you can't rape your way out of that one. i mean, you could kill him, but then you just make him a martyr. the only way to get over this feeling is ssris, suicide, submitting to him, or out accomplishing him.


>Women just have be good looking.

I mean, this is the problem feminism identifies, no?

That women's achievements are based on appearance and men's on achievement. They want to rectify that. Sounds like you're a feminist, user.

Feminism is just a scheme created by fat chicks in order to hold down good looking women and get dick for themselves.

I think there was a quote by Nietzsche about early feminism where he called them all unmarried cat ladies

real men arent cucks like you

Ok, that's pretty great: I like it a lot.--but that's not the same thing, and you know it. Lyrics and vocals are amazing, but the instrumental is very generic and uninspiring.

I guess you could call them composers, in the same way that you would call John Green a writer: yes, they have composed, but nothing of real substance was created--and even comparing them to the greats of the 20th century would be an insult.

I think that the composure of classical music just never really appealed to them, even if the opportunity was there: because, composing was a very arduous task that promised little to no return unless you were very good at it, and had the ability to compose something of musical and aesthetic merit. It's very different from writing in that sense, where there actually was an appeal to women: in that, even if you were not truly great at writing, you could still find an audience within a genre.