Is this book good or should I not waste my time?

Is this book good or should I not waste my time?

Depends, what's your tolerance for fantasy names and made-up words?

>K-lax, jurdin of the helinor wastes, erente to the shuge of arkansas

Shit like that. Incessantly.

i enjoyed it

just dont expect tolstoy

I am on part 3 of the first book right now. It is amazing I have loved every second of it. Once you dig into it, you wont put it down highly recommend.

Yeah I've noticed a lot of that. Kinda irritating with these fucking names

Agreed, if a book's not set in New York or Paris, what's the fucking point?

I've got the perfect book for you, anons!

See I'm okay with this because while some king might be named Fulfindor at least he's called King Fulfindor rather than Plu'tesh'ee Fulfindor when Plu'tesh'ee means exactly the same fucking thing as King.

The future-Arab vibe is part of the charm, though.

because, of course, eight thousand years from now they'll all be speaking early 21st english, right mang?

there's a project for anyone with time to waste: rewrite Dune with words you find on urbandictionary.

There needs to be a board dedicated to children's lit so people can post this shit there and not clutter discussions of major works. Tired of this genre bullshit on here.

I only looked up the terminilogy a few times when I read it, Herbert is great at making his made-up words immediately clear through context. It goes full retard in Dune Messiah, though

You won't get any insights about the world or yourself if that's what you're asking, it's just an adventure book.

>I only read mature literature for mature readers such as myself
*dips trilby*

Gene Wolfe had the perfect way of accounting for that while sidestepping dumb nonsense words.

As if that's the sole and objective goal of books. Fucking kys.

Do you mean Dune? It's a bit simplistic to say that because something can be put into a genre like sci-fi or fantasy that it precludes it from being good, no?

Sounds like you'd fit in well on my proposed children's lit board, faggot.

you sound awful insecure about reading for entertainment there. it's fine if literature is not your interest and you just want some escapism.

Any piece of genre fiction is for children. I don't care if it's Philip K Dick or something that is supposedly high art like Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's kids lit.

That doesn't really answer my question, you just restated what you said a second ago

confirmed for never having read marquez holy shit

No it's not okay. And I'm not insecure. I don't read kid's lit. I'm this poster
People just need to know how to compartmentalize you fucking retard faggot.

I know it's just genre fiction but dammit it all Veeky Forums I love Dune.

It is like a bible to me.

I don't have to read him. I'm an adult. I don't read fantasy. Have fun pretending Tolkien level shit is high literature.

>samefagging this much
>shitposting this much
>I'm not insecure

He was claiming I was insecure because he thought I was defending genre fiction. I was saying that wasn't my issue with it. Develop some reading comprehension.

Don't feel ashamed for enjoying something just because it goes against some perceived general consensus of a supposedly 'cool' underground culture like Veeky Forums (of all places).

I get that you've got a forumla. 'It has a genre, therefore its bad.' I'm asking why you think that

>defending yourself this hard to every person that replies to you
>I'm not insecure

Retreating into fantasy is great when you are a kid. I need something that will reflect my life. I don't care what other people read. As long as they realize they are reading children's books.

"this hard". Making a post on Veeky Forums takes a lot of effort for you? You're dumber than I thought.

That there are elements in a story that are fictional (not real) doesn't mean it can't deal with aspects of life that are grounded in reality, be they social realities or inner realities, etc. Literature is fiction, none of the events happening are real. Literature is fantasy.

Where'd you go, plebs? Yeah, that's what I thought. Bitch.

Doo hoo hoo!

as a part-time SF fan, i don't reccomend it. it's more Tolkein than Asimov or Gibson. if i'm gonna read fantasy i'd rather just ready fantasy

For instance, replace the whale in Moby Dick with a Dragon and make the boat airborne and you could still have nearly the exact same story, but since the creature is a dragon instead of a whale it qualifies as genre fiction so therefore its automatically without literaturistic merit?

It is already genre fiction in it's current form. It's a boy's adventure story. Seafaring, swashbuckling, mindless entertainment. I told you plebs you don't know what you're talking about.

Okay, now you're just trolling.

It's not a troll. It's a book about two men's friendship and a bunch of guys having adventures on the high seas. The critical consensus is just because people are enamored with the prose (surface level attribute of a book- frivolous to focus on) and the pretentious digressions. I'm dead-serious.

It's unfortunate, but this is the response you deserve.

I've brought you plebs to your knees with hard truths.

And we're all grateful to you for gracing us with your enlightened intellect.

I know you're being sarcastic. But I consider it worth my efforts if I've reached even one person and if it takes them years to realize I'm right.

Johnny Appleseed over here.

All you've got is school yard sarcasm because you know I'm right and you know I've eviscerated every point you all tried to make.

I'm kind of just enjoying the fact that you keep responding to me to be honest if you already feel like you've "done your job".

It's not a job. I'm just posting here like everyone else. Poor logic. Nice try.

>But I consider it worth my efforts if I've reached even one person and if it takes them years to realize I'm right.

I dunno sounds like you're on a mission unlike the rest of us folk around here killing time. I salute you.

I believe in doing good for my fellow man when possible. It's not structured. If I weren't posting on this thread I'd be doing something else.

Well fellow user, if you think going around calling this and that 'shit' without too much weight of thought besides "it falls under X category therefore X" is a proper way to get through to people on the internet, then I question your emotional intelligence.

That's certainly true in theory, but the key problem is that, for whatever reason, there just aren't any sci-fi/fantasy books that are as well written as Moby Dick.

Reason being your bias and pretentiousness hipsterness about books that aren't fellated by the academia


I tried to get into scifi with the series. Managed to finish the first two but in the process couldn't stop wondering why it was so highly praised on Veeky Forums

>plots to rule the universe
>varied characters, groups and ideologies
>actual political intrigue and character development that makes ASOIAF look even more like children's books
name a better book that does this