Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's 10th anniversary

Time to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!


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How can I summon clawashrimpy to celebrate?

>00 and TTGL are ten years old
I want off this ride

Happy 10th. I'll always love this show, fuck the shitposter brigade.


Time flies when you're watching overrated shows.

Did this anime not do well in Japan? The IP seems to be dead.

No it did great and is very popular. There just...isn't anything else to do with it. They left it at what it was rather than try to pointlessly milk it forever.

The character's story all wrapped up for better or worse and they probably figure the characters sold it so just reusing the setting with different characters wouldn't work as well.

> rather than try to pointlessly milk it forever.

Wow that doesn't sound like the Japanese anime industry I know and love/hate. Not even pachinko?!

It's telling that only Bamco does anything for it now, and it's for SRW.

Hell, even the Double K fancomic is dead.

Posting in a sticky.

They announced pachinko machines last year actually.

I only watched this about 4 years ago myself. A really fun ride even if it clunked along a bit.

Never got around to watching it with Japanese audio so I might use this as an excuse to. Happy 10th, TTGL.

What's your favorite episode /m/?

>pic related

my top 3 are
dream episode > final fight > simons awakening

Just finnished the sjow yesterday. It was quite nice. The ending was kinda disappointing though.

It was also the first mecha I watched. I know it's offtopic but could someone of recommend me another mecha anime? Maybe something more "grown up" i.e. graver, deeper plot, grown up protagonist etc. Is there seinen mecha?

>it's already been 10 years

What have I been doing with my life?
Besides not building/riding a mech.


Forgot to quote

Yoko was the best.



I fucking love that line and SGGL so much. Two of my favorite design elements in mecha are drills and impressive shoulders, so this is like a Reese's Cup.

I remember thinking how funny the "probability missiles" were. Reminds me of playing with action figures with friends as a kid and saying shit like "nuh uh, my guy has a shield and it sent your laser back and killed you instantly".

also fuck you /m/ I think the star shades are cool

This so much

I love old school mech as much as, well probably everyone else on this board, but this show was just pure damn fun.
hell, I prefer it to Getter Robo. There I said it

>just don't be distracted by the what-ifs, should-haves, and if-onlys

No /m/ series has made me feel as emotional as this.


Fuck I've been looking for this for ages now.



But the end was really disappointing. I mean everyone Simon loved is dead. He saved the universe with like 21 but now there's nothing left to do. So he just wanders around in the dessert and teaches little boys how to open coconuts.

There's nothing more pitful as a hero after his adventure

10 years isn't as long as you think it is. The older you get, the shorter it seems.

Yeah man, all he achieved was personal happiness and living his life the way he wanted. If it wasn't for the whole dead wife thing he'd have gotten everything he wanted. He didn't like being the president of earth, and he didn't care about bathing in glory like people like you want him to get because apparently personal happiness is a difficult concept to grasp.

He plants flowers in the movie's end in Nia's honor or whatever..
Makes more sense since the Earth had been deserted for so long and all.

The Big O.

fuck yeah gurren lagann

Aka Batman in Mechs.

>Batman in Mechs
Just what I'm looking for.
Thanks a lot user, I will check it out.

This image was true then, and it is true now.

Jeeg was better

As someone who has had crippling depression since a young age, this show did wonders for me when it came out. I still have the Dai Gurren Brigade emblem on my car and a core drill hanging from my rear view mirror.

I'm not gonna go that far, though.

>Veeky Forums thinks we like kiddyshit like TTGL

Fuck off back to /a/, pedro

>hell, I prefer it to Getter Robo. There I said it
Can't help your shit taste.


This thread was carried over from /m/ and made yesterday. Stop trying so hard.

fuck off mario

The downbeat ending felt so forced. She just disappeared because reasons.

well, it's gainax's IP, and they are pretty much fucking dead. and the other one who holds it is fucking konami

>They left it at what it was rather than try to pointlessly milk it forever.
What in the fuck are you talking about? They milked the living shit out of it for 2 years following the series ending.


When you have an ending that concluded everything to the point where there is nothing to continue, there really is nothing too be milked from it. I mean, what more threats due they have other than the spiral nemesis? Also it's kinda hard too top TTGL's insanity if there was a sequel.
Quite honestly, I'm happy that TTGLS is just an 27 episode anime with 2 recap movies.

Was the "Fight the Power" song made for the show? Or did it exist before and they just used it in the anime?


It was made for the show.

back to plebbit

How to spot newfags.

Cool, I liked the song even before I knew the anime exists.