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I'm bored of EX-Aid now. When are they announcing the next Kamen Rider series?


Never, Ex-Aid is the final series in the timeline, then Metal Heroes shall rise again

Okay, when are they announcing the new Metal Heroes show?

>I don't wanna clear this game with no continues.

>Used to be the destroyed of worlds.
>Now he just raise's hamsters.
>He's also probably into zoophilia now.

Generally it only gets officially announced right before the summer movie comes out, even later if there's no movie cameo.

We should get a copyright by June though.

>mfw people say W isn't the best rider

Why are you posting a blank image?

Anyone got a mega of Ex-Aid sounds? I need a new ringtone

isn't Decade 2.0 next after Ex-aid?

Do they still film rider in Tokyo? or they moved somewhere else like... the outskirts of Tokyo not quite tokyo?

Nah. it'll be some stupid shit like millennium, or century

>it's a rider TATAKAE sentai where everyone transforms into their favorite primary or secondary rider

Ex-aid is the 8th rider, we need one more rider before another Decade happens

>Agito and Gillis cockblocked by the unknown
I'm raging dude.

Wasn't it

I'm trying to find the track that plays when Type Formula debuts
I can't find it in the OST

Decade was the 10th heisei show making Ex-Aid the 18th.

heisei is not 18 years old, no wonder we've been seeing dark shit.

18? The fucker is 83

>Reverse that, 38
>Hironari Amano, Kamen Rider Garren's actor, is 38 years old

Shouichi's girl is fine.
Gills is suffering.
Even the puppy died.




You did it user you cracked the code!

Can't wait
Only 18 more years

I needed this, but I needed this announced yesterday. Still sad we never got see Rider Brain or Rider Medic.


We never even got Figuarts Brain released

Never say never. Drive SHFs still have a lot of attention.

At least it's not in the endless void of figures that have never even had figures of them
i.e most of Kiva, Hibiki outside of main, Hyper gatack and masked forms.

>Hyper gatack

And I hope it stays that way

And I hope you're denied something you want as well.

It's a Sanjo show. Brain'll get a release.

Fucking Weather got a Figuarts.

>Blue and yellow secondary powerup
These are never good


Does anyone have that post of some user overanalysing Blade's first opening? I need it for reasons.

Yo /krg/. i haven't kept up with Kamen Rider since Gaim.
Looks like Over-ti.me isn't subbing Ex-Aid this year, so who do I go to instead?

TV-Nihon. RTA and the other one miss a lot of important information in their """translations""".

Really? TVN is who I went with when I first got into toku but the onee-san-tachi drove me insane.
Have they improved since then?

Wizard would make a great mascot for Hogwards. He has the colors for each of the houses.

Ignore him, he is trolling

Right now RTA and EXCITE are doing Ex-aid subs. RTA is speed subs with a good quality and Excite is done with more time and has good translations but fumbles some times. Both are pretty good

And user, welcome aboard the wild ride known as Ex-aid

Don't listen to him, he's trolling. Excite subs is doing Ex-Aid and they're doing a perfectly fine job.

They haven't, remember what day it is.

Serious answer: Ex-Aid gets Sunday morning speedsubs from RTA, who doesn't have a site and just releases torrent files directly to here. After that, Excite Subs releases archival-quality subs around Wednesday, but RTA's are good enough that you can just keep those if you want and not miss out on much. You'll have to start with Excite, though, since RTA didn't start until a few episodes in.

Well that was fun.

What a sweet ending for everyone including Gillis who gets a dog... a fucking dog.
Can't believe they killed his girl, like come on man, let the dude have some happiness.

I'm mad Houjou is not fucking dead and apparently on friendly terms with Ozawa. Seriously what the actual fuck

I liked this more than Kuuga in terms of fighting, music and suits.
Kuuga wins in every other aspect(Police not being retarded, characters).

He may have been a bit sloppy for an upgrade, but it's still better than Meteor Storm or Beast Hyper.

No it's not, beast hyper is beautiful and actually gold.


Which one would you hug ?

One more dumb question while im here...
I did watch a few episodes of Ghost but uni got in the way. I hear it goes to shit. Should I finish it first before Ex-Aid?
I only got to like episode 11


I love Gatack, I really do, but Hyper Gatack is really bad, cumbersome and has awful bulk distribution

The dog died the next day.

Nah, you're not losing anything, just stick with Ex-aid bro

So i'm thinking of watching Hibiki.

Is tv-n the only choice?

legit? wasn't that just memes?

don't bother unless you like akari.

ex-aid has better plot progression

No hyper battle form is good

this is fucking real. confirmed by inoue in an interview and I think the agito sequel novel too.

16 minutes into the GoRider spinoff and its boring as all hell.

In a show plagued with misunderstandings, depression, and horses, Kaido really is just a beacon of joy.

Gillis cannot catch a break man.
Thats sad as fuck.

Oh shit! i can watch that now since i finished Agito!


why's Takumi already wearing Faiz's gloves preHenshin

How is it boring? Haven't seen it yet.

Not him, but it's not a very regular Kamen Rider show thing. There's two fights, but otherwise it's lots of talking.

99% talking and exposition
1% action

Those are just his bike gloves

So if I want the True Drive Experience™, when do I watch the secret missions and the movies?
Does GP count as a drive movie

Metronome did 16 episodes with glorious 60fps before being subninja'd

and yeah, watch it, the first half is 11/10, the other is pretty different but I liked it

>just a new helmet and chestplate, no shoulder, arm, or leg parts
>Hyper Clock Up is just the same chestplate with another coat of paint on top, probably painted right there on set because HBV budget

Beast Hyper is as close as we ever got to a blue-and-gold form that's actually decent, and that completely abandons Beast's gimmicks in favor of cowboy arms for no reason.

What happened to him?

Meteor Storm > Beast Hy-hy-hy-hyper

Well thats a shame, i would watch those subs but going from good subs with good quality video to shit subs and shit quality video triggers my autism(going from the GomenRider Agito subs V4 to V3(1 episode) and then V2 threw me off so hard for some time{and it was barely noticeable]).

I think i'll stick with shitty tv-n like i did with Ryuki.

GP is one of the less awful Super Hero Taisens even though its plot is still "let's all team up and fight Shocker yet again", so it's not like it'll kill you to watch it. The Drive/Ninninger crossover is a direct prequel to GP and should be considered the point at which you watch it.

The Gaim/Drive movie comes I think just after Drive gets Type Technic, and Surprise-Future should be watched when they stop showing teasers for it at the end of each episode. I think there's four teasers in all. I don't remember when the HBV or Secret Missions are, but I'm pretty sure they're very early on.

If somebody buys me a Snipe Figuarts I will be your boyfriend.

I was debating on that as I was posting. I think in terms of aesthetics Beast Hyper isn't the massive downgrade from Beast that Meteor Storm is from Meteor, but I think in terms of integration into the story and how they use its gimmick Meteor Storm wins out. It also helps that it's used to take down Cancer instead of just some random Phantom.

Fuck, don't think I have that downloaded

Fuck. You.


GP is worth it just for Black, Zeronos, Garren, Faiz and Black RX.

>Does GP count as a drive movie
In very broad strokes, yes, but only the first few minutes because he kills a numbered Roidmude in it who is then crossed off on the board.

>he kills a numbered Roidmude in it who is then crossed off on the board
Then it's canon and important to the series.

>on friendly terms with
is that what you call fucking?

Isn't that the point of these things? Watching people from different series react and interact with each other? They even threw in a little mystery so they'd have reason to talk, instead of just grunting and shouting battlecries.

Not really

The simple idea disgusts me so i went with the more PG wording.

If you watch GP you have to watch Kamen Rider 4 after.

Hey, I never said I disliked it, I'm just explaining it ain't what people usually expect from the shows or crossovers.

The Ghost HBv Damashii are some of the best ones, imo. And Type High Speed is pretty cool too.

Did they say where kenzaki was hiding

>Not liking FURESH ORENJI or High Speed

Like I said, broad strokes. Only about two or so minutes are essential.

Well how about zero, high speed, chaser, heart and the two SCUs?

>Rider Brain or Rider Medic.

It hurts.

Talks about what happened leading up to the Global Freeze, features from Proto-Drive action
>High Speed
Technically canon due to Roidmude 027 being referenced in-show
Similarly canon due to numbered Roidmudes (Though it's only ever seen crossed off in show, and the Gaiden was released after the show, to the point it feels like it was just a retroactive thing) and it being a sort of unmentioned side-story. The unique Viral Core in it is sort of plot-ish important to the post-show story however in a very irrelevant way.
Take place after the show, are connected via novel (Which references the unique Viral Core) and is set around a specific Roidmude somehow coming back from the dead. Canon but you don't need to watch unless you enjoy the cast.

It might not be the real Kenzaki after all.

>via novel
Is there a translation?
>unless you enjoy the cast
Drive is in my top 3 KR series, so yes.

Not enough Re-used/Cannibalized Suit Parts.