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Previously on Night Wave ANNOUNCEMENT:
We have moved from GroupMe because server's kept crashing and other sorts of problems.
We are now using Slack, post your email or make a fake one to keep your anonymity.

Welcome to the Night Wave official thread, below you will find links to our social media sites and other Jewish conspiracies.
European friends, we have many members from Europe so come on in.

Also if you're reading this, we appreciate it.

For quality purposes, Night Wave recommends you to post at REAL NIGGA HOURS CST.
If you're a big faggot, you'll feel right at home.







Upcoming this weekend:


Go Karts
Drifting Event

Normie Meet #1 (Strength in numbers)

second for baltwave



What do with the key chains is Fcista coming to get them?

weekend is gonna be litttttttt

where and when is minimeet

go away you creepstalker

That's the map of Africa

House of Pies or Southwells around 8PM.

>same places we always go

literally never change /hou/

>>changing a perfect recipe


Anyone woke or what

Of course

Good things are coming

1st for euro yank puppets will never have a meet

first for euro yank puppets have meets

>have never had meets

thanks for the salty brit/o/ posting that keeps or threads bumped.


Southwells Burger (Taylor Street)

Please post about the go kart meet. Slack is a piece of shit for me.

Mini meet: How to change wiper blades

>someone saved my design
didnt even know someone did


Good Night Wave

Bought a shop vac. I'm in love. Thnk u home depott

I need a shop vacuum, but why not use a regular one?


You can run it without a bag that needs replacing a lot since there's a sleeve over the suction intake inside and can suck up liquids and bigger stuff than a regular tank vacuum.

I'm assuming the karts are at k1, what time?

New phone who dis

Track 21

The guy with a volvo

what time?

ah shit are you not in the slack?

if not post your email in groupme and someone can add you

for the meet it's at 8 PM

I dont even know what a slack is, I'll just give my email responsible to someone at the meet

He's not in GroupMe either.

I'm on the wiki


Where it matters.

Cops arrested like half the group, there was nothing I could do. I knew our wilin' out could only last so long. It was a good run.

Since you guys probably drive around more than I do, any you REAL CST NIGGAS in San Antonio know nice places to drive? Need something to do

We have a few people at san antonio, if you wanna talk to them, you can join slack.

I've done gone registered myself to an event I can't take part of with a car I don't have.
If any balts wanna come and cringe at end of next month it'd be most hilarious.

broke out guys please pick me up from the whataburger

who dis

Should I just post email? Also if you're in a sams come the fuck over here

Yea post email or a fake one if you want to keep anonymity.

whom the fuck /sticker/

Who north San Antonio here? Anyone coming down from Houston area wanna hoon?

[email protected]
Add me mang

check mail

That's pretty god damn sticker, m8.

Hello Hou. I am living in this hellscape. I frequent the teahouses, I cannot make it to meets the to a gf and school.
These are my credentials.

I was wondering if you guys could assist. I am short on cash and need to have my car inspected. I drive a 5th gen prelude.
However the CEL just came on and my apt complex is trying to tow my car if it doesn't get registration.

Does anyone here know anyone that can assist me? I would pay any extra fees. I understand what I am asking, but at this moment in time my hands are completely tied.

Any assistance would ne appreciated.

That's some gourmet shit.

Just got one last night, gonna put it on after I'm done with my open house.

BTW if your near 7322 fountain spray I've got free coffee and donuts.

What kind of assistance?

Need to have my car clear inspection with a CEL.

Vatozone checks CELs for free. Have them clear it and see if it comes back.

It's a catalytic converter issue.
I can't afford to fix and pay taxes to register.

Any junkyards near you have a prelude that you could grab a used cat off of?

>night wave faggots unable to help their own

Not a bad idea, but my mechanic won't install used parts.

I've also discovered that it's supposed to be illegal? I bring it up because, junkyard aren't no returns. Whatever. If I had a way to make sure I could get two junk cats installed and that they worked I'd do that.

The issue is my apt complex. I was saving money to handle this, then the car messed up.

Some places pass it for 80$ after 5pm

Man, I'd give more than that.
Do you know if any of these places? Does anyone here?
You can't just walk up and ask these kinds of questions. I'd buy one of you cats lunch it this works. I don't have the ~2K for these kinds of shenans right now.

Join our slack chat

Post an email you can even make an anonymous one

Stop, we're finally getting thready activity you cunt

>post sensitive information here

I'll hop in.
Shoot me the "team" name please.

We'll disappear into the night.
If there is a way to make things even more invisible I am ok with that.

God fucking damn it

I'll poke around myself and figure it out.
Sorry about the trouble.

Shops dont have wheels to disappear into the night, not worried about us but some cunt using the info against the shop

Yeh I know. I wouldn't want to have a helpful place get fucked for this kind of stuff. That's why I'm trying to keep things as low-key as possible. Do I have to post my phone number or alternate email up here to guarantee private contact?

Still unsure as to why anyone else would be like that but people can be dicks.

Just post an email and youll get an invite

[email protected]

fuck off we're full

Please don't be mean.

Got it and in.



Sry for low res

the fiestas should do a gumtape deathmatch

The night got wavy tonight.

who dis

was wondering that myself



hi friends i live in connecticut now

Also the civic got totalled

Did we ever get a place we could order stickers from so i can continue to rep /hou/ on the new mazdaspeed protege?

You should post an anonymous email or post in GroupMe so we can add you to slack

r.i.p auxxy foxxy

i want to get a nice car under 2k, what can i get?




Two BMWs

6 bmw's


You can never go with a Corolla.

you mean cant go wrong right?