What do you keep in your trunk?

What do you keep in your trunk?

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The battery. Nothing else, not even the spare anymore.

TP. TP for my bunghole.

Is that you... Cornholio?

A folding chair and umbrella. I like to just stop and take it out while it's raining and sit and watch traffic from a parking spot.

Nothing but a towel to clear off the morning condensation. I live in the Bayview in SF and have to street park, cars get broken into here every night. Only things I keep in the car at all are a bunch of CD's and a portable battery starting unit.

In the DD:
>spare plugs/fuses
>change of clothes appropriate to season
>rubber rain boots
>duct tape
>road flares/reflective triangle
>Leather work gloves
>small folding bicycle
>$400 cash
>Manual for car
>small folding shovel
>(in winter) 20lb bag of clay cat litter
>(in summer) bathing suit/towel
Full spare is under the car. It's a PT Cruiser with no rear seat, so tons of room an all this stuff doesn't take up much of what's there.

In the fun car:
>reflective triangle
That's it, it has no spare but I have AAA and a cell phone.

Two beach chairs, a shovel, and the manual.

Backpack, jumper cables, push scooter

Jumper cables



Ice scraper and brush (when it's warm out)

Boxes of papers I need to go thru at some point

Jumper cables, flares, road hazard signs

100ft of roap
Snach block
Rachet straps/bungee cords
Jumper cables

My ex-gf

pt LOSER! HA!!

Might be lame but it's been reliable for me and it's incredibly versatile.

>no gun
>no medkit

You got pretty much everything for most situations, but you're missing two big ones.

Should I carry a wrench/socket set in my trunk?

The ones I have now in the trunk are starting to rust, but I like having tools around just in case.

4 pounds of marijuana

Nothing, leaky convertible top soaks anything left in the trunk.

>implying my sw20 has any room in the trunk/frunk


Steel tracks (in winter) for getting unstuck or helping neighbours.

Some interior cleaning supplies like microfiber cloths vinyl cleaner and glass cleaner.

Small toolkit with basics.

Gun cleaning kit with some other tools.

Spare tire.

Louisville Slugger -- but a smaller softball one.

are you me?
t. possibly an axe murderer

>King sized nipponese futon with waterproof cover for campin. Pillows and blankets
>Spare set of boots, cloths
>Tool box
>Tackle box and rod
>Ammo box and M1A
>Pot and pan and some spices
>Crayfish traps
>Sack of sand
>Some tarps and roap

I do, but thats because I apparently.. kek off this is america I dont need to explain shit

Sleeping bag and also some parts that I don't want to be destroyed by water dripping off the garage roof
Plus the cd changer, dsp and amps I guess

A longboard.

I don't have a trunk. I drive a truck. Like a man.

>he's one of those kids who never learned to ollie

Besides the spare I have some meguires ultimate quick detailer and a few microfiber towels.

> like a ma'am

My truck obviously doesn't have a trunk but in the small storage under the back seat I keep rope, jumper cables and a multitool. In my car I have jumper cables, a multitool and the battery.

Cars are for going to church on sundays. Trucks are for every other day of the year.

I walk to church.

Medkit is in the glovebox, as is the gun. Dan Wesson .357mag 2.5" barrel.

why dont u use that 400$ cash and get a better car then the pt croozer

Bunch of tools, jumper cables, full size spare, water, a cooler, flashlight, cleaning stuff, and still enough room for OP's mom. Pic related.

haha you made a spelling mistake.

2 rifles, a handgun, a shotgun, just over a thousand loose rounds of fmj 45 auto, a gallon jug of ice tea, a 5-liter jerry can of bourbon, a spare tire, a jack handle and no jack.

In the old jeep
-sleeping bag
-case of water
-tool set
-First aid kit

Need to start keeping stuff in the miata...

I drive an rx8 so I keep 2 quarts of oil in the trunk.

Mazda's workshop repair manual and book of wiring diagrams.

I may not know everything about my car, but given enough free time and willpower, I can probably figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.


normally this lives in the car full time, unfortunately it's currently floor to ceiling with about a third of my other tools while I'm transitioning between jobs

People boast these cars have big trunks

they definitely have deep trunks, but that can be an awkward situation depending on what your bringing along.

Come back with a warrant

Spare tire
Tool bag
Tow straps
Portable compressor
Repair manual
Plastic bags
Pair of jeans, t-shirt, socks, and underwear
First aid kit
Small extinguisher
Can of beans
Babe on dvd


Recovery strap and a tarp

When I weld together the box I want it will be full of tools, fluids, crimping tools, bulbs, ratchet straps, recovery straps and more

Spare tire
Two first aid kits
Fire extinguisher
Spare set of clothes and shoes
Bottled water

All for various reasons

>broke down in friends car and we had no water for 6 hours on a 110F summer day
>another friend had a car fire and we didnt have an extinguisher

I also don't give a fuck about weight, I daily a land barge and I'm not a speedboi.

In the trunk:
Small tarp
Reflective trianlge
1L engine oil
1L hydraulic suspension oil (in order to keep that Citroën comfy af)
A couple of shop rags
Shopping bag
Water bottle
Pair of old muddy Caterpillars
Sunshade for the windshield
Tire iron
Heavy duty strap with ratcheting fastener
2 light duty elastic straps

Additionnaly in winter:
Can of deicer
Ice scraper

Under the car:
Full size spare
Scissor jack
Screw-in tow hook for the car

In the cabin:
Couple 1€ coins
GPS + vent and windshield mount
Map of the region
12v socket to 2x USB charging port connector
Microfiber rag for a quick cleaning
High visibility jacket
Pen and some sticky notes
Chewing gum

Also I leave the tow hitch installed at all times. In my previous car I also kept the carrier bars in the trunk at all times, because it was a wagon with a roof rack and I could install them in no time without tools if needed. Now I have a sedan which requires some tools and roughly an hour to install them so I leave them at home, I keep the screws and the assembly instructions in the car though.

stick welder
2case of beer
3 towels
pair of thongs
pair of munted shoes
6l of eng oil
5l trans pwrstr oil
5l demineral water
some biscuits
factory jack
theres some other junk in there probably

Under seat:
>first aid kit
>warning vest
>warning triangle helmet cover
>brake disc lock
>spare bulbs, fuses
>electrical tape (3 colors)

I love how much shit you could put under the seat of oldish bikes, nowadays you're lucky if you can fit a phone in there.

On longer trips I also have in my tank bag or backpack:
>tire fixing kit
>small wooden board to put under bike stand on loose ground
>roll of TP
>can of WD-40
>spare pullover in case of cold / rain
>bottle of water
>phone charger

Also several rags under the seat. One for clean-ish oil / fuel, one for road grime / chain cleaning, a clean one for wiping plastics / mirrors etc.

nothing much
because if something goes wrong i'll just call road service club and let them take care of everything, i'm not going to dirty ma hands, i'm more than that.
and those people keeping a spare tyre in their boot, what poverty mobile are you driving? spare tyre is in its designated place under the boot

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But my dead whore takes up too much room. That's my she's buried under the garden patio

Anyway, in my boot (haha, I'm British):
>Big road atlas
>Hi-vis vest
>Shopping bag bag
>Metal water bottle
>Big torch

Grey rucksack, which in itself has:
>2 Multitools
>Quarter-inch ratchet and sockets
>2 Philips-head screwdrivers and a flat-head one
>Stanley knife
>Half a bottle of window cleaner
>Half a bottle of de-icer
>Ice scraper
>Couple of microfiber rags that need cleaning

Under the car:
>Full size spare wheel
>Scissor jack

In the car's glove box and various spaces:
>'bout £3.28 in spare change
>Small road atlas
>A to Z of my city
>A USB cigarette socket charger
>Some CDs (car's too old to have an aux out plug)
>Pen and note pad
>4 new air freshers
>Fuzzy dice, for emergencies obviously
>Small torch
>One of those sponges to clean the window mist
>Service and maintenance book and user's guide

No gloves, though...


Box with spare work gloves, whiteboard eraser and cleaning spray, spare shoelaces, bin bags, baby wipes, plastic bags, and other crap I haven't cleaned out of it.
Sticky labels for leaving notes on badly parked cars.
Anything that may have been in the box the last time it flipped during cornering, before sneaking it's way down under the floor of the boot and hiding around the spare wheel.

I think there are actually some jumper cables in there now. Plus two raincoats and a bright yellow safety vest.

Any chance you switched to a Sonata in the last year or so?

This PoS was stanking out the fucking parking lot, let alone the shop

Wut? Somebody brought it into your shop for work?

I would throw that shit right into my car and get rid of it real cheap. I mean if it's good, 4lbs could buy you a used blue C6 Vette with a shitty wing on it.

obviously beavis & butthead & a jack for them to "jack-off" with

That's how you get angsty teens and niggers who come back at night to break windows and slash tires on other customers cars.

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btw how is life on parole?

>jumper cables
>de icer stuff
>high viz jacket I got from work, might come in useful some day

Fuck them, I would take that shit. You know whose car it is and they're a dumbass for leaving that shit in there. When they come back to fuck something up and you catch em on camera, you know exactly who it is.

At the very least a couple handfuls would come out of that bag.

none of my vehicles have a trunk

mom gave me a backpack and said to put it in my trunk if i didnt want to use it so i use it to store a blanket, a bottle of water, jumper cables, a few bungie cords, and one of these magnetic flashlight things you can stick to the hood of your car. also have a de-icer spray just in case.

>socket set
>tool box
>oil drain pan

Finally just moved, maybe now I can actually put some of this stuff in my garage and not worry about it getting broken into.

Take half then call the cops

Moral values aside

My time is extremely valuable; I make far more money turning wrenches into hours than I could ever hope to by selling petty bullshit stolen from cars.

Paid an hour and a half for the job, shits fixed in 20 minutes and I'm on to the next RO. I don't give a damn what's in the car, I'm there to fix it, ship it and get paid.

>be working in tire shop
>bunch of shady co-workers
>one finds a bag of weed in a customers car
>steals it
>does work
>returns car
>customer can't find weed
>claims we stole it
>calls the cops
>dude hid the weed in our bathroom ceiling tile
>shows off after the cops leave

Cops are pretty lenient out here, I don't even think they took the call seriously.

In the DD
>tire that I have no space indoors to put
> half filled bottle of oil
>canvas bags
>various bottles of fluids

I'm the semi DD/weekend car
>all my tools
>jack and jackstands
>jumper cables
>all the floor mats from my mom's car from when I cleaned it and never put them back
>empty boxes and boxes with car parts
>giant sledgehammer

I should probably organize my shit

Car1 sub box and amps, no other room in trunk
Car2 jumper cables, various tools extra coolant hose

Yeah but 4lbs of good weed could be like $15k depending where you live in the US.

Customer called the cops? Medical state?

nope, not a medical state, but no weed, no crime. and they never actually saw weed to confirm anything

>winter safety kit
>air compressor
>roll of shop towels
>jug of washer fluid

I'm assuming there's a jack and donut, but I don't think I've ever checked.

chunks of dead prostitute

An arsenal sam7r AK
A glock 20
About 1,000 rounds for each

>Change of clothes
>Jumper cables
>duct tape and rope
>spare $20

Nice taste

>not jacking off in your trunk in privacy

adjustable wrench
zip ties
jumper cables
some shop towels
a change of clothes (t shirt, shorts, underwear, socks)
a jerry can
some pens, a marker
a few bottles of water
and i always have a switchblade and usually a leatherman in the car

A pillow in the hatch and that's it because the spare tire+jack sit under the frame and it's my sleeping spot during lunch break.

Thanks. It's my CC, polished stainless is nice.

Fire extinguisher
Spare wheel

A box of Kleenex.

Pajeet pls

Nah, they don't keep it in the trunk. They put it near the rear window on that little shelf behind the back seats.

The bodies



BOB, camo netting, NODs, a plate carrier with ESAPI, a detonator for the spare that is actually loaded with C4, a loaded SCAR 17 with 6 spare bags, an OpsCore Maritime bump helmet, a cute black cocktail dress, 3 inch heels, a makeup bag with foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, lipliner, lipgloss, nail polish, assorted hair accessories including hair pins and clips, condoms, and a handheld mirror.

*spare mags

Spare tire, ratchet for removing lugs, some wrenches/screwdrivers (need for work anyways), jacket, umbrella, mini fire extinguisher, probably a poptart and other junk rattling in the tirewell somewhere.
>small folding bicycle



Deep cover yo, be prepared, either inna woods or inna truck stop, I'm prepared

Dahon 3-speed, (I forget the model) with fenders and a rear rack, so I can carry a gas can or something back to the car if needed.
It's saved my ass twice, but I also take it out and ride during my lunch break sometimes.

I drive a wagon.

Battery backup to jump. Everything else is AAA.