Why did Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums merge?

Why did Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums merge?

budget cuts

Check date, moron

>Seriously not realizing the date.

Because I lift at the library

you got pranked bro

yeah wtf happened

>April 1st
>why did something strange happen on the internet?
really makes you thinkity dink

This is both is amusing, and annoying, I couldn't care less for Veeky Forums if I tried.

honestly i feel like this has improved the quality of Veeky Forums somewhat

The brainlet thing was getting out of hand, you wouldn't believe how many people in old Veeky Forums thought creatine was safe.

>not training your body and your mind


This is an improvement.

I'm not a Veeky Forums poster but what's the problem with Creatine

Frank Yang became a mod.

>not training your brain

for all the ones mentioning that it is 1st April don't forget that not everyones lives in the shithole of the world

I don't see any other boards having been merged.


/m/ and Veeky Forums was the only other one I found


Fitness is a meme and the Veeky Forums board was too slow


There's /co/ and Veeky Forums, as well as Veeky Forums and /p/.
Can't find others.

I'm sad the other boards didn't get unlikely but sensible merges, as well.

yeah, also found /cock/ lel

What does that even mean?

yeah I have checked and nothing else

i hope /pol/ and /lgtb/ finally became one

/c/ and /an/
Veeky Forums and /p/
/co/ and Veeky Forums
/m/ and Veeky Forums

People pretend it has the same side effects as anabolic steroid use, such as shrunken testicles and balding, but with effects far surpassing that of any performance enhancing drug.

In reality it's one of the few supplements that can have a significant effect, albeit mild.

Why is the post count so low? It can't have got this high in the past ... ten minutes or however long this has been going on.

>i hope /pol/ and /lgtb/ finally became one
i hope for /pol/ and /mlp/

/mlpol/ is coming, check the front page popular threads.

Because having healthy mind and body is most important to general health. Ancient Greeks figured it out

It's April 1st everywhere except for New Zealand and kiwis are not humans.

Veeky Forums got cucked.

Tomorrow when the boards are separated again, what happens to these newly created threads and the ones that came before?

What are the post counts going to be?

I'm scared /fitlit/

moot would never have allowed this

is this the end of Veeky Forums?


Oh fair enough thanks dood

it keeps bugging out for me and going back to just Veeky Forums and back again when i refresh, it's very annoying tbqh