Tfw too intellectual for gf

>tfw too intellectual for gf

This is my problem.

What I am wondering is, is it possible to be happy with a perfectly stupid little qt waifu that is faithful to you, or do you truly need someone on your intellectual level?

>tfw to swole four mankind

What do
I need wisdom

Just last night we were talking about how strong the US army is and she goes: "Do you think we have nukes?"

I'm like, bitch we got hundreds!!

This new board combination is just for you. Get /fitlit/ and gfs will come for you.

>is it possible to be happy with a perfectly stupid little qt waifu that is faithful to you
That is the ideal, user

you need to accept the fact that being a litlle dumier will help you get around girls and try your way out with them

>too intelligent?
>Don't worry: Veeky Forums will sort you out

>be an intellectual
>enjoy spending time on Veeky Forums
pick one

it wasnt enough for me

maybe im gay? but my dick is definitely straight

i literally wouldnt care t b h

>I'm /fitlit/
>Wife is /scick/

problems in discourse

You likely are gay

oh well, cool

I assure you that it's the former that you want. We always think that we want the intellectual gf until we actually have them, and come to find out that they lack the desirable qualities of a female partner

t b h she was a hardcore sjw, but was the best ass i've ever had, hands down

im not saying she was really 'stupid' per-se, but there were subjects i actively avoided because i knew her opinions were largely retarded on the subject, and saying what i honestly thought would do little but infuriate her.

such a babe though. it lasted about 3 years.

>he spent 3 years with a hardcore sjw
I can imagine a few months, if the sex really was that great...but three whole years?

the sex was better than great

the first night i spent at her place, i got stoned as hell and she red me bukowski poems

that pretty much sold it for me. she wasnt actually stupid. stupid isnt the right term.

>love is blind anons

>hehe I don't know there are so many of them

who else /tooshreddedtoread/?


most of the time when she said 'check your privilege' i literally laughed it off, then one day i realised she wasnt actually joking. that took about 2 years alone.

Girls are very easily red pilled when they are in a submissive state after hard sex. user, avoiding the topic is the problem. Front your view with a logical and emotional argument at the right time, and she will tak on your views.

i dont want to 'redpill' anyone - SJWs are as fucking retarded as you goddamn MRA neckbeards tbfh kek

My son. No need to give her an argument for something you don't believe in.

The point is to give her an opportunity to see the world in your light and take on your beliefs. Regardless of what they are.

in retrospect i feel you - this is wise f a m