Now that the dust has settled, who was right?

Now that the dust has settled, who was right?

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wow this is fucking stupid you can educate yourslef while having a good body.

Half a hour of exercize a day does it



>He doesn't bench press with his unabridged set of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.


No weaknesses

Having high levels of testosterone makes u actually stupid.

good luck also needing a shiton of blood in your muscles and leting your brain without supply

people is stupid

me irl


I bet you're a leftist you fucking cuck


This is the most apt thread /fitlit/ could have and well deserving of a sticky.

Why is this pinned?


kill niggers

Mods = Gods

merging boards is a top tier shitposting strategy

I hope /pol/ merges with /lgbt/ and /b/ merges with /s4s/

Welcome Veeky Forums bros, you are about to get Veeky Forums as fuck




me on the right


>mfw I study philosophy and read every day, and workout 5 times a week


how to be poor

New board ayyyyy



I just read Lolita and it sucked eggs. What next?


Literally me.

Stop right there

I'm becoming a high school teacher. I'm going to teach philosophy, psychology and religion.

/mlpol/ is down lmfaoooo


I hope this is some kind of sick twisted joke

>j-just read bro

Don't be a tard, get the gainz got your brainz.

This is literally the most retarded thing I've read this week, cuckfaggot. Perhaps if you were literate you could read a book on human biology.

/pol/ merged with /mlp/

>implying there is anything wrong with wanting to do that

Is this even an achievable natty?

Palefire? Nabokov was literarilly autismo and felt he could write better than anyone because synasthesia.

If you want true talent, Joyce. Try Dubliners.

>human biology
do you even foucault bro?

I also recommend you Test Junkie, by Paul B. Preciado

fuck men sister fuck them

Veeky Forums x Veeky Forums is my boardTP



>Veeky Forums brainlets

Veeky Forums should have merged with Veeky Forums

>do you even foucault bro?

Well, if foucault could into human biology perhaps he would have refrained from having unprotected buttsex with men and thus lived longer.


Veeky Forumsizen here, this board was literally made for me

>pic related

/pol/ and /mlp/ obviously belong together because both need to get contained. Sadly only /mlp/ is in rule 15. /pol/ really needs to get included to that.

I go for a run and come back to this bullshit.

>not doing both

>not having unprotected buttsex with men

such life doesn't deserve to be lived

K-keep me posted. On all the combined boards.


what are they?
i only know fitlit and mlpol

Does he use stimulants?

stop reading books

Does Japanese moot have the balls to combine the legendary /b/ with another board? Pls let it be /lgbt/

/c/ and /an/.
Veeky Forums and /co/.
Veeky Forums and /p/.

>posts on /fitlit/
>can't read a thread
really makes you think

My books
> 2 evola
> 1 ernst junger
> 4 buchanan
> 2 dostoevsky
I've only finished Crime and punishment.

I hate reading. My mom is a librarian. But she never actually reads books for adults.

comics and cooking
fashion and photography

Who you calling brainlet you DYEL fag?
If anything Veeky Forums should have merged with /hm/...oh wait

How old ar'ya, sonny?

litshits brain cannot function

its LITerally masturbartion, nothing more

What other boards got merged?
i saw /cock/

If you'd read philosophy, you'd know that was a good thing.
Those are not good books. For starters I can't see any pinecone. You don't have any Greeks, and I don't see any strategically placed Rand. Speaking of which, where's the Marx? Where's the Stirner? Where's the Legend of the Ten Elemental Masters?

I'm sorry man, you're not gonna make it.

>Veeky Forums sticky above Veeky Forums sticky

you have your answer right there

This. Dyel brainlets and manlets btfo.

it's /co/ & Veeky Forums
for obvious reasons


/co/ and Veeky Forums merged to /cock/
/c/ and /an/ are now /can/
Veeky Forums and /p/ are combined to /fap/
/m/ and Veeky Forums are /mo/
/fit and Veeky Forums are /fitlit/
/mlp/ and /pol/ are /mlpol/

>My Little Politics

>>Veeky Forums sticky at the one position where nobody reads
That's just thematically appropriate

I've read your threads.

None of you guys even lift.

>implying this isn't what life is about

Read your Marx bro or you'll be a brainlet4lyf.


well it is clear that u belong to Veeky Forums

Do you even lit, brah?

I hope fitlit and fap stay forever.

Let's be real, most of the people on /fitlit/ are from Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums is a dead board.

>tfw to intelegent too read books.

How ironic that Veeky Forums uses a variation of a Veeky Forums meme to call people dumb. really warms the neurons.

This more accurate?

Exercise affects your whole body, which means your brain too.
Your brain wont work optimally if you dont exercise.
Exercise also deals with a lot of mental issues like dementia, anxiety, ADHD, depression.

And the brain works like a muscle, it only becomes better at what you do. Reading doesnt make you better at connecting ideas or problem solving.

The optimal way is to do something for your body and something that requires intellect. But if you have to chose one then exercise will give the most benefit.

Reminds me of my own bookshelf before I started browsing Veeky Forums. Don't take our meme recommendations too seriously. If you have an open mind and know how to separate the bantz from serious discussion this board can be a real game changer.

Then why are the smartest people not Veeky Forums?

Where's "I don't browse either, I'm here because none of my boards got memed?"

how do I got gains at library?


>Reading doesnt make you better at connecting ideas
Nigga, have you ever actually read a book?

for maximum fallout go to my little politics

>library guy is top heavy
>has extremely bad neck pain due to costantly keeping his huge balanced
>gym guy works his entire body
>body is not imbalanced and has better mental health due to the amount of mental prowless it takes to continue working out and improving yourself
>also has better problem solving skills compared to library guy just learning facts and figures from library books
>also has overall better health due to healthy eating and taxing his body the increases immunity vs being sedentary like library guy
Libraryfags BTFO.

>weeb reaction image
>what did he mean by this