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Sun and Steel
Aristotle's ethics (virtue ethics in general) are very applicable to sports too. Virtue as habit and whatnot.

Inspired my daily morning routine


Ernest Hemingway.





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Before I had dumbbells I put a bunch of books in a paperbag, ducktaped it and then used it as my weight

this version and this translation imo.


Infinite Jest goes into great detail about strength training and physical health

Can you do 1000 crunches?

good read

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Yes. Here's the rest of my Bateman routine. You can find it on page 69.

Stairmaster 20 minutes

Leg machines 5×10

Back machine 5×10

Weighted crunch 6×15

Bicep curl 7×10

20 minutes exercise bike

Leg extension 3×15

Leg curl 3×15

Leg press 3×15

Barbell curls 3×20

Rear delt flyes 3×20

Lat pulldowns 3×20

Cable rows 3×20

Deadlifts 3×20

Bent over barbell rows 3×20

Incline bench 3×20

Lateral raise 3×20

Dumbbell press 3×20

Close grip bench 3×20

Cable pushdowns 3×20

Stretching exercises to cool down

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