post your interiors. bonus points for toy car inside real car

Sweet fucking jesus.. is the seats made out of plastic too?

they're leather. no idea how they wrinkled up since i got the car that way, maybe water from the leaky t-tops or sun dry? oddly enough there's no discoloration

take you Armour All'd interior and please sit it on fire, thanks.

interior dressing is for wops and spix.

ok sorry

when you sit in your seat do you slide out of it due to the armor-all and end up with your legs crumpled on the floor? how do you drive like that?

Throw away that armorall. Its doing more harm than good, plus it looks like shit

disgusting, kill yourself

not enough plaid in this thread



My exact interior

I like this.

>confetti recaro's


looks good user (y)

The fuck is a celica steering wheel doing in there? An auto one too

thats a nice interior. I like it. SW20 rite?
Why the smt zzw30 wheel tho?

aww yes, glorious plastic everywhere


what car is this?

Is dis some interior gore thread

I guess it is now, what the fuck is this shit


It's Tesla's model 3

That they have 350,000+ pre-orders on and is shipping next year.

It's gonna bomb, and Tesla is going to go under. All because they let a retard design the interior.

I'm guessing that's not what it'll actually look like though, right?
They haven't done anything useful with all that blank space on the dash and there's no vents

My interior

i am always furious

That's what they showed it off as a year ago
That's what they showed it off as a few days ago

They seem like they really actually want to keep the retarded dashboard with no physical controls or any of that speedometer bullshit.

You have to look at the stupid fucking screen in the middle to see how fast you're going.

1978 Nova base coupe

Wonder how many accidents are going to be caused by Tesla's stupid fucking "design" decisions?



What on God's green earth is this idiocy?
I know Tesla are trying to be all "modern" and "minimalist" by sticking a whopping great iPad to the centre console but it isn't well thought out though...

>Wanna set the temperature? Look at the pad.
>Wanna change your destination on the sav-nat? Look at the pad.
>Wanna change the radio station? Look at the pad.
>Wanna check the speedo? Look at the pad.
>Don't wanna see that dirty great lorry thundering towards you? Look at the pad...



>shift buttons on steering wheel
>manual shifter


Did you steal your seat fabric from a Holiday Inn?

Are bench seats underrated? I once rode in a Cadillac with bench seats in the front around 2010, and it was really comfy having all that space.

GOAT for road head

>Fitted with CozyTouchâ„¢ materials


Fairly new so it is bone stock inside or I would take a personal pic. Wanna get at least a new shift knob to personalize it at least a smidge v soon.

My RX-7

...and my LS460

That's JDM as fukk bruh


black leather always looks old if you put enough light on it and ever sit on it whether you have a Nissan Versa or a Bugatti Chiron.


Night interior

>Holiday Inn
Does anyone else like to cum on the walls at hotels? Like when I finish, it's all over my fingers and I fling it at the wall pretending I'm Spiderman. I don't think the maids would rat me out? They wouldn't DNA test for such a small thing...

take it off


busted on myself



Hahaha, here's an old one.



I can never take a good picture at night that shows my interior ambient lighting in the foot wells.

what the fuck

Are you happy with that?

turn off your highbeams

>Boards of Canada



Is that a Ford Fiesta?

> (You)
>turn off your highbeams

They aren't on , HIDs

This is Veeky Forums tier shit right here

Here, I just went out, took this, emailed it to myself, DL'd it on my PC, reduced its size, and now I'm poasting it here.

Focus ST

I just busted

wew thats nice

looks stamped to me

Im not near my car but I have a 85 I-ROC hot wheel inside my Passat.
I kinda have a turd gen Camaro so I like having the hot wheel to remind me



Audi, VW have best interiors. Tight lines from a visual and manufacturing perspective. They age well too. Look at the interior of a 2000 A3 or Jetta/Golf. They still look breddy guud for a 17 year old design,


Here's another Miata reporting in.

Yes, they are great. Great balance between functionality and good looks right in between BMW's spartan cheap plastic and Daimler's baroque catafalques. If only Audi didn't fuck up the lastest A5 exterior.

Behold the greatness. I have to literally fight the women off

Shit son how much silicone do you spray on that dash every day

Why did automakers go from soft black interior plastic to ugly hard beige?

14 Focus ST

07 mazda 3


why and when did steering wheels get so thicc?

Worst cars to detail. I always hated the cloth and vinyl material. I hated when they rolled in as trade ins.

The black cloth was the worst. Masking tape or those tape rollers worked well but took time.

this is so beautiful, what car?


Nice mazda

Note for those that use armorall and shit on their leather, at least do some research on what additives and chemicals actually hurt your leather.

Also, do I get extra points for having a car that is a little car in the first place?

Fashion changes.
It used to be thin and slick, now it's more about substance and 'meat'.
Just look at the evolution of the Honda Civic.

Holy shit user, what car is this?

Mk3 Supra.

i just came. great looks user (miss my Casio)


>interior thread
>post perfect 90s toyota
it's like you don't want any replies
this is the sw20 right? unless they use the tilted interior in other cars than mr2 and supra

hello my dear wonderful friends