"oh wow look at user, he reads 2 books a day....wow he's so sexy"

>"oh wow look at user, he reads 2 books a day....wow he's so sexy"


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>2 books a day

u dont even know what u are talking about

>he can't read 2 books a day

Do you even read dude

I could read 2novellas on my first day in the library.

>"wow user goes to the gym twice a day to lift barbells and then autistically plans and watches his diet, so sexy"
Said no female ever either

It's still all about
which are all GENETIC

>incel fag trying to bring everyone down instead of accepting he is in that low 0.5% and he is fucked

This guy is disgusting.

Girls like intelligence more than you understand.

no hes cute
n-no homo

This is actually the point, guys like watching other ripped guys more than girls do.

>girls like the quality i have more
ok sure

I pindown and fuck gymrats like you in the ass while on my third sip of the day, whispering walt whitman in your ear as youre all out of breath "cuz cardio killz gainz bruh"

>reading for grills

D Y E R?

>not getting into the pants of shallow university students in bars by drunkenly paraphrasing the wikipeadia articles of famous philosophers or works of literature.

>>girls like the quality i have more
my dicks also 7.5" long and I'm 6'3 so maybe I can focus on other things I guess. :)

>average dick and not being a manlet
wow im so proud!

That's why chicks like funny dudes, being funny means you're smart enough to think of funny shit fast

This guy is an inspiration but he's not pulling all the hot chicks m8. He cannot even read good because gentics. You think anyone worth anything is going to be impressed at your lazy ass doing no reading whatsoever?

Jason Genova obv has brain problems but is less retarded than you.

>his dick isn't 192" and he isn't a 27'9 giant

>7.5 inch dick

>reading for women
>not reading for the inevitable European IQ wars
truly NEVER going to make it

>being funny means you're smart enough to think of funny shit fast
So why didnt you do that, satan?

>"oh wow look he beats me up every day and can't find a job...I want to marry him"

>retard strength
>i have to be impressed by this

>he thinks girls are impressed by his autistic hobby
Go play a sport instead you fag

>implying this doesn't actually happen

maybe thats impressive in Veeky Forums land but with Veeky Forums less than 8 is filthy pleb-mode

....Jesus christ
a retard who works out probably could bench a 60 ton tank

That is too real life, dipshit

Surely you jest, you insolent brute. A way with words opens the heart of a maiden down to her legs.
Your strength holds no weight when the mademoiselle you seek can only be swayed with an intellect that matches her worth

Retard strength doesn't real you weak fuck.

what the fuck did you just say

kek lit BTFO

Source or this image?

You don't know who you're messing with, pal.

A words a few too heavy for you?

You jest, but I'm suddenly feeling inadequate for not reading more like I used to.

Something made by Tinkerbelle. Cresendo something, I think Just check it out on vndb
All those girls have dicks

You are clearly a prole of the mind, you know nothing of intellect and that is only because women are bad at reading and they prefer overly inflated muscle glands, you are clearly a lesser being of knowledge if you like muscles and other vanity.

None of this means anything to me I searched those words on vndb I'm not smart or determined enough for /fitlit/.

It's sad that battered wife syndrome is a thing.

Being funny has nothing to do with intelligence. I make people laugh constantly, especially women and thats because im charming and witty and have a good sense of humor. On top of all this i am 7/10 looks and Veeky Forums, but i didnt read a book for 10 years and the ones i did were winnie the poh and some 30 page book.
Its about reacting in the moment.

>i am 7/10
says the 2.25/10

>*Tips fedora*



Okay thank you friends good luck getting swole in mind and body.

Life isn't about finding many females, but the right one.

Chasing the sex dragon without love will destroy your ability to love, and you will miss out on the greatest experience on earth.

That's not true and even if it were, reading doesn't make you more intelligent

shhhh, youll destroy everyones ego here

My face is pretty meh, height is sub 6' and my frame might be my only saving grace. I'm already married though and wish we'd both work out for the sake of being in shape sometimes.

I hope so. There is nothing worse than pretentious morons who believe their grades or studying mean they're smart.

Bitches love when you can use more than just the standard vocabulary.

this actually happens

look how many women get fucked by deadbeat chads because they're tall and jacked

there's nothing worse than a man who runs through life thinking he has a healthy mind because he has a healthy body. disgusting. you will die without knowing it

>calls me out for projecting
>start projecting himself
kek, youre annoying even anonymously, what do you expect from life?

What the fuck do you consider standard vocabulary? Do you mean simply getting a point across without opening up a thesaurus in order to sound smart?

>without opening up a thesaurus
That's the whole point dumbass, not having to open a thesaurus.

I'm more intelligent than you could ever understand. Women are vapid and you need to pretend to be stupid so they don't feel too threatened.

Young women desire "bad boys". This is how it's been. This is how it will be. Get used to it.

Many, perhaps even a majority of young women, crave mystique. They prefer the allure of danger, of the unexpected. They desire men who'll take them to places unexplored, both physically AND sexually (and perhaps also spiritually.)

Young women do not pine for a man who can not provide these thrills. "Stable," "caring" & "providing" are terms that simply do not stir their loins, to coin a phrase. Such men do not excite a young woman in a primal sense, as they do not possess the attributes needed to make a young woman feel like she's the centre of attention, the central character in a grand, sweeping epic of romance and mystery. Maintaining a budget and washing dishes after dinner are no substitute for a myriad of tattoos and a rap sheet as long as one's forearm.

These men are, in many if not a majority of cases, put "on reserve" for later, when a woman is ready to settle down, become "serious" and begin the process of having children.

This is why battered women deserve it.

Veeky Forums why not just spend April 1st in /b/? Please?

>Life isn't about finding many females
lol good one

cry some more pussy
go do some more book lifts

How would you know?
Only idiots would ever say this

and this is why white women are shit tier

>tfw he doesn't need infinite bookshelves installed to hold all his knowledge
it's like you're not even trying

If you are getting upset enough by online arguments to think I'm so annoying the fault is with you :^)

Since you argued against my first post I assumed you were in agreement with the OP which implied just that. That's not projecting. I think you'll gain quite a lot from this recent board merge though if you just hang in there buddy!

>two books a day
you sound like one of those fatties so dramatically removed from fitness that they think they can claim to run a 3 min mile or squat bodyweight without people immediately realising they're liars

>squat bodyweight
But this isn't even that hard to do unless you're 300lbs

>he thinks only white women are like this

Then of course charisma and power trumps them all. That's Vavilov Dmitriy (Dima) Timurovich, son of a feared and respected mob boss and soon to take the place as heir of his fathers empire. Ordinary thugs tremble at hearing his name, and some say he's even in with the bogs...

>not cultivating both the mind and body


This is a great way to find mediocre women.

She's not even that cute son, 6/10 if I'm being generous.

as a popcorn carrying immigrant, I was under the impression women want both, a well built man who also has the intelligence to keep a conversation going.

in case it wasnt clear i meant squatting with your bodyweight on your back, not just a calisthenics squat. which i agree is pretty average, but Veeky Forumserally impossible for an ambulocetus

Pretentious llit types are the most put off by their intellectual superiors. You need to find common ground with people first.

not totally true. someone can definitely improve their looks my lifting. however, it is true if you have a genetically deficient face/height/frame, lifting weights will not help you. you can go from average to attractive my lifting, but you can't stop being ugly by lifting.

He's saying you'll get cucked if you don't dumb yourself down to a woman's standards.

kek, women literally don't care at all about intelligence, like actually not a single one gives a shit. many say they do but there have been studies finding that intelligence makes no difference in perceived attractiveness.

literal sperg

women don't care about either brains or brawn. IT'S ALL FACIAL AESTHETICS

>be smart for girls
>be fit for girls
I think we can all recognize the problem here

Veeky Forums hates women though

Why does Veeky Forums even care, they never had gfs before what makes now any different? Because Veeky Forums does have gfs?

I'd be pretty impressed, if that means anything.

Damn, who's that guy??? He's so hot, almost a greek god.

reading doesn't make you smart. this isn't analogous.

not true. frame is the most important thing (which is highly influenced just by genetics and can't be totally fixed by lifting). even a sort of facially ugly guy who is tall and has a robust, masculine frame with decent muscle development can be attractive to girls.

reading makes you cultured with is functionally the same thing to roasties

jeff PLEASE GO your stupid fucking burnt cookies are ready

i think the most important thing is to not be a sperg who argues about such things on a mongolian cartoon-rice imageboard

>inb4 im totally different irl haha xD
at this level people can sense your autism

He just makes cookies.

What does the average person weigh, like 175lbs? Depending on the person, they could probably do that for a 1rm on their first day of lifting. Certainly not comparable to a 3 min mile or reading 2 books a day.

no that's not true, the important things are physical traits, which are the visual manifestation of genetic quality which determines attractiveness. "personality" doesn't matter.

>I'll act aggressively and insultive and no one can call me out for it
Who hurt you?

if you werent autistic you would know the world is not black and white.

It's like there is more than one type of "female" in this world.
Some are attracted to fit types, some are attracted to literate/intelligent guys, and those things don't overlap.

I mean, we're not really in competition here, i wouldn't have a chance with some of the girls that care about beefcakes and those beefcakes surely wouldn't have a chance with the girls that care about me, but i can assure you that there are plenty of women that will care greatly about you if you can talk about good literature and explain "smart" stuff to them.

if you weren't attractive you would know the world is.

The vag, when it to tight for ma big bone breh