So, Veeky Forums, what is your favourite book?

So, Veeky Forums, what is your favourite book?

>pic related


Starship Troopers

I mostly read obscure SciFi books.
"Two Faces of Tomorrow" was one of the best, "A Fire Upon the Deep" was also good.
My favourite book that anyone might actually know is pic related.

A Farewell to Arms


wtf we should have merged with /k/ instead. I hate Veeky Forums now.



What are you, 16?

my diary desu

Pic related, i dont know how it's called in english

The elementary particles.

Opa, Kundera.

the unbearable lightness of being

when I read my last book yea

That's sad.

I read too much pop shit to have a favorite book.
Nothing I've read has left an impression on me.
I've read the entirety of Asimov's sci-fiction books and almost all of his mystery series, then I moved into Terry Pratchett and I'm 3/4ths into his collection.

I need to become more cultured and shit. least its not zen and the art of memecycle maintenance

harry potter 1

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, it's dope yo.
I also really enjoyed House of Leaves even though it's very gimmicky

I really liked the book "The name of the wind"
probably the best fantasy book of the last decade

Right now it's Crime and Punishment by Dostojevski, I don't know if he's considered good in Veeky Forums but I like him.

Slav detected

Veeky Forumseratis rate Veeky Forumsizens required reading list.

Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut

Swann's Way

How'd you know?

>that feeling of superiority looking at entry level reading lists on other boards.

Right now Laurus, Germinal and A Hero of Our Time are meta on Veeky Forums, and I couldnt be happier

Unironically American Psycho

48 laws of power
this was a huge red pill for me


This make begs the question: HOW MUCH DOES Veeky Forums LIFT?

If you were Germanic you would write Dostoyevsky.

how do you feel about the Veeky Forums one?

The little engine that could

my numbers sound fake af because I used to be fat so my squat is like twice my dead lift

> implying

I only read the heaviest books I can find for isometric gains

I have never fully read a book

The brothers karamazov

This one

Rabbit, Run

It shows

what fucking retard made this list

Alice in wonderland


That is not the Veeky Forums one, it is a troll.

Here is a solid Veeky Forums chart, one of thousands

>Hundred Years of Solitude
>Low Tier


Marble Cliffs is top tier

coloring books

they are dope

this one

Which book can I eat for the fastest gains? I'm halfway through the Cyclist's training bible, but all the cardio tastes horrible.


Is there an approved Veeky Forums reading list that deals with interpersonal relationships, developing empathy and such that isn't depressing as fuck?

(pic unrelated)

fuck you cuck pick up something heavy in your life


The Book of the New Sun

Controversial, but I think apt. Kristin Lavransdattar for instance.

Like your Oedipus complex?

Good-fucking-Lord, yes you do. Imagining what you read is giving me sympathy pains. If you really love sci-fi then just start hitting every Ray Bradbury SHORT STORY collection you can get your hands on. When you're done with that, think about the difference in his work compared to what you already read. THEN read Neuromancer, and think about how the internet didn't exist when that book was written.

Honestly, what you read was so light and easy that maybe you should start with Ender's Game for easy sci-fi with stronger themes and more well developed characters. Seriously though, stop reading an author's catalog. Get some variety.


I was hoping this would be the first post

Foucault's Pendulum
I really like how much effort Umberto Eco put in his books, there's no author like him nowadays.

Kanye West > J.R.R. Tolkien


Flash boys

Don Quixote is one of the best book I' ve ever read. But you have to be VERY fluent in spanish and know Spain history and culture to fully understand it.
There are parts I legitimely don't know how they can be translated.

I can barely overhead press a 20 kg dumbbell

This is troll

cory in the house

we don't read books you nerd

get on my level

Came to post this.

Meditations is literally a self-help book you pleb

The Great Gatsby.

I know I'm boring and it's everyone's favourite book, but I really liked it in high school and just kept rereading it over the years.


Faith of the Fallen and / or The Black Company series.

novel: siddhartha (hesse)
philosophy: ethics demonstrated in geometric order, or the tractatus

I don't lift anymore though since I developed bad chronic pain, but when I did I used to deadlift 405 for reps, OHP bodyweight 1rm, etc- I was pretty strong


>novel: siddhartha

I have finished reading this 2 days ago. Like, what the hell am i supposed to learn from it ? I don´t hear shit when listening to river.


shit taste

i just bought a physical copy of yurope for my fat sister
she made it about 15 pages in before calling me up and telling me i'm a cis gender, body shaming piece of shit
then holding the book up to the phone while trying to tear it up, but running out of energy after about 20 pages

Count of Monte Cristo is the god-tier /fitlit/ book.

Edmond Dantes is my idol for self-improvement

My diddly is 475 brah

Genesis 6 conspiracy

Don Quixote, especially the second book.


Mine is the Fellowship of the Ring but I also really love the Guard series.

I liked this one and I'm a Veeky Forums regular. But the first short story in it was the most boring flowery shit I have ever read.


oh i dont know, i dont read very often, i liked a lot the truth about the henry quebert affair

roasties leave

I really liked Ender's Game.

its for the book or the pic? because the book didnt strike me as roastie stuff

Welcome to our self-improvement board you retard

The last thing I finished was Last Evenings on Earth by Bolaño but I'm 30 pages into 15 different tomes I can't seem to finish

Slaughterhouse Five
The 13 and 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear