Alright, the gloves are off and it's fight time. The rules are simple
>what board you're representing
>the challenge
>your entry
Anons from the opposing board post in response to the challenge.

All challenges are accepted, from naming trivial literature knowledge to how many marbles you can fit in your ass.


>how high can you count

Like I would ever do 17 fucken reps

>Veeky Forums
give a compelling analysis of pic related
failure means 3 extra sets of squats on your next leg day

We're bigger and can beat you nerds up. Fight me fags

It's pretty obvious what /fitlit/ should be about

Kafka had zoophilic vore tendencies

t. /psy/

the mouse is a dyel fag that does exclusively cardio

the trap represents a bench

the cat is a bear that fucked the twink before he got a chance to start lifting


>Veeky Forums
So Veeky Forums, tell me about Socrates. Was he a hypocritical sophists or something greater?

Team Veeky Forums here. Veeky Forums nerds, here is your challenge. Increase your ability in a physical skill by an increment. THat can mean doing pushups until you go from 10 solid reps to 11. Going to the gym and learning to squat, and increasing the weight...whatever.

kek user....this is the funniest thing I've read all week

This, those who have stuck around long enough realize it's about general self improvement so if your actually starting to make it you are keeping up with hygiene, meditating, practicing hobbies, and meditating and probably reading on the side occasionally. The meme "reading makes you an intellectual" needs to stop, reading to kill a mockingbird or catcher in the rye will not make you any smarter just more pretentious.

the greeks thought so many stupid shit though

the Greeks were Veeky Forums incarnate
> having sex with little boys isn't gay you faggots

The Greeks were a huge bunch of degenerates mixed in with a few intellectuals

>/fit here, challenge accepted
It looks like the mouse represents a person, and the cat represents death and all the realizations that come with it.

The mouse started out as a child, inexperienced, in the big wide world. It seems massive, since he doesn't know any better.

He tried to blast through his life as fast as he can. Figure out where he is. Get a job, get a wife, buy a car, buy a house, get some kids. He slowly sees walls appear; limits on what he can do. But walls also hold things up. People can't get you if you're behind a wall. It's oth reassuring and alarming.

Then suddenly he's in a small room. He's old. Suddenly those walls that were reassuring are blocking him in. He's stuck in a room, because all those things he gathered are now trapping him in. He can't go out and do cool shit; his money is going to his house and kids. He can't go bang sloots; he has a wife now.

Then death comes knocking on his door, and he realises he could have just turned around. He could have broken up with his wife when the love died. He could have sold the house and gone travelling. He could have done all these great things if he had just...turned around.

But it's too late. Death is coming. The cat eats the mouse.

Someone stronk come and represent Veeky Forums with the highest diddly, we need to summon supermang in this great time of need

It's a reference to life, I am pretty sure. The mouse running is you getting older. Walls are the shit you have to do, but don't want to do, like working and paying bills. The walls narrow so that the further you go in life, the more shit you have on your head and the harder it is to maneuver. You are already set on your way so it's hard to go back. The trap is when you realize that your life is wasted, for you were trapped from the beginning. The cat is your wife.

I am Veeky Forums

It's about a mouse getting hueg doing cardio.

No matter how much the mouse runs he'll never be as tall as the cat. When will they learn?