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>How do I join the montage?
See pic related.

last thread died so i will post again
anyone have a spoiler on they corolla does it even looks good?

pic related my shitbox all the way from israel

forgot pic

Just get a factory corolla S spoiler

thanks user

Posting comfy car

My friend is fixing all this shit on his car and im sitting here wishing i had the courage to try and fit new mufflers...

Is it hard o? Or should i get a pro

Come Friday

00 corolla here
looks good on hatchback only because the non-spoiler hatch looks stupid

fuk yea u aus bro too!?
totes come friday! i am professional mechanic give many tips.
muffler change supper easy

I'll be there lads, lookin forward to it

I want in on the comfy car posting.

comfy comfy
muh dik


Thinking of getting a sixth gen Toyota Celica SX in the next few years. Thoughts?

Tercel is always fwd right?

When have I seen awd versions?

Wagons came awd

I didn't see any badges on that wagon, safe to say it's awd?

Kinda new here.
But just got this today.

Thoughts and or opinions always welcome

Posting a few more pics



Dump complete. Enjoy

Pretty jelly. My dream is owning an older Tacoma that I can fuck around with.

Year/mileage/price? Hows the interior? What made you buy it?

I'm not sure what your use is for it, but the body looks in great shape minus that rust. With some sanding, paint, and new wheels, you could probably completely restore it and have a nice little toyota classic on your hands.

Forgot to mention, post proof so you can add it to the montage. We only have 1 other Tacoma

It's a 96, 200k miles, and got it for 2k.
My dad is just making room at his house and wanted to get it outta the way.
The interior isn't bad. He put some Corolla seats in it so it's pretty comfy. New clutch and drive shaft.
Not stressed over the rims. They'll clean up good enough for now.
I'll most likely use it for driving on the beach, in the mountains, and hiking my bikes aground on longer road trips

Proof of? More pics will take a a few weeks. I leave for my hitch tonight for work. But will lurk while gone. And get more pics when back home

Ownership, see >2k
Goddamn, I would definitely pay 2k for that. Around here that would probably for for 3-4k easily. Even more jelly now.

>corolla seats
>new clutch and drive shaft

Goddamn, if I could find something similar here I would buy it in a heartbeat. Good job user, hope it treats you well.

Lol. Well I'll hey on the ownership part when I get back from work my man.

He has other toys and knows it's going to a good home. I told him a long time ago if he ever sold it is be all over that shit.
My favorite part is the roll down windows honestly. Been a bit since I used a manual outside of my bikes. But no issue so far. Same shit, just different motions

You should be able to do if m8

Nice car but I wouldn't buy it if I had the money desu

Nice reliable dd and good looking too

Some wagons were fwd

>that tongue
Why is the front wheel so rusty? What are your plans for it?

looks like brake dust 2 be honest

What said.

Use it as my dd while home, take it camping up in the mountains, go ride in the beach, and trailer my bikes for long trips

Worth getting for $4000AUD?

Depends on condition. It better be mint as fuck with that price

does anyone here own a camry?

According to the montage, no. There's a Solara but it's not a Camry Camry

Should I buy a IS 250 as a family gas saver car and get a 350 for sleeper status?

Get a GS for a family sedan, way comfier. IS350 for a sleeper.

Which GS gen? And wouldn't it waste more gas than the 250?

ES for family car

Has anyone here used Valvoline Max life ATF instead of Type IV?

I need to know for reasons.


Better have the maintenance records. Neglected and high mileage ones are notorious for carbon buildup and oil consumption that requires new piston rings.

>not using oem

>Closest toyota stealership is nearly 80 miles away
>Almost fucking $10 a quart everywhere else


guys homosex is legal now so when will it be legal to marry my shitbox?

it just seems easier

Where do you live and why have they only just legalised homosex

None of the ones on Carsales look shit. The vast majority of them look to be in great physical condition but who knows what condition the car is actually in.

Nice Autism you got there

my parents have had two, a 2005 and a 2012

ive driven them a lot if you have any questions

>tfw someone left this note my yota

Thoughts on the Paseo? They're cheaper than corollas here, but are they worse?

the 250 is pretty small and underpowered for a family cruiser. A third gen GS will treat you well. It's bigger and a lot comfier, way more suited for a family.

It would use more gas, but not enough to be significant unless you're counting every mile.

Or as said an ES is a cheaper alternative. After having owned an IS though I would never buy one with family in mind. Would definitely go with a GS or ES.

>After having owned an IS though I would never buy one with family in mind
Do not listen to this man, children in back seat add downforce

About twice a month on my Camry...

They're basically corolla coupes

Yes worse. Corolla is 10x better
Different engine
Different chassis
Totally different car
Pic related is a corolla coupe

Tercel coupe

Throwing in BC Racing coilovers in my MX73 tonight.
Front coilovers with the spindles welded on, rear adjustable springs and shocks.
>Didn't want to both converting the rear end

I have a 94' tercel coupe, the base level trim came with a 4 speed manual.
They still made 3 speed autos for these fucking things but the pathetic single jingle engine made 82hp at the flywheel when it was made.
>Paseo is more like an echo

Some older man asked me if he could buy my supra at the parts store. Said he had a 4 cylinder one though so I think he may have thought it was a Celica. He knew it was a straight 6 turbo though.

I better see the top of your sidewalls when you're done

Which year's Corolla is best (durability, handling, ease of maintenance), and is there any other sedan/coup line of comparable quality/price? Preferably older than 2006.

I had one before my MR2.
it was a 5speed, honestly the most retarded fun car I've ever had. lighter than a Miata (or as light) and is a +2, may be fwd but it's light. gas milage was amazing, somewhere up to 40~mpg and the super reliable engine is simple as shit to work on

11 gen corolla on coilovers

Top 5 summer tires?

I know the PSS are the GOAT.

She looks like she could use some work.
Whats the general condition of it?

I've only found one note left on my Toyota, which was in the handwriting of a friend, and read something along the lines of "Nice stroller wheels you fag"

that looks retarded

I like it user

shut the fuck up Veeky Forums is a place for sharing and having fun, friendo

are mk3 supras any good

im considering buying one

Nothing wring with it at all besides dirty. 90% of the miles are highway miles. My dad used it as a work truck. So pretty much just been used for going point A to B with supplies


Fifth generation
Literally a civic

Good height but I'd get different wheels


1. PSS
2. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500
3. Pilot Sport PS2
4. Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position
5. Bridgestone Potenza RE-11

Got those rims for free. 3 piece rims coming soon.

Good if you have a back up car or if you use it as a secondary car

How do they look

I'm still shopping around but im looking at WatercooledIND and Art In Motion for 3 piece wheels.

If not those 2 i might go with SSR wheels

The Hilux is looking straight cash money with that new paint.

Found a friendo

Also i fixed the parking job after this photo, im not a maniac

Can't tell which one I like more

>Just noticed the dent
Left one wins

>tfw i have that same car, same trim, same paint :^)

Left is mine


Right car is also missing a dog light and has a dent on the door facing mine.

It was a risk to park there but i felt like i had to do it to show him that my car is better

mate you're gonna come back to a severely dented car 2 be honest

fitted an aerowave lip onto my car

thoughts? posting a before pic next

here's a before pic

I also like the qt tape eyes you made
I need an sw20 in my life


Take more pics. Your car is cute af

I feel like it's too much desu