Can we all agree that Vetememes is better than Vetements in literally every way besides the fact that it's not original?

Can we all agree that Vetememes is better than Vetements in literally every way besides the fact that it's not original?


how is it not original?

didn't know about this until now

actually the best thing ever happened in hypebeast culture

holy shit dude, you're still shilling here? how much stock are you struggling to get rid of?

This is actually some of the lamest shit I've ever seen. It's not edgy cute or clever, it's lame and childish

So just like Vetements

no. even worse. your taking what they already have, which is complete shit, and making it worse through irony, and it cant even be called ""high fashion""

so basically, theres vetements which is shit

and vetememes which is shit-1

Shit = something negative
More shit = worse
So we can concluda that:
If something is shit minus one, it's basically less shit.
I think you mean shit+1 good sire.

[email protected] still shilling his shit

LMAO at you trying to sell china knockoff meme shit at premium prices, saged, kill yourself


youre an idiot.

high value=good
low value=bad

i was only using shit to start both of them off at the same low level

thats the entire point

what the fuck is satire 2016

this is the high end equivalent occult tee all the little hipster bitches have worn at least once

that being said this shit will sell faster than jordan retro rereleases during black history month

please stop shilling

i dont own any vetements and i probably never will but thats what this brand does

its constant reference and remix of contemporary culture and like nods to past ideas

No it's not.

It's for kids who want to own Vetements but can't afford it so act like they're so much better than the people who do own it, by buying the replica version and changing the word to "meme"

It's beyond tacky, it's actual fucking fedora clothing and I can't wait until they get serve'd with a cease and desist.

It's like the kids who are but hurt about not being album to afford Supreme so they buy the parody Supreme and act like they're hot shit or a cut above becuase they're "not buying into a product" even though by buying the exact same product with the same name slightly changed, that's exactly what you're doing while saying "I can't afford the real product"

It's not satire, it's being poor and butt hurt.

this is the most pathetic and obvious shilling i've ever seen

hey davil you stupid fuck when are the raincoats getitng shipped out its been fucking 4 months

did you actually buy one? you must be retarded.

yeah alright busrider ill smoke u in my 2016 850 wheel horsepower wrx down any mountain pass faggot

Yikes, how's your extra long surplus raincoat treating you?

woah there bro, I think you need to comme des fuck down

woah demna I thought u were okay with vetememes

guess not

go eat some chachapuri and calm down


are you actually defending a brand that sells literal meme clothing for absurd prices considering what they are

none of the shit posted on fa is high fashion


he's talking about the meme rip off brand