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Any Dickies aficionados here?


I absolutely hated my uniform's Dickies in highschool, the cut I would describe as baggy/straight and the fabric felt like putting on a fucking cardboard box first thing in the morning. As soon as I could I bought a pair of levi's and they felt amazing, both the way they fit and looked, and the fact that I had that little bit more of control on how I presented myself to others. I think that is the reason I care so much about clothes today.

Anyway, I recently heard that there is a regular Dickies and another version of Dickies that is shittier, I'm thinking about giving it another chance based on this, since it is very likely whatever I was wearing was the shitty version. Is there any truth to this?

dickies 874 all day every day. Super cheap and comfy once broken in. Nice high rise too none of that low rise bullshit.

I wear slim tapered every day to work

ordered a 28x30 so they look cropped, really good fit and they look okay for $20

874 aren't the shitty kind. Genuine Dickies is the shitty brand and they just slap that logo on shirts and hoodies and stuff. Just make sure when you buy Dickies that it has the horseshoe logo.

what are some decent clothes that I can buy on Amazon? I can't buy shit online in my third world country and I'm too autist to go to stores

Theres a thread with literally the same name. Filling in 'General' in the subject column isn't an excuse for asking a question that doesn't need its own thread.

w2c dickies 872's or dickies in general that ships internationally
amazon got mad prices but they dont ship to new zealand

I have that exact same pants.

Which ones are these exactly? 874?

Copped these today, I'm very satisfied.

pls help

>that toebox
>those colors

hideous desu


What the fuck user, do you really wear these?

Not that user but those are not broken in. Once they are they are decent.


that's perfectly fine

873 gang

I bought 874's in maroon. Did I fuck up? I'm planning to just wear black with it (semi-jewelwave I guess)

Yep I do


you're good. i don't really like maroon as a color that much but 874s are always good.

You did good user.

What NB are those in OP?


what color is this, the navy or dark navy?

Need a suit but am poorfag, is uniqlo best option?