Just bought these for my wife's son

just bought these for my wife's son

he tricked you

From a prior marriage, I assume?

Nice clown shoes op

For when you wanna goalie but can't be on the ice rink.

No :)

hey you're not me
no, why would you assume that?
how so?

"my wife's son" isn't awkward phrasing to your ears?

Just want to make sure the dude isn't being cucked twice after buying those shoes. Sorry, OP.

how is it an awkward phrase? plenty of people have open relationships in 2016 and most people are quite okay with that

>open relationships
>my wife
choose one

This guy gets it.

Is OP's son not his own? Why omit himself as a father to the kid?

Posting off my wife's son's laptop, probably won't be able to reply because he needs it to play with his friends soon.
I bought him Geo's about a month ago, looking at getting him some pods soon as well!

How do people on this site not know memes man

>newfags itt

"Wife's son" is a meme? Alright.

of course it is, it's a submeme of the ever popular "cuck" meme from the lovely guys at /pol/


it is lmao

muhfuggen bix nood jamal aint wearin no whitey ass shoez muhfugga

My real dad never bought me anything and this fucker is buying shit for some other dude's kid

The fuck


>when newfags get baited this hard