Fa travel destinations


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Kamchatka, Russia

Who is this guy? his fit is dope.

I hitchhiked through Iran last year and it was very Veeky Forums.

Basically any place with little to no obnoxious conventional tourists on segways will do.

wanton bulgogi kun

Went hiking in Iceland with German gf, no one around, Veeky Forums af

Brussels, architecture and water is very Veeky Forums
OP insta?

Iceland has zero culture though. Not a good place to go if you're not an outdoorsy type. Also it's expensive af.

south korea is a must

beautiful japan


Sweden is dope, would go again if my threads didn't cost this much

Ireland a shit

how is the fashion scene there?

depends whether or not you think yung lean is effay

pretty average, mostly simple fits but nothing low quality



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i live in sydney and its aight
expensive as fuck though
circular quay/rocks/botanical gardens area is pretty effay
the beaches are aight but the people there suck

tokyo defs the most effay city i've been in

As much as I would recommend against actually living in Tokyo, it's an amazing experience. Kyoto and Osaka are better, though the fashion scene(s) are a bit less established/easy to find.

Hong Kong is next on my list, seems amazing.

Lots of South America is amazing if you like the sun and tropical feeling while feeling rich as fuck, but I don't think I'd particularly consider it Veeky Forums.

>zero culture

going to japan during the blossom festival or whenever.

östermalm and södermalm are both very effay. lots of nice stores, vintage slackercore/mods-inspired styles dominate in south side (by the people who know how to dress that is) while preppy, monochrome as well as more avant-garde fashion is more of an east side thing. check out aplace, nitty gritty, trés bien and maybe beyond retro (very memey but still okay)

I live near Tokyo and I'm about to go to Osaka for the first time. Where are the Veeky Forums places?

You should definitely check out Harajuku, Ginza, and Shibuya, and probably in that order (Shibuya is better at night). Harajuku has a lot of smaller and more interesting stores but is somewhat inundated with big brands at this point, Ginza is over-rich and kinda fascinating to that end, and Shibuya is its own sort of crazy cool animal.

Akihabara is also worth a visit if you're a turbonerd like me.

If you're a scumbag like me, Golden Gai is also awesome, go chill out with some of the drunk-as-fuck mobbed up bartenders. Ditto with Kabukicho.

Roppongi is probably not worth your time. Too many foreigners, too many losers, too many creepy sex clubs.

roppongi is cool if you're loaded. I think the new west walk in roppongi hills is worth checking out by itself if you're in the Tokyo area... Undercover, Sophnet, Facetasm, N. Hoolywood.

seconding shibuya at night and in harajuku you have to go upstairs and into basements and stuff to find the best stores

ginza is cool. even if you don't want to buy anything, dover st market is a really cool retail space and it's right next to Barneys and not too far from hiroshi fujiwara's newest concept store, PAR KING Ginza (in the Sony building

and I'm pretty sure he was asking for Veeky Forums places in osaka, in which case:

- Dotonbori is so damn touristy it's not even funny, but not in the tacky chinese souvenirs way... you'll still enjoy it but just be conscious that most of the food/items there are pretty overpriced. Also worth checking out at night.

- Down one end of dotonbori (near a stadium of some sort, i believe) is orange st, which has supreme, bape, a few great 2nd hand stores, i think there's a carhartt somewhere around as well, and a pretty good coffee shop. That area is cool.

- around the orange st area there's tons of 2nd hand/reseller stores (similar to harajuku, really) where you'll find a few cool pieces for sure; prices aren't too bad either.

- Namba parks shopping centre (pic related) is also very Veeky Forums, not the best stores IMO but looks really cool.

- I also enjoyed universal studios quite a bit to be honest. are theme parks Veeky Forums? good rides and not that busy if you go in the week

>if you're not an outdoorsy type
Might as well not go out on vacation desu
People that only visit cities make me sad

>People that only visit cities make me sad

>cant believe people enjoy things in other ways than i do

>says he's going to Osaka for the first time
>names places in Tokyo
Reading comprehension

Can't believe people will actually take the time, money and effort to go to another country and not see as much as they can see.

you do know there's a difference between vacationing and touristing right?
also, some people don't enjoy nature. dumbass.

Agreed. I just got back from Iceland last week. We spent 2 days in the capitol out of 8 days. That was more than enough. I LIVE in a city. I don't go on vacation to spend time doing the same shit I have to experience in everyday life.

We did a 4 day hike where we maybe saw 15 people every day. That was one of the most enlightening experiences I have had in my entire life. If you're going to a place like Iceland and spending the entire time browsing boutiques in Reykjavik you're doing it entirely wrong.

dude, you can look at mountains anywhere. cities on the other hand, fucking change and are what sustains most countries/defines their culture.

I named both

>zero culture
yea well explain the clap thing at the euro

Bruh are you fucking serious

Can't believe people will actually take the time, money and effort to go to another country just to see trees.

I'll stick to comfy hotels thnx

there is absolutely nothing Veeky Forums about carrying a heavy backpack, wearing dirty clothes, eating shit food, sleeping on the ground in a tent. absolutely disgusting 3rd world shit. yall sound like lib arts students who can't afford proper vacations so they have to make the hippie stupid shit they do sound interesting.

kek. U think I wasn't wearing full arc'teryx and fjallraven while doing this hike? The natural beauty there surpasses anything that anyone can express through clothing. Have fun staying in a hotel while I'm out experiencing life, faggot

arcteryx is great, if pricey, but fjallraven is not generally worth the money considering how heavy most of it is desu. unless you are spending three weeks above the treeline or something...

I'm no ultralighter, but fjallraven is memey

>only addressing the clothes part
still dirty
no hot water unless you boil it
i can go on and on
honestly, boats are infinitely superior

>romanticizes living like a caveman
ok bear grylls, i'll keep enjoying 5 star hotels and meals from chefs among other things

I bought my first item of fjallraven clothing for that hike ( a set of abisko trousers that performed magnificently). I am probably not going to get anything from them again in the near future but the pants were great for the money.

There were showers and hot water. Not to mention cabins for rent. Boats are claustrophobic and dirty

>romanticizes living like a caveman

If you think staying in 5 star hotels is the pinnacle of what life has to offer, you couldn't be farther from the truth, my friend.

>boats are claustrophobic and dirty
outed yourself as a poorfag
your experiences are null

I mean there is no way were going to see eye to eye on this. I like seeing nature and apparently you like a jet set lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that, but Iceland is not the place for you to go if thats what you're looking for.

want to go there more than anywhere in the world

honorable mentions to mongolia and bhutan

Barcelona is the only effay city in Spain


a quote from my reading today:

>The country morning exists; the city morning promises. The former makes one live; the latter makes one think. And I'm doomed always to feel, like the world's great damned men, that it's better to think than to live.

as a city lover myself, this quote reflects a lot of what i feel w/r/t country v city. i love the outdoors and country for what it has, but will always be at home in the city and would not desire a foreign countryside before even the worst foreign city. but travel where you want my man! if the countryside is your jam, do it!

Eastern Europe is very Veeky Forums

Whoops, my bad. That's what I get for quickly posting.

To actually answer the question not like an asshole, just explore Osaka blindly. I wouldn't consider it an ~Veeky Forums~ sort of place, but that's part of the appeal. Go fuck around and drink near the rivers, people in Osaka are chill and 300x more fun than those in Tokyo. Most of the good times I had in that area weren't shopping or whatever, but generally involved bad beer, bad street food, and good people.

Also, while in the area, get legit-ass Okonomiyaki. "Legit" means "fuckin filled with meat and noodles." Trust me, it's an orgasmic sort of food.

Going to Rome in exactly 2 weeks. How Veeky Forums do you guys think it is?

Does anyone know how much designer shit would cost there compared to the US?

>I would recommend against actually living in Tokyo

I was there for a week in april. Not really Veeky Forums but there's a lot to do. Great italian city, my second favorite after Florence. Seriously go there if you havent considered. Beautiful and well restored stuff unlike Venice or Naple. As for fashion im not sure. Ive only seen normal stuff armani versace dior etc. Dont know about prices either.

i really wanna go to the forbidden kingdom as well

whats the budget for a 2 weekish adventure in japan. like 2way flight and hoteling. dont care much about retail/food expenses

Well, assuming you're in England, and wanted to go for 2 weeks in July, a return with no stops would cost like £700, a half decent airbnb in Shibuya would cost around £600 for 2 weeks, then I guess you'd need £500 for everything else.

Nah, Arab Emirates aren't fa et all.

As in it's culturally bland and unintersting. I've been to Iceland briefly but did not enjoy it very much. Places not yet ruined by conventional tourism like Central Asia, Caucasus, Iran and parts of Eastern Europe are culturally much more enrichening and genuine.

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Nice, France.

femanons will love it

lol the streets in Stockholm are littered with beggars from Romania and criminals from Afghanistan that travel in packs, raping, robbing and beating up people.

>be me
>blonde, pale Finn
>in Stockholm
>go to Hötorget to watch movie
>after movie head home
>go to T-Centralen
>on my way there get harassed by several beggars
>while waiting for train group of young african men come up to me
>ask for a cigarette
>don't have any
>suddenly one of them jumps me, tries to steal me shit
>guards nearby intervene, start chasing them
>guards caught two of them, but released them almost immediately because no ID, they claimed they were like 14 or whatever

Sweden, not even once.

Södermalm consists of nothing but disgusting hipsters, the very kind that Veeky Forums constantly shits on.

>i'll keep enjoying 5 star hotels and meals from chefs among other things

You've never experienced either, you poorfag.

never happens to me
you probably look like a faggot cuck which is reason enough to be harassed anywhere

Hahahahaha swedecuck damage control
Take more immigrants please

>you probably look like a faggot cuck

Well, I do try to follow the guides and advice found on Veeky Forums...

Pic related: it's you.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience but really most people who live here in stockholm doesn't get to experience stuff like that, it's mostly old men masturbating to chicks on the subway, or slimy guys in pubs
ska du inte säga att feministbruttor är feta och fula också, ditt original

White men pls stop going to asia.

>ska du inte säga att feministbruttor är feta och fula också

Som att påpeka att himlen är blå.

Jag sörjer ert land, riktningen det har tagit och er flathet i att ta hand om viktiga frågor.

>ops pic
asian men pls stay the fuck out of australia

fuck off.

Asian men can't take your gfs

whats wrong with ops pic?

Living quality sucks. The work culture is extremely oppressive to the point of silliness, even more so than the legal culture here (which is really saying something). Depending on what you do, you'll likely end up being a white potted plant. The food is great but it is extremely difficult to eat healthy, and it's even harder to find good lifting gyms. Foreigners aren't exactly treated well, particularly in terms of healthcare - when I got sick, I had difficulty even getting a doc to see me, and he outright refused to Rx some goddamn flu medicine. You'll always have difficulties phoning home or talking with friends back home, the $$$ conversion rate sucks, and you'll always be futzing around with paper forms in Japanese that are difficult to translate. In terms of dating, most Japanese girls are boring and just want white dick, which is fun until you realize they are unequivocally bad at sex.

It's like living in NYC but worse. The appeal of Japan is great, albeit only for a short period of time. I'd definitely recommend living there, albeit limited to a few months.

Rough back-of-the-envelope calculations, assuming you're in the US:
- $1,500-ish for a flight (sometimes can get cheaper)
- $1,100+ for a hotel (don't do capsule hotels, consider Airbnb, it's more fun)
- $1,000 for food (go cheap, but also prepare to blow cash at nicer places)
- $300 for transport (might wanna budget more, depending on the likelihood you'll get stranded out when the trains stop and need to use a taxi)

= ~$3,900

You should also be realistic about budgeting for incidentals. Japan is an extremely consumerist economy, so most of the non-tourist-trap places cost money to enjoy. You'll also, of course, be super tempted to buy a lot.

quit shilling this chink

ok well... that picture is of gent

can't wait to look back at these photos of my travels when im 60
too bad i was trying to look like an apathetic fuck the whole time...

Swede here
Stockholm is pretty beautiful, but the people here sucks
Either niggers or nigger lovers
And theres beggars everywhere ofcourse.

Unrelated but funny story that happened to me
>be grocery shopping
>beggar camping outside
>done shopping, come out, he starts screaming about how he wants chicken, motioning to his mouth, babbling in his language
>guessing he's hungry
>go to nearby McDonald's, ask them if they have some burgers that aren't fresh enough to sell
>get burger
>go back to beggar and give it to him
>he looks disgusted at the burger, and then at me
>thinks I'm a fucking bitch for not giving him chicken
>again starts screaming about chicken and random shit in his language
>other beggar comes up and supports him
>never again give anything to beggars

I have some more stories too, but I'm not gonna shit up the thread
Moral of the story, Sweden has gone to shit. I'm moving asap

if tokyo's the nyc of japan what's the la of japan?


good, leave then. we don't need more racist neo-conservatives in sweden, there's already plenty of them

>Foreigners aren't exactly treated well, particularly in terms of healthcare - when I got sick, I had difficulty even getting a doc to see me, and he outright refused to Rx some goddamn flu medicine.

What? I've never had an issue at a hospital and I've been there multiple times. I live about forty out of Shinjuku and the people there were incredibly nice and helpful and happy to have someone to speak English to.

>You'll always have difficulties phoning home or talking with friends back home,

What is Skype and Facebook Messenger? Go to BIC Camera and get a damn 900 yen a month sim card and you'll have no problem. fuck's sake

As to the hospital situation, our experiences may simply have varied.

As for the Skype and Facebook thing, it's not a tech issue, it's a timing issue. It can be incredibly limiting to be 12 hours off from the US, both from a business and a social standpoint. At the time, I had a number of business interests going on in the US, and arranging that shit was a nightmare.

Yes, yes, what we really need is more highly educated doctors from Somalia, isn't that right?

can confirm that the hospital experience for myself wasn't shit like you said. I'd say it was pretty good actually, and i'm from Australia

thx bruhs