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I haven't seen a hair general thread, so here's one. My question is how to stop my hair (semi-lenght, around 20cm) from going to the sides and stay back

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Is it considered autistic to bring a photograph to a barbers? What ought a guy to do with straight, shoulder-length hair?

pic rel

not really, it makes their job easier, doesn't it? I see no problem with that

Cool. thanks.

I've always taken a picture and never had an awkward comment or anything. 9/10 I end up with a similar looking haircut, too.

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Is my hair too frizzy for this look?

no your hair is good but your shirt... bad

> but your shirt... bad

Granted, I don't dress terribly well during the work week and I need to go get some new clothes at some point.

I got my hair cut pretty short at the end of May and I've been doing everything I can to grow it since then. I've made some progress, but I don't know what length I should go for

This is where I'm at now

And this is what I'm going for. Any tips for maintaining it at a longer length or should I just keep it short? I feel like maintaining it while short is more difficult than when it's long.

I'm going to buzz my hair and grow it out for a haircut. How should I take care of my hair so that it grows out nice and healthy?

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Please recommend haircuts that are not undercuts.

Bowl cut
(just kidding, give me something to work with like hair type and length)

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What do with thick, slightly wavy, light brown hair? I'm drifting towards something like 90s Leo but a bit more modern.

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i thought my cut was alright but other people think otherwise.
is my shit fucked up?

What's wrong with undercuts

Everyone has them and had them for the last 4 years.

it was getting too hot

i might've fucked up

It still looks good

So I've never really done much with my haircut.. Short back and side and a bit off the top since forever, what is Veeky Forumss recommendations? I've looked loads up but I'm not really sure if they'll suit my head shape

thats probably the worst fusey I've ever seen and fusey's are fcking awful anyway

why did you get the same cut as every 13 y/o british school boy? you some sort of son - daddy fetish twink?

If you're growing it lobger remember to get the back trimmed or it's a fuckin mullet.

Source: growing mine out rn

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Literally never heard of the term fusey until I read your post.
Anyways I tried to get it cut similar (but not exact) to pic related baka

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You actually looked okay before, this is awful.
Grow it back out.

Long hair on chinks is probably the best possible hairdo.

Can someone fill me in on this no shampoo thing? Do you stop using shampoo all together? I went from shampoo every day to shampoo every three days. I've been doing this for like two weeks. When will I start seeing results and what exactly will I see?


how do i do this

>every post in this thread is a generic uninspired boring normie hairstyle

wow nice

I fell for the buzzcut meme (not really, it came handy for summer) and now I'm wondering how to successfully grow my hair out without looking like a bird's nest.

The bird's nest phase is a must from my experience. godspeed

what should I ask for to get a cut like this

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You literally just get a barber to shave a bit. Just bring a picture

It from this thread earlier today


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This type of haircuts look so good. Like pic related (ignore his douchebag pose).

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Like this guy ----->

from someone who did it for a while and switched back theres no real bennefits. The only real plus is if you don't shower for a day or two your hair won't get as greasy

I tried it as well, now I just use shampoo once a week
Hair is a lot healthier and thicker, not using shampoo at all will make you look like a greasy slob

so i've been growin out my hair for like 2 years now and it's somewhat longer than shoulder length. i'm kinda "tired" of growin it out and most of my friends say it just doesn't fit me. i'd upload a pic but i lost my phone few days ago. my hair is pretty "silky" and light so idk what kind of hairstyle to go for. anyone have any suggestions or even stories of goin from long hair to short hair, any kind of advice would be appreciated since i really don't know what to go for.

pls respond

How many inches would you say the front and top are in length?

Objectively the best hairdo if you got the head and face for it.

I do feel that the currently trendy undercut fits a lot more people though.

>want longer hair like
>hate how it feels after a day of not showering
>after a couple weeks of the sides growing out looks like complete shit all together

welp, looks like its back to my #8 on top and #1 on the sides fade cut lol. feels clean and fresh as fuck having short hair at least.

wat that looks like garbage. its like some southern trailer trash shit or something lol

This mostly works for people with curly hair, in my experience the "no poo" thing has worked wonders, my hair looks more healthier and much easier to stylist. Before my hair looked very frizzy and dull, no it still looks shit but not as Shit as it looked before, believe me.

like the other guys said its healthier, thicker, and easier to style, but my scalp gets itchy and flaky (is that just me? maybe i need head and shoulders shampoo lol) and flakes end up in my black hair easy to see, and it also smells bad after a few days.

i use only conditioner for like 2 days and shampoo like every 2 or 3 days.

rate this pls

Genetics, then stop cutting it

Is parting your hair to each side from the center only for fuckboys? Haven't been wearingit like this, only did it for a con but was just wondering.

anyone? just want a rough estimate

I'm trying to grow long hair, it's nearly shoulder lenght now but has too much volume. What do?

It's good with the right face shape.
How square is your jaw?

You can already see in the picture.

nice b8 m8

It's not too square but my cheekbones sit somewhat high. Guess it could give it that impression a tiny bit.

Had long hair for a while, keep or cut?

It just honestly depends on what the rest of your style is.

It looks good, so unless you're looking for change, I say it's fine. Maybe give it a trim at most.

Been letting my hair grow for a while because I was curious as to how it would look if I let it grow out. I have really thick, wavy hair.

Thoughts? I've heard some people like it, some don't. I personally kind of like it, but I have a few problems with it. It gets in my eyes and face a lot. Most notably I don't know how to stop it from getting so frizzy after blowdrying it, so if somebody had some tips I would appreciate it.

Should I change or

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Hello Veeky Forums

I was wondering what type of Shampoo and conditioner + any other products I should be using to make my shitty jew hair more straighter and manageable?

when I wash my hair it becomes MORE curly and the curls kinda seperate into their own I guess 'branches' like a palm tree instead of being all together. it really sucks, and I wanna get an undercut soon. pls help I just want more manageble and straight hair ;_;

i have a question regarding buzzcuts

does it matter what quality hairdresser/barber i go to for a buzz? i mean, even if they're a cheap salon, they couldn't fuck it up right?

Any advice here?


Bumping for this info and is this an undercut variant? Looks like all of the length is from the top only and the sides are shaved with the part giving sides length. Can anyone confirm. I'm growing my hair out and my sides look like shit I just want to trim them but I don't want to pay someone with tip just to shave my sides and do nothing else. I can do that my self. Just really need to confirm before I fuck up my own hair and waste months of growing.

I already have the jewfro, but his is less floppy

I'm getting a cut tomorrow, any advice? album of my hair in imgur link i've been looking at stuff like pic related

lips, nose, and brow stick out and forehead goes back so i look like a neanderthal with hair pushed back so i'm trying to avoid that

Started parting my hair higher up, not sure if it's good.

Guys, how do I manage explaining the barber to cut my hair as Reus' haircut? I'm afraid if he does some shit. I think my hair is perfect for this haircut: straight, thin, light.

If I were to get a haircut, what style would you recommend?

Pls don't say "don't cut it".

How's my hair

is this tom cruise haircut Veeky Forums?

lol it's worth trying out, I think it works differently for everyone depending on their hair type and how greasy their scalp usually is. I find my hair begins to stink and get shitty after about a week but if I push on through that it eventualluy becomes nice again and gets ridiculously good texture about two or three weeks in. I remember going all last summer without using shampoo and getting more compliments than ever on the qualuty of my hair.

make sure though if you actually get your hair dirty to shampoo, however the normal daily buildup of grease/whatever takes care of itself