Can Veeky Forums even compete?

It is easy to beat that. Just:

>buy a nicer suit
>actually get it tailored

No fit can beat reviewbrahs effortless charisma and effayness


I'm going to give the nerd in the OP some credit, since his trousers don't break into an obnoxious mess around his ankles. The jacket looks a bit big, but I'd need to see more photos. Tailoring does not mean making a suit as slim as possible.

>has some sort of mental retard disability like autism or aspergers
>0 fashion sense
>very creepy guy
>girls think he is gross
>lame personality
>weird dumb hobbies



newfags don't know about the king of Veeky Forums

>22 and doesn't drive
>mommy drives him around everywhere
>misc troll

that said, I still think he's a good lad.

sounds like projection

Dont bully reviewbrah

>wears fabric more suited to a 60+ year old man
>waist too high
>tie too short and looks like an abomination
>pen in pocket
>greasy looking hair
>old man's shoes
>trouser legs too wide
>fit is too large

If this guy got a haircut, some normal clothes and learned to look less intense he'd actually be OK.


>people actually rating reviewbrahs fits

He's extremely knowledgeable about suits, and I reckon about clothing as well. Veeky Forums doesn't know anything about clothing beyond dressing like every other fuccboi.

Reviewbrah is a fucking fashion GOD.

wot a cutie tho

Lmao. Dude has the aesthetics.
You've got none. You're a bland pale moth infesting waywt with "original" jeans+stans fits.
It's funny how faggots like you give him "advices".

Would you idiots shut the fuck up and post that gif of his mother so I can fap already?

came here to say this but you beat me to it. the 2 things that bug me the most is the wisth of the trouser and that retarded tie.

looks like hes trying to dress mature to prove to other people and himself (but mostly other people) that he isnt a child anymore and is mature

which just makes him look more immature.

yeah we know. you guys dont take fashion seriously and are only here for the memes. you know there are other people on this board too, who actually know what looks good and decide to pursue that instead of sitting in the corner jerking each other off over shitty jokes.

you're both fucking idiots

go wear your trending meme fits

yeah right, like id wear anything to associate myself with this shithole.

did you read anything i said? the memes of this board are the only thing i hate about it.

that diy thread is surprisingly good tho


but is it fun to make the same joke a multitude of times? repeating the same action and expecting different results?

>but is it fun to make the same joke a multitude of times?

Yes, this is a form of humor.
If you did not have ass burgers you would know that.
Please get an evaluation before posting again.

youre the reason why Veeky Forums is in its current state.

please post a fit, im DYING to see if my prediction will come true

At least take an online questionnaire.
You may be high functioning , but you are an autist none the less.

argue argue bitch faggot youre an autist no im not you are hahahaha memes are funny


Nigga, Veeky Forums is literally made of meme shits.
What are you even doing here?

smoking pot and jerking off into raf simons