Help me guys I screwed up, I got memed into buying this rick jacket...

Help me guys I screwed up, I got memed into buying this rick jacket. Half of the money on my bank account got used for this, then I realised I fucked up and tried to cancel my order, but it was too late for that... So what should I wear this with? I'm about 5'5 and 75kg

full rick or kys

>falling for the Rick Owens meme
did you try NoPoo, too?

hahahah nigga go camping


minimalpoo actually works
fuck thats alot of money lol
try and sell it perhaps
you have to layer something over it
like if you really want to wear it you're basically going to have to go deep like is decent advice


fucking kek. when will manlet learn?

>never wear it
>keep it in mint condition
>wait a while
>sell it for the same price you bought it or more

I know, I do it too.

I actually did, yes.
This board really has too luch influence on my life. If my dad knew that I've bought this, he would've slapped the shit out of me. Indian people are not used to paying this much for clothing...

This has to be bait.
Dick Ovens meme,NoPoo,PooInLoo,Manlet

>tfw my ethnicity has turned into a meme
I can't pick what I get born as

Loo is that way pajeet. Doesnt the rick drape interfere with your poop squat?

If this isn't actually bait, I'm very sorry about your purchase, good luck reselling

you deserve it for having shit taste. This is coming from a guy who owns full rick, even tho id never wear your pic related

>obese tasteless Indian manlet gets tricky rickeyed into spending half his money

no way this is real

>full rick
>saying others have shit taste

we have a containment thread for you

best option: return it.

second best: ebay.

if this isnt bait im very sorry about your whole existance desu


fuckin gold

no need to try to defend yourself pajeet


holy fuck dude learn to better spend your money...

why the hell would you begin a rick wardrobe with this piece? you should go pods/prisoners, shoes, tees

you know you can just return it though, right?

You could probably take it to a gun shop and trade it for an FN SCAR 17s

at least in any civilized country you can

looks like he's trying to smuggle a sleeping bag


>did you try NoPoo, too?
fuck I fell for it, my hair sucked for the like 4 months I did it

Veeky Forums turns pretty much everything into something bad. I'm a 5'6 American so I'm both a manlet and a retard. If I was tall and European I'd be a culturally bankrupt no dick who has nothing but height going for him. We all suck, that's what makes this place different from Reddit

Pretty much this. I got ramones first, then pods, cargos, prisoners, 2x dls, bauhaus, blazer, and recently boat shoes and 3/4 pants for summer.

hey pakalu papito i think you would look good wearing it without any other item of clothing, including shoes, post result pls

no poo is pretty good tho
I just use shampoo once a week

Id never cop, having a thousand protein farts stored up in that jacket would be lethal when i unzip

truuuuuuuu xDDdddd lmao dank shit nigga

honestly man if you don't like it just keep it in plastic or w/e and find some big designer/general shoe trade convention. you can probably find someone to buy it for a really good price at one of those

wouldn't put it on grailed

Rick's life looks so comfy. He's going out with his duvet and takes pictures with qt asians.

>tfw 5'6 FrancoMexican living in Guadalajara
By Veeky Forums standards I'm a Shitskinned frog manlet

Any good local spots or brands worth checking out senpai?

I'm testing out NoPoo and it's working I guess.

Congratulations you beat evolution, you are now a fucking chode caterpillar

This thread made me kek hard. No meme should cost a man so much. Shit looks like the mascot outfit for a flashbang store. Shit looks like the camping edition of the Snuggle. Shit looks like a flashlight grip. Enjoy.