What core is this?

What core is this?

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nigga looks like a jojo character

"Bad bitch" core

irreparable gaytrocity core

homo negro core


bawlla cawlla core

Tranny core?

"The regressive left has gone too far"-core.

this. all he needs is more muscles

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not if its part 5,6,7 or 8.

"Rice and Cabbage" core

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why is this nigger always posing outside a gas station


Me on the left

le regressive left meme

imagine thinking letting people look however they want to was somehow regressing anything. what are we regressing toward? when has it ever been like that before? never. kys and leave this earth instead of making life more difficult for the marginalized.

le edgy /pol/ core


Prison bitch core

>Being this mad

Lmaoing at your life

Do you know why some people are marginalized?

But why not, serial killers dindu nuffin, they should get reparations to what society made them do, what horrific civilized behaviour was pushed into his le dress how I want le do what I want persona

You naive idiot.....

>being this ignorant

If this isn't the single worst comparison I have ever heard, I don't know what is.

The marginalized populations the user was referring to aren't like serial killers ffs. They don't impact others negatively.

>posting anime

>This weeb nerd tumblrite

Holy shit my sides

what the fuck are you talking about? what serial killers? you saying ted bundy is the reason why men wear crop tops now?

>calling an anime gif weeb
>on a russian pornographic cartoon site

back to

Keep the tears coming lads

kek, pansy libtard

im no who you were taking to, but
>le russian cartoon board
or any variant of that is reddit tier


"Regressive left" implies that people in this category are either insufficiently or incorrectly progressive in their ideological/polit-theological outlook. This is an asinine way of ignoring the deeply problematic nature of the modern/bourgeois paradigm of "Progress" which can be done from many perspectives including reactionary-traditionalist, postmodern, as well as actual idealist.

>If Smokey was in Part 5

that's been a joke for the longest time, no clue how you can imply it's reddit tier

Hi /pol/



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