What jeans is she wearing?

Anybody know the jeans she's wearing?
Wanna buy so badly.


trade you for name


It's Joanna Kutcha.

Don't give him the ID on jeans, he's probably a fucking tranny or something.


pointy kneecaps; would not court.

Thanks for being so supportive...


theraggedpriest.com i think

You probably mean this one.
But I do you think, it's the same model? Her () jeans look like they are stretchy.

Trolling or legitimately gay.

>don't give OP the info, because OP "probably" is a tranny
Don't buy there, the shopowner might(!) be a jew.

Where are we? Veeky Forums = fashism board?

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Ah, viceroy retard has arrived

shut up faggots and grow the fuck up

fake /r9k/ troll

>thinking girl in OPs pic is capable of romantic love

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i wanna buy too... not the jeans tho.

damn shes so hot too.
Veeky Forums=never getting this top tier soft pussy.
she's not in to guys who like fashion
i dunno what kind of guy would go with her
probably some dick with a top knot
she probably likes girls anyway

She turned 20 not long ago. Or maybe 19 i dont remember but there an instagram post about her birthday somewhere

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Wow someone actually got so mad that they took the time to write this. Pathetic