Im not sure if /fa is the right playce to start this thread but can we get a fountain pen thread going?

Im not sure if /fa is the right playce to start this thread but can we get a fountain pen thread going?

This shit is extreme fedora tier

Pic related, mine. I love writing with it.

gay expensive pens aren't gay enough to be effay

>tfw fell for the lamy meme

an old jew VP in my office is into pens, he likes to tell people it's his only vice. he has an 18 inch display case on his desk and writes with a different one for every task

it kind of fits an old guy but if it were a young guy like me everyone would make fun constantly

>that old guy howard is way into pens
>so I asked user to audit the weekending packet and he pulled out a fountain pen l m a o what a fucking faggot


what headphones and knife do you also use?

Only expensive if you buy expensive t bh

poorfag detected

What's the name of this pen?
Also nice caps

the brand is rotring (very well known for their pencils) not sure on the model

Where did I say I bought cheap pens? I'm just saying not all of them are expensive when I got started I bought a 2 dollar jinhao


What's the point? Honest question.

It's fun

I had a friend in high school who used fountain pens. To this day I still don't understand why. lol

it changes your penmanship
sloppy handwriting becomes stylish

what's the point of designer clothes and shoes, or fine wine and food, fast cars?

people like luxury stuff, and penmanship is a nice thing in and of itself

rOtring newton lava

Funny, while I never write cursive in the real world, and my handwriting is so on "fast" and not "neat" that I can't even read what I wrote sometimes, I find that when I use a fp I actually want to write cursive. Not only that, my cursive is pretty damn good after not using it since I was in grade school iirc. There is just something about a fp that lends itself to cursive writing.

Plus, I like being able to chose exactly what color, shade and consistency of ink I write with. And size and shape of nib too. Granted it is definitely not the quickest, easiest writing solution. I'm sure it attracts more of the hobbyist type (I collect records, too), but it sure is nice to utterly customize and personalize your written output. And from an ecological standpoint, it creates a lot less waste and is much cheaper to the user in the long run. To the people who actually spend money on pens, at least.

pens are fucking gay