I'm just starting to get into techwear and I think the running pants with shorts is the neatest looking thing...

I'm just starting to get into techwear and I think the running pants with shorts is the neatest looking thing. I don't feel like spending Rick Owens money so how else could I achieve this? Adidas tights and shorts?

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you can get tights for cheap in clearance racks. don't be afraid to look in womenswear. any slick shorts will do

PokemonGo core

Like Nike compression pants and then shorts over


Where do you guys live where people legitimately dress in tech? In California at least, I'd assume anyone rocking this in public is just some weeb faggot trying to reenact his favorite anime scenes.

Alternatively, "I played this game called Watch Dogs and it really resonated with me." Or even "Have you heard about the deep web? Let me tell you about the deep web."

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I could see that working a whole lot better than the majority of the states over here.

id pants?



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I've only known one guy. from PA

Man, you must feel very large and very tough posting things like this.
It must satisfy your inferiority complex well!

not that user - personally I think some fits are pretty nice but most people would probably think it looks autistic.

Do you wear this in public user?

What's the difference between techwear and goofninja?


I rock techwear only in the winter for the sole purpose of function. I live in Finland


I live in Canada, and sometimes I think that techwear would be much more convenient. I had a shirt that, when training, stays at the body temperature. Even if you're sweating like ass, you still don't feel hot. During winter, it feels like I have small ants that heat me all day

The United ones.

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My bad, thought you said "there", not "here".

Vancouver/Seattle is perfect for techwear. Some summer days are chilly af lol