What's the male equivalent of tumblr grill fashion?

What's the male equivalent of tumblr grill fashion?

hollow water boys for sure


Why does that guy look like he's uncomfortable just existing?

the nigga gay

nice dubs

It looks like the turtle neck is choking him.


Veeky Forums

Why does it have to be different?

Break dem gender norms broski

Whos that girl please link

No idea, pretty sure I found her here

See pewdiepie's instagram and you will get your answer.

teenage fuccbois into "dark scandanavian minimalism", anime, death grips, and trump-posting

minimalist black shirt with black jeans and flyknits and cap

if you think this is cool you might deserve to die

Thea Queen

It's not uncool at all
It's not offensive at all and will not attract any attention

literally me except for anime and trump posting

this is like two thirds of Veeky Forums and just thinking about it is giving me cancer

I would fuck everyone on this pic

>tfw no tall gf
life truly is suffering

>teenage fuccbois
isn't it this in general? that the tumblr grill is just a teenage fuccgirl?

anyone can look good as long as they don't look like a trend hopping poser


Hijacking this get

Far left hnnnng

tumblr boii fashion

Maybe next time friend

wew lads i want to climb her

i agree with the sentiments expressed in both of these posts

Average /mu/

>tfw none of these qts would give you a second look because you are a poorfag that can't upgrade his wardrobe

These dubs


t. streetwear fuccboi

that has nothing to do with tumblrcore