Cop or not

new thread famalam

Other urls found in this thread: jacket men&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=133&gridsize=3&gridrow=6&gridcolumn=2&mporgp=L2Fzb3MvYXNvcy1kZW5pbS1qYWNrZXQtaW4tc2xpbS1maXQtaW4tbWlkLWJsdWUtd2FzaC9wcm9kLw..

aand the back

tacky and short sleeve shirts are kinda lame also its black

u will b the spiciest cholo en la quinceanera

>short sleeve shirts are kinda lame
with this aesthetic though?

i can get into that

that looks like crap and theyre barely even the same shirt
dnc but it seems you're adamant
it honestly looks like shite

Not a manlet (6'2) if that affects anyone's opinion.


suede or leather Chelsea boots?

if you think you can pull it off cop

as light outerwear?

Depends how casual your fits are, if they are more casual get tan chelseas, if not black leather

should probably have added pic

i was planning on only wearing them in a pretty formal fit. i was thinking black skinnies im 6'1 and im thin enough to pull them off and for the top i was going to copy raf or maybe a mini turtle neck with an overcoat. im open to any suggestions tho


cop or not?

cop and w2c

It's a Polish shop that sells it's stuff in Czech republic, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. Idk if you can get the shoes from some other shop. I have to go to work now so I don't have the time to do research right know.

This or the all whites with black stripes

dnc neither

New beaters?

Which ones bois?
Need some help

middle are the best, bottom is ok, top is absolute garbage

w2c, asking for a friend


2, same ones I want

Cop or not?


yeah they look interesting enough
its a gray longsleeve tee, duh cop
yeah theyre cool
black leather is cooler

I'm into it. Where from ?

Black = leather, dark brown = suede

Not that busted for what he wants for them

Kinda skeptical about this one. Opinions?

he looks light-skinned, I'd say he's safe

you guys think the distressing is to much or nah

I have a size 10 for sale on grailed going for cheap

Yeah I considered copping but im.normally an 11, only thing I can wear in size 10 are cps. How do they size?

should i just get this

wtc i love cute stuff

wtc? jacket men&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=133&gridsize=3&gridrow=6&gridcolumn=2&mporgp=L2Fzb3MvYXNvcy1kZW5pbS1qYWNrZXQtaW4tc2xpbS1maXQtaW4tbWlkLWJsdWUtd2FzaC9wcm9kLw..

all saints my guy

is that the iceage guy?
if you're a 11/10 danish postpunk dude then you can pull it off
if otherwise, it will look embarrasing

lightest shoe in the market

$50 for the MA-1 from Uniqlo

left or right?


cop and link i cant find it on there site


Acne has a nicer one

I would that looks dope

Cop or not?
Full back with white sole.




Posted in the other thread. Sorry if you're seeing this twice.


anyone know the sizing on them?

Those are... interesting. Is it weird that I haven't seen these yet?

they're pretty rare I think

I know he's out of prison and he's skinnier but, I still like it

C o r n ?

safe/10 cop
eh if you really like it
asics are really meh desu
cop, try on some of their other shoes irl
old skools look better but still really safe, can't go wrong

wtf, so Adidas is now mimicking Nike with the big branding on the toe?

DNC btw

the bad thing about adidas is that their sizing differs wildly


nurse tier

left of course, you cant go wrong with oni

I don't dig them much but this wouldn't be a horrible cop


cop if 2poor4achilles

zara c/n?


cop if black if not kys

going for nxtlevel gypsy chic

i like it a lot, but it's pretty expensive for what it is. it's on sale too
probably not
have you tried them on? they're pretty hard to pull off. really nice though
nah, there are way nicer alpha parkas out there.

Suede gets dirty quickly. I'd go with leather. Especially if you go with black.


you can keep that



Yeah, I got a pair, comfy and look pretty decent, mine are just triple white instead of grey gum

Can't tell if this is cool or taking it too far

What pants are those?

The socks are cool.

Nothing special, just some shitty black jeans from river Island or where I found the cheapest, they look better when I wear them like so

Was more asking about the Velcro but cheers

How's life living in a pineapple under the sea?


disregard the female hands. I'm male and this is actually a male cap.

I like the slim cargo pants

Saucony Grid 9000 Sand cop or not

if not please tell me something to buy


caps have genders? sounds like you're insecure

>caps have genders?
yes they do you mong. also the post needed context.


I want to get these for gym (I need something with a flat thin sole and no cushioning, like chucks) but these are womens shoes and I'm a dude. does this shilouette seem feminine to you? do you think people could tell?

>Good thing it says "Mens"
>Now I can wear it without people making fun of me!

Holy fuck how insecure are you? Nobody gives a shit what gender your cap is, if you like it cop it. Like are you seriously going to answer "It's in the men's cap section on the adidas website" when someone asks you why you're wearing a pink hat?
Genuinely pathetic m8, learn how to care less about what other people think

are you two even following the discussion? are you aware of the meaning of the term "context"? last time I posted a chick wearing a ralph lauren cap and someone told me not to cop because something something girls on instagram, which was fucking irrelevant because I'm a guy.

as for the adidas cap, if I just posted the pic without the description you would have automatically assumed female.

btw womens caps tend to have different silhouettes/shape.

cop or not?