Do you guys think this fit would work irl?

just bin playin pokemans and i made my char and dude... that fucking fit! it looks really cool. do you think it would work irl?

without the aspie gloves yeah i could see it working

i did that exact fit for my character
it's kinda bumblebee-core, i don't think it'd work unless you play sports

black mannequin-core

r u me

Rate my fit Veeky Forums
>jacket is Hermes
>shorts and leggings from Y-3
>shoes are Y-3
>gloves are Norse Projects
>hat is Gucci
>backpack is Louis Vuitton

fug yees yellowboys we keep it reall

ah yes expensive brands = good fit



Poliwag won't save you from dehydration.

Holy shit


No, fucking obviously not. That said, my trainer looks pretty much the same.

That said, that said, fuck you for shitting up this board.

It makes you look like a rider for Deliveroo, but I thought the exact same thing OP, I really like it.

gloves help balance the fit out imo

why yall niggas bitin

where can you get the real world equivalent of the pants though

the hoodie, shoes, and socks/leggings are easy

>tfw too late to change haircolour
>tfw no blond

niantic fampai pls giv barbers


There only 3 choices for every clothing item and they are just different color.


That's almost like what i'll usually wear all fall/winter. Fingerless cloves are awesome if you roll your own cigarettes in winter, but when it comes to looks they're horrible.