old one ded


faggot /10

why is there a floating head with shoes?!


Going to need another angle before I can judge

Please elaborate on the insecurities you're projecting.

From the back


This outfit is fucking horrible. Is this how Veeky Forums dresses nowadays?

From the side

walking billboard /10 very nice


i rate this www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2ncVvC2oDo/10

its b8 u goon

Raf 98-99

weird posture


long time no see, fa

nice and homogeneous

your calves look massive


Need to see from the back

I like to ride my pink bike



Just wear regular Chucks holy shit. If you're gonna drop upwards of 500$ (assuming they're from Grailed) on a pair of shoes, just go full rick.


nice fit but nobody needs to know you fell for the smoking meme

theyre dreamboxes, front is too flat and the sole doesnt look right
why do u think the pic is so zoomed out

w2c pants/socks?

i find this incredibly boring and if i were a bit meaner i would dispense to you some reddit memes


>wearing raf with yohji

get thicker soled shoes and a longer top for this

It's insanely boring. Still god-tier for caltech so i dont feel too bad

ayy you on caltech? what's your major?

t r i p s
Summer student from UT Austin, i'm chem though



lol Caltech is a depressing af place. Srsly recommending you don't go for grad school

damn nigga i was planning to try their math grad program but a lot of people are saying the same thing

Grad students here seem to be bitter and depressed or way up their own ass. The cocky ones seem to do better. Still going to apply because dem Nobel laureates

hmm math might be alright department wise, but Pasadena is a shitty bubble.

Im chemE/bioE and the vibe in a lot of the labs i was interested in was pretty oppressive

lmao Baltimore and Grubbs? if u interview make sure you use the opportunity to talk to profs who you'd actually want to work with

Agapie is apparently a legendary asshole but most of the inorganic people are chill. Harry Gray is a fucking boss

oh yea if u do inorganic ur probably alriii. still though apply to a healthy variety my man


what's the fucks wrong with wearing raf with yohji

Absolutelely zero replies last thread


Manlet or just fucked up proportions?

what u even tryna hear cause u just look like one of em chinese money boy bitches

6'0 godtier

>chinese money boy bitches
guess that suits my mongol origins

ylis taas vauhis

yliksen waywt on virallisesti kuollu

R8 pls

is this fat

You seem like that kind of gal who can wear anything and still look good

chub and tuck

Why are there no qt girls in dad caps in my area?

I wanna see a pic of who this actually is

nice fit, nice setting. wtc hoodie?
idgi. but maybe that's ok. I also don't get when people tell us their labels. are you worried the fit won't stand on its own merits?
I like this. this is clean
this is really nice. are you the guy from the last waywt elevator/qasas pic. this is much better. I imagine your pants are wrinkled by design. going for a loose yohji look here
Repost from yesterday but I only got 2 completely conflicting comments and then the thread devolved into a race war over whether blacks dance better than whites or not

I'm the only cute girl on this board, fuck off.


If you wear a baggy silhouette on the bottom you need one on top. Otherwise the proportions are off. Get a baggier tee like a carhartt one and roll the sleeves for your baggy pants. A grey one would work here.. The white tee doesn't work here at all. Try a linen button up instead to be honest.

Damn. Real advice. I like this too. I've got a nice crumpled beige linen shirt that is pretty loose. Imma try that. I also wasn't 100% happy with the chacos here. Maybe some black Arizona Birks.
Btw have you posted here today? I'd like to see your style

No, I worked all night at a rehab center. Heres an old one.


It's not fucking her. It's some fucking neckbeard who has feverishly collected all of this 5.5/10's old stuff
I'll believe when I see a timestamp

nice, well done

I'm this guy again. This is fucking solid. Very comfy looking earth tones fit. Saving for inspo folder. What was the verdict on chacos vs Birks? Which birk cw do you suggest? Thx for bearing with me

Veeky Forums fuccboi uniform circa 2013

jeans and jacket look particularly unflattering (it has the texture of a trash bag)

>tfw my hips belong to a woman.

Nah you're okay. Just get some new shoes, whatever is on your feet are straight out of grade 7.

I feel like a tablecloth

wooh i like it


why did you delete this?

CPs are cropped out. Tried GATs with this too but it felt weird, not sure why.

What shoes are those

Just realized I had a better photo that wasn't on a complete white background.

frontal view would be nice pls


w2c sweater

jacket doesn't look great here but

They don't make it anymore. Acne Gradient Sweater.

I Grailed this for 150 so pretty happy regardless.

jacket doesn't look great here but

good shit, u posted a selfie of this before

Been a while bois :^)

thanks, i posted it in the last waywt but shit background and was the end of the thread

out and about

Do you also go to yale

Y-3 Qasa high triple white

thanks buddy, yeah im the same guy

thanks man, hoodie is filippa k


literal piggu face
nothing special about the outfit


good job

nice hobbitcore

looks nice, the shapes go well together imo