new face thread
old one's getting full

post Veeky Forums faces, post models/celebrity faces, post your own face, just general Veeky Forums facial aesthetics



Repost bc old is dead

go easy
image is pretty small but you look cute, 7/10


what the fuck is this shit

is he turning into an eggplant?




buzz that desu looks weak thin and wispy

holy shit you have already aged horribly, compared to when you first started posting on r9k you look like you are thirty something single mother

/r9k/ sucks the life force out of people

you look like that milo faggot

is this your bf's son?


To shave
or not to shave?


do i keep stubble or no?


shave, is this even a choice ?



it's how different lenses on a camera portraits his face

but of course you wouldn't know that since you don't know anything about anything

I want to facefuck this qt
post the rest


please respond



You look like the kid from toy story

Get some muscle plz, your head looks disproportionally big.

This man is cute if he shaves the neckbeard and gets a manbun

I tried lol. I can not into buns, only ponytails. I'm not very clever.

is this even the same guy?

Ayy lmao

Look at his features closely. It's just the different angle.

post more pics you whore, i want to eat your fucking butthole

Watch a YouTube tutorial or smth.

>not getting the please respond meme

carry my babies



Unfortunately my attractiveness varies greatly depending on lighting. Tried to take an outdoor picture.

i wanna suck your cock

Thanks. I'm often told that I'm very attractive but my hair is kinda unruly and virtually unstylable.


yeah you look like Milo but also pretty hot
what haircut you get?

Posting my pic in every thread


come to Brazil?

last night watching a 7 car pileup on the overseas highway

That's friccing epic bro

Idk which face thread is more poppin

it was kinda fucked up, I listened to this guy scream under his car for about 30min while a fire crew flipped his car back and cut him out, I wasn't close enough to get decent pics of the actual accident but I was roughly 10 cars away.

You look like a Chad who saw his parents die and to top it off a girlfriend you thought about future with abandon you


Sveikas bičiuli

Shooo shooo lietuviai is mano Veeky Forums

Do my glasses fit my face?


Fresh off the presses
Lunch break selfie ft. a fucking dufus


Do you guys think I should cut my hair chinlong btw or let it grow out more?

So many cute anons here who desperately need a decent haircut.

Begå självmord jävla bög

just keep it that way

Kaip viskas vyksta vaikinai ?

nėra pakankamai lietuviai T B H

u look like my crazy ex

this guy looks like a serial killer slash rapist


ok thanks, Mr Bateman.

receding KEK

Don't go shorter

holy shit it's long-haired neil patrick harris.

how new are you kid


not very child


well you couldn't identify one of the most popular posters so I guess your just a lying baby

you have no idea who you are talking to you toddler

def shave, you could keep it trimmed tho

also, never wear that hat on the left again.

Tina Veshaguri
qt model, lots of models with trump models are really unknown but very cute

Zhenya_Migovych on instagram
only has about 1k followers



lol fuck off, i constantly get told how young i look

Reposting because insecure shithead
yes i know about the beard ok i'm working on it

your face is full of wrinkles and you look really old, like a used up single mother that has been impregnated by a black dude, one can practically see the suffering on your face

but yeah there will always be beta numales that will compliment you because they think they might shag your prematurely aged ass

Messy hair, don't care.

holy shit youre right


it's a real shame that this board went from pretty, youthul girls with cute style like curlgurl to junkie, underaged whores that cry for attention and money on r9k

food in my mouth bc im fat. also acne.


>jewish nose
what do


please be honest


that is the first thing I thought as well

look like Diplo

desu senpai you look a lil weird but it's not bad. You lowkey look like you'd be on the main cast of a mediocre sitcom. Or like when you're finally settled with your career and life in general you're not like super rich, but you're very content. Like you make about $78,000, you live with your wife, two kids, and dog(s) in virginia beach or something

id suck ur dick

you look like you could be a member of house stark. that's cute

would berry and make kids with.