Have a large forehead

>have a large forehead
>cannot wear hoods

effay woes thread

huh i dont see why that wouldnt work, can u give a sample?

>basically a never nude from the knees down
and im not that fat, 69kg on 187cm

>not that fat, 69kg on 187cm
wonder how you look, i am 69kg on 181cm and i am "not that fat" either

literally content with every aspect of myself BUT
>fucking balding

feels really really bad

>small penis
>when I take the condom out i have to even roll back the reservoir
>when I cum, the condom gets bigger from the cum
>right before sex I always go to the bathroom and jerk off to fill up the condom (i always buy black ones so my girl won't notice)
>for the rest of evening I pretend I enjoy the sex and fake orgasms
>I think my gf pretends too
>after 2-3 hours of rubbing against each other, we pretend to come at the same time, and tell us how awesome it was
>not effay

shit, at least your getting it i guess

how small are you though? like under 5" kill yourself tier?

he's not even fat if he's atlethic.

I'm 178cm and 78kg. Ottermode, and I'm fine. Not shredded, not summer approved but fine.

your bmi is 24,6. thats 0,6 points from overweight I wouldnt say thats fine

>he fell for the BMI meme

shave it and wear a hat user, not as bad as you think. i do it, it just wurks.

>Have a large nose from the side
Feels bad and I'm not even jewish.

Also pic related is what I'm looking at right now.

are these your classmates?

>large nose
same here, having a huge ass nose can be Veeky Forums if the rest of your face is godlike though

having a big nose can still be effay

whatever makes you feel better user

case in point

this guy had a BMI of 29.8

Naw, I'm at McDicks and I spotted them.

Hmm, thats a pretty effay haircut

Is that Sparletta creme soda?
Are you in South Africa?

I hate how bodybuilders look, but I am going to say that this man looks very good in this picture. Such beautiful proportions.

I think thats a Fernandes bottle.
And no, I'm from Holland

Can we discuss this desu

How do you make your dick effay. Like what should I do with my pubes. I refuse to completely shave off because that is insanely uncomfortable and just shit overall especially when you have a stubble under the skin like a beard and just makes it look weird as fuck. How can you style your pubes . Normally I just get my clippers and pass the smallest guard I have. Feels good man.

who wide hips here
>have to size up on t-shirts so they don't accentuate my waist

His lips remind me of Arthur Schopenhauer.


Uniqlo tees are pretty good though

>ugly box-shaped body
>no boobs
>broad shoulders
>thick calves
i thought losing weight would help but its only made everything wrong with my fucking body more evident. i thought i could enjoy wearing cute clothes but i feel like i look disgusting in anything that isn't oversized or a hoodie.
should i just die

nah, wear oversized shit, or mens clothing.
it looks cool as fuck on girls.
if you have a good face just go skele and wear crazy shit, i hope you work/study in a creative field

twist the pubic hair and cut

christ that is an ugly foot

sounds like my gf, got that rowers body. she also kinda dresses like a box but still looks cute 2 me so w/e.

6'5 male, used to be an athlete and now I can't get rid of my muscular quads

woe is you