Can Metal be Veeky Forums ?

Can Metal be Veeky Forums ?

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why not?



When you will grow up from this faggotry?

Why was he so beautiful?

Sorry senpai, I forgot to attach this.

it can

This is now a Varg appreciation thread


Senpai likes Tchaikovsky as well. ^__^


>It's a Varg teaches you about self defense episode

Vargchan likes Swan Lake. *-^


Veeky Forums clothes look retarded and suit the person wearing them



Hera top waifu


copped this recently

hasn't been fashionable since the 90s

pewdiepie dresses like shit, desu. his fits are often just tryhard streetwear. honestly makes me cringe

I have 3 shirts of urfaust, hoping to expand my collection

I'm 100% this bad dressed fag browses Veeky Forums regularly. Still cool that he likes Deafheaven tho

Threat guy on the left looks pretty good. Where can I find boots like those btw??



If you are good looking, yes. If not you will end up looking like an edgelord loser like 95 percent of the people posted in this thread

Parts of the style are not bad but the culture is autismo as fuck

guy on the left looks pretty cool

Only if you can get your hair to look as beautiful as Dave Mustaine's

>implying any post-90s trend can match its predecessors

this is a nice photograph


where is this pic from? name of band?

yeah fair enough

If you find a time machine and fuck off back to the 80s and stay there, sure.

mustaine used to talk about how he tried to define the style for metal, he always had strict rules on how they dressed.
read it in the mustaine book.

>metal was Veeky Forums in the 80s


In Murcuhhh it was at its peak in the 80s.

By then Britbongs had been taken over by whiny sadboys/sadgirls armed with tanker trucks full of hairspray and shitty Yamaha keyboards.

Such an immature aesthetic

>dude demons, n satan! hardcore!


>why not?

Because metal is rebellion and fashion is mainstream

Did you miss the part where this was in the 90's, when he thought it was cool to wear billowing, colourful dress shirts with tight jeans and sneakers?

Those Britbongs you are pretending didn't have a massive influence in the US, you mean, you revisionist dork?


i went to a punk show tonight in full yohji, does that count?

thx senpai, I was about the post the same

>see this pic
>look up bruce dickinsons height
>1.68 m


Varg is proof that no matter what you wear: if you have an aesthetic face it'll probably look good.

>wearing your own band shirts

Those guys look like something out of "I listened to black metal once" starter pack




Would waifu

No shit. The shitty glam metal bands were more popular here in the states, tho.

w2c left's jeans?

Where did this pic even came from? I just did that because i was bored and made it autistic

I like behometh

qt :3



damn shes cute post more of her

Revenge is def one of the most effay choices for band shirt

Metal girls can be qt and Veeky Forums but metal guys almost exclusively look like fags/losers.