Female Fashion Vote

What style do you prefer?

1. Girly, ladylike (lots of creams, pinks, beige)
2. Sporty 'streetwear' (red, black, white, blue)
3. Polished, sophisticated, almost business casual (white and black and beige)

you'll find that people will say #2 but honestly a QT who dressed like #1 is hard to find

i'm not attracted to children

3 is literally the only decent one there

All three are good imo.

Probably partial to no. 3 because I spend a majority of my time working in a corporate office environment and it's necessary to dress in business wear. So, I'm a huge fan of a polished look. In saying that though, sometimes I think my face/hairstyle is more suited to dressing in a girly/ladylike manner.

Who are these people, OP?

i got them all of instagram. in order its: @bonjourzhang, @okmalissa, and @soyeondal.

i'm 19 and at an age where i'm stuck b/w how i want to dress - older or nah?

1 and 3. 2 is generic and lazy, the others require effort and fashion understanding to pull off.

after looking at the instagrams, 1 is the best.

I think it depends on your face OP - do you look young? Also depends on how you do your makeup/hair and your figure.

Either way I'd go for 3 in your case. You can look polished without looking 'too much older' and in any case I don't think looking sophisticated ever goes out of style. Plus it's not really that hard to incorporate elements from 1 and 3 if you want to try both.

im asian and i have hair like this. people generally say i look my age or a little older.

none, girls should just stick to this style

Out of these, 2

In which case you could definitely pull off 1 or 3. If you look like the pic you posted then I would go with 3. If you're shorter/face wider then I'd go for 1.

it can also depend on her demeanor, certain styles can be amplified in qt3.14ness if her personality fits her clothing

i only like girls in full rick
sorry ladies

Please return to grade 7. Thank you.

I swear this dude gets a little more photoshopped with each successive upload

shut up you ugly bitch, bet you dont even own ramones like me

3. I usually just wear monotone/ navy. It's easier to dress and I'm too tall and antisocial to be cute.


All desu

i need to see it from the back


Feminine? Is this good

I would lose the flower crown and different shoes. The red is too much. Also are you 15 because that's the only acceptable age to be wearing kitten heels.

That being said I checked out your instagram and you look to dress p. good otherwise.





prefer pic related desu. especially the qt on the right

Tight curls are overkill, dress is too short for legs that long

Something like this, i don't know what number this would be

3 ez



3 with some pink thrown in is cool to see on girls.





I prefer to mix em up, dif styles for dif occasions
1 for when i'm out with my bf
2 for when i'm out with friends or just goofin
3 for office work.

number tumblr.

but desu I'm usually in something similar to pic related. A mix of 1&2 I suppose






wearing rick is actually hella comfy mate