Getting glasses. Help

Getting glasses. Help.

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Come to London and sit on my face check em


>tfw when fishing 4 compliments

I am looking for a pair of frames. You got any ideas what shape I can go for?
And yes, stroke my ego while you're here.

why did you have to make a seperate thread
baka vain bitches these days

Didn't see a glasses thread, so I just posted this. Say what you want, just give me ideas, please.

Really really big ones will highlight your cuteness.

I'm an optician in London btw

I believe anything over the net, thank you.
It's always been my dream to look like molly with my fat ass on that couch.




Get contact lenses and stop whoring

No thanks, I'll stick to being a pretentious asshat.

Thanks, I liek

use fuccboi general for this shit mate

Wow thanks! 8/8

le so quirky xDDddd

seriously fuccboi general is for questions like this. read the sticky will ya

This, they go well with Asian girls and even better with dimples. Don't get huge ones of course.



zoe quin vibes

ayyy bushwick

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Hey lets have sex

I'm scared

No sticky on the app I'm currently using. Sorry, I don't frequent this board enough to know the culture.


oliver peoples fambino

your nose is hella curved

I want to cum in your chest





this is not you. time stamp if it is

you immature faggots.

>huehuehuehue shes asian

grow up stupid ass children.

should of drawn her naked and holding a massive cock

rectangular frames for sure.

if possibre in crear frame

She looks like a vietnamese jungle gook. They have really circular portrusing nipples.

Go here:
Then try out different styles with the tester shit in the bottom right corner

This is a good idea and the glasses are an excellent recommendation. Rounder glasses work really well on her face.


Can I get a link for these? Sorry on mobile and image name didn't give me anything. Thanks senpai

is this the latest jerma rumble

Yes. It'll get ya pregnant hella fast


typical dumb /soc/ cunt
i bet you think men cumming on your face is empowering

You like manlets op



Fucking love it was written
nas is the GOAT