would it be ok to wear death grips merch in public? (ofc paired with black jeans)

If bone boy yes
If thicc no no papa

huge death grips fan but honestly their merch sucks and this tshirt is simply bad looking. if i were to put something related to death grips on me i'd create it myself.
i vote dont cop

fuck off



>huge death grips fan
how and why?

I disagree. I love that shirt and wear it all the time. If you like it wear it OP. Don't let other people's opinions about superficial shit influence your own.

i am a boneboy

OP was asking for opinions, i gave mine.

>Don't let other people's opinions about superficial shit influence your own
he would have not made a thread if he was really feeling it or if he didnt care about others opinions.

>literally the point of Veeky Forums

if the the graphic was like a quarter of the size and centred maybe I'd wear it with a jacket
otherwise it just looks really generic
Christ, even the C at the end of Classic is being cut off it looks horrendous

Dnc, I've had six of their shirts and now that they print on Gildan instead of American Apparel the quality is shit and the shirt is far too wide to look good on someone under 200lbs

duhh, i own dg shirt, but im fairly fit, little more than ottermode, mma fighter like body.
i got compliments from some people, they are like poor mans cav empt alternative

I wear this one from time to time and I get complimented a lot, even by people who dont know dg

No it wouldnt, buy it but only wear it privately dont let anyone see it

this always looks like a bathing ape shark hoodie


sure, its not like they're some super secret club band.

or even good.

go for it.

same normies love it

totally depends on the fit

There's this guy at my college who always wears one with sweats and does parkour all over campus. Weird kid.

I agree. I don't get how Ride, Flatty and Zach are all such effay dudes and yet their merch designs are always lame as shit. Like they release shit that they'd never wear, which I find strange. If they're not the ones designing it they at least approve of releasing it.

I guess they think/know more people will buy designs like these. I'd personally like maybe a black tshirt with a small death grips graffiti logo over the breast or on the back.