High reps will help woth definition high weights will help with mass, healthy food will help with reducing body fat as well as cardio. Dont take ones advice as set in stone.

SS + gomad

Cardio melts fat. Do lift light weights, lift what gives you resistance but doesn't give too much resistance. Don't eat so much

full rick


I'm not otter mode but would like to think I escaped skinny fat mode. Still working at it.

Basically eat more, lift heavy. Cardio on the weekends, clean up your diet. I still eat like crap occasionally so that's holding me back

what do you do for your shoulders? i been lifting for a year and my shoulders are barely where i want them to be

all i did to target them was shoulder presses with dumbbells, pull ups help too. i have stupidly broad shoulders in the first place though

looks like bone structure desu, delts aren't super 3D here

The reason Veeky Forums is telling you to bulk first is because you will maximize your noob gains by intaking a calorie surplus. Because you're skinnyfat and not chubby, cutting really won't do you any good, as you will be skelly mode with weaker lifts than you could've had. Remember, fall and winter are around the corner, which is a perfect time to cocoon.

>year of our lord
>reads the sticky
>too stupid to understand what is written

Y-you too.

lookin good white boy

what's your routine

start boxing without lifting weights et voilĂ , you're ottermode

What happens if you box and lift weights?

You die

Skinnyfat here. I stopped eating meat and sweets a while ago which lead to me eating less overall.
Cut down calories and most importantly salt. Also drink only water.
Lost 5kg but it made a noticable difference on my jawline and neck.

hey op

i'''l answe you if you ask again without the caps

Ottermode is a function of having a reasonable amount of muscle and low body fat. That's it.

Let's approach them separately:

You need to develop muscle, period. Lifting burns calories, will help you look better, and will make you healthier. While "high rep, low weight" is typically a good idea, don't let that delude you into benching the bar for 20 reps or some nonsense like that - lift heavy, but focus on 6-10 reps per set. Squats and deadlifts are nice, but as you well know Veeky Forums over-prioritizes them. Compound exercises will always be your friend, so don't do machines becaue you ~don't wanna get big~ or something.

If I were you, I'd do any good A/B split, albeit maybe with more core work and less of an emphasis on getting extremely high numbers lifted. At absolute minimum, you should be benching, doing some sort of back exercise (I prefer rows), squatting, deadlifting, doing overhead presses, and then doing some sort of core work independent of the previously mentioned lifts. I'd keep all sets at 6-10 reps, keep the reps slow, and wouldn't bother shooting for 1RMs ever.

Abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym, so your diet needs cleaning up. Cut out all the junk or, at least, keep it minimal. Lots of water, lots of healthy foods, no sugars (inc. fruit), and eat as low carb as possible. Keep your lean meat intake high, but beware of sodium in some meats. Avoid alcohol, especially beer. This is where the true "ottermode" comes, so don't fuck around. This is my personal weakness, and can promise you it's harder than it sounds.

Also, cardio - do lots of it. Cardio will keep your heart healthy and increase your caloric needs, which helps increase fat burn as long as your diet is low enough. If your feet hurt while running, use an eliptical, but keep the intensity high - HIIT is your friend.

500% appreciate this post as I was thinking way too hard about this. Now I can get on my grind without over thinking it. -op

i have a 2 inch gut but i can only squish 1/4-1/2 inch of it
how do i lose it?
also most of my weight is in my legs

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gomad is a meme

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Calisthenics and just eat less, try to eat mostly proteins

You need to do more shrugs and get more definition on your traps. Having large shoulders just looks rediculous and disproportionate with how small your traps are. Other than that great progress dude I'd suggest stretching your upper body more also because you look extremely tense in the shoulder/neck area and it's causing your neck to look extremely short and stubby.

Based Bateman, thank you for making an actually smart fucking post not filled with memes and bullshit

How important is little carbs?

calories in/out is more important than macros when it comes to losing weight

My pleasure!

I have no idea what you mean by "squish," but if the question is what you should do about a gut, just lose weight. If you're a guy, your stomach is generally going to be the first place you store fat. There's not really a magic formula.

>How important is little carbs?
This guy () already answered the question the best, but to explain: as a general matter, high carb/high sugar foods tend to have a lot of calories while not making you feel particularly full. They also fuck with your blood sugar quite a bit, which can screw with your hunger. You shouldn't cut carbs completely out of your diet, but you should recognize that high-carb, high-sugar foods - like cake - are extremely bad for you.

For a brief period, Veeky Forums encouraged intentionally inducing ketosis, which is essentially your body's response to a super-low-carb diet. This is generally not a good idea for a panoply of health reasons.

Losing weight is genuinely a calories-in, calories-out sort of affair. There's no magic bullet, just discipline.

>you will even score with stupid chicks who thinks they can save you

How true is this?

These are retarded
This is good.

Eat a 300 surplus per day and do minor cardio. Try to lift so heavy that you can only get in ~3-5 reps in on compounds, ~8-12 on isolations for getting some pump in regions like delts and traps which respond well to high volume. Try to progress steadily on your lifts, don't fall for tumblr bullshit like high (20+) rep ranges for ""toning"" or similar.

Google stronglifts 5x5, read everything there, I'd recommend the app too although I would add Pullups and Dips per A or B day. Did it myself, also used the app the first 2 months.

I boxed 6 months before starting to lift and didn't make a tenth of the gains. Boxing is heavily reliant on endurance and takes too long to build up mass.

i've been at this for a while, and i've almost succeeded following this exact method.

what would you say is the ideal macro ratio?

right now it's 45% protein, 40% fat, and 15% carbs @1300 calories, i'm 6' 150.

are my carbs too high in your opinion?

>1300 calories
I'm cutting with more than that, you don't escape skinnyfat by becoming a skellington. Gain weight, slowly so that half of the mass you put on is pure muscle, then eat maintenance and lift until you're leaner.

Eat your tdee +500, +300 if you're not doing cardio.

sure m8

Eat food, lift weights, do cardio. Once at desired muscle definiton cut bodyfat and eat at a maintenance while lifting and doing cardio. If you think you'll get "too big" you should kill yourself for thinking that's easy and comes with your dogshit diet and routine.

what eat if vegan

not true at all

beans my nigga
but would also like to know any other suggestions

SS/SL to three months then do PPL until you're satisfied with your gains. (if you still want to wear skinnies, skip L on PPL) Cut after and that's it

> beans
> lentils
> tofu/tempeh
> vital wheat gluten/seitan
> pea protein powder
these are literally the most efficient foods out there in terms of grams of protein per dollar. also, they have a shit load of fiber.

What if I don't like deadlofts / squats can I just do

Lat pull down
Cable rows
Arm curls

At 3x8 for M W F

This user is fucking retarded, do not take his advice

You can't gain and lose weight at the same time

Cut first while doing cardio, lose all the fat and become skinny

Then start lifting while eating 500 above your TDEE

Just don't listen to these "high reps for toning/definition" faggots

do GOSAD - gallon of semen a day

i mean its hard when i try to push on my gut

To be entirely honest, I don't track macros, I find it too picky. With that said, your numbers seem awesome - carbs aren't too high (too low and your cardio performance would likely suffer).

Then you almost certainly have a protein deficiency. See for great ideas - and eat a wide variety of them, as none are a perfect source. Also, be careful, as a lot of "vegan" food is packed full of calories from crap like wheat.

It's something, good job user

I have a herniated disc, so I can't deadlift without fucking up my back. What's a good substitute?

why does this get me every time

You and me both. Slipped a disk a few days ago.

When this has happened before, I've just begun to do safer stuff, like machine leg presses, weighted pull-ups, leg extensions (albeit not often), and the like. I also try to double up on core work, where possible.

It's not really a good solution - obviously, it's hard to emulate the awesomeness of squats and deads - but it's better than nothing.

I did SS for about a year and now my thighs/butt are way too big and disproportionate to my upper body. WHAT DO I DO?

ohp, shoulder press, arnold press, rear delt flies, lateral raises

Is this still alive? I'm sure everyone else is wondering this too.. W2C Shia's Body nice slim legs and solid upper body

Genetics I guess, I am skinnyfat (maybe even a little more than that) and my legs look like that. They are not even that skinny imo

Eat maintenance, lift heavy, reduce salt in order to reduce water retention and increase jaw definition.

Your welcome skellys

if that's your attitude then you will never make it

if you're not ready to deadlift and squat because you "dont like it", fuck off and come back when you're ready to work hard

enjoy your groupthink mentality of thinking that everyone should do squats and deadlifts.

surely im not going for a jacked up look. i still want to look good in slim jeans. quit this fucking squats deadlift meme lmao even normies at my gym that look great dont even know how to deadlift