Why would people wear these over a regular Bikini?

Why would people wear these over a regular Bikini?

Don't want to get into an /r9k/, /cgl/, /soc/, /pol/ discussion about "de wimmins reeeee". Just want to know what someone buys one of these for.

to show off their bodies and attract men probably


I know girls who wear shit like this, and it's genuinely just because they know the scandalous nature gets attention.

It's really tacky, but I have mixed amotions

Are clitoris and nipples the only thing you need to hide in public?

Attention. There's legit no reason to wear these unless you're an attention whore. And most people will think badly of you, even the horny guys who'll still want to fuck you.

no, feelings too


to make penises hard

Because it's my fetish


>Don't want to get into an /r9k/, /cgl/, /soc/, /pol/ discussion about "de wimmins reeeee". Just want to know what someone buys one of these for.

Yeah, that should totally avoid it.

how to cop dis body btw ?

Unless you are sexy, you will never really understand.

m-muh diccc

for muh dick


To be dirty dirty sluts


When I see girls wearing skimpy shit in real life it never even turns me on, but when its a picture of the internet I get hard as diamonds?


for being slutty/sexy/trolling for cock, also for attention.

Fuck, red string bikinis are my fetish.

Poast moar.

to get a yeast infection


Nice, gotta spread that shit on toast like aussies do




As a girl who wears smaller than usual bathing suits (from brands like Minimale Animale, Agent Provocateur e.g.) I think it's entirely about signalling to other women "I'm confident. I have a hot(ter) body (than you)." I know men will look at me, but it's not about that at all. When I wear a teeny bathing suit out with my bf it feels good to be his hot arm candy.

lol you wouldn't even be dating him if he was balding

Fucking lmao

If I saw a girl looking like that, even though I know they want attention. I would throw it in their face so hard they'd fall down on all fours.

Disturbing amount of posts in this thread suggesting the posters believe the clothing pictured looks good, just risque.

It's for nude photoshoots. I seriously hope nobody wears that shit to the beach.

I think it's way too much if the bottom is actually going INTO her vagina.

Too bad you'll never visit a beach though, you fucking neckbeard.

I'm usually nude at the beach, fuck tanlines.

Tanlines are especially disgusting on men, when your ass and balls are completely white and everything else is brown. Ugh...

woman on the right has a phenomenal body, but chick on the left is letting her pussy lips show.

decisions decisions.

I like it, soon we'll all be nude angelic deities

tacky as hell, but i would love to bone the shorter one

Am I the only one that always imagines one girl sexually dominating the other when seeing a height disparity photo?

too much porn friend


Not sure if deepy insecure or catty bitch
either way get over yourself

>its not about that at all




theres no way i can leave the beach without a massive boner or cum filled booty if you´re dressing up like this.
thank god i´m not muslim if i were i´d use muh religion as rape excuse

Come on now OP, you can do it. You know the answers.

Bitches degrade, devalue, and desecrate themselves all for the sake of attention, and the feeling of being desired. This comes from deep feelings of insecurity, with the hopes of getting ones worth and existence and reaffirmed by a peer group. It is the opposite of beong Veeky Forums, because being Veeky Forums is deessing for one's self.

Beyond appealing to men, beyond this (Laugh as you might, it's true. Women don't have to go through half the effort to simply appeal to men), it just feels amazing to be in the ocean with as little barrier between it and your skin as possible.
Go swim in a t-shirt and tell me it feels the same as swimming barechested.

There's a world of difference even with a sportsbra/bikini top and being barechested.
Ya know, obviously these chicks aren't trying to commune with nature, but still.

Girls confirmed for dumb

Do you not think men do things and posture for other men as well?
Get used to it, we're social creatures. Everyone's stupid that way, it's just to what degree.

how do you guys deal with your boner at the beach when you see things like this?

>Do you not think men do things and posture for other men as well?
I'm not that user you quoted but I agree with you, men do this all the time too.

Or rather it probably depends on what circle or social level you're in.

Sit down or go into the water.
Most American men wear [nearly] knee-length, roomy, swim trucks. No one's really going to notice unless you're waving it around or being obvious with it like an idiot.
I mean, how quick are you going full-mast from a glance? Look away as soon as you start chubbing if you think it's going to be an issue.