Post buzzcut inspo




If you get a buzz please keep your facial hair in check

unless you have a face to match these men, don't think you'll look anywhere near as good.

if you are handsome like these guys, wear a t-shirt and get a shitty buzz cut and look amazing. otherwise you'll just look like a dweeb that doesn't go to a real barber



>just went to barber
>crazy lady was only one available
>shes fucked up my hair before
>just ask for a buzz because she cant mess that up
>realize it looks terrible
wew lad i fucked up

didn't this guy finally get out?


i got the perfect face for a buzz and look better with one, but highschool girls flock to me with an undercut so ill wait until i start balding
im only 20 no pedo, i think

how do i avoid this ?

Then do it, it's almost impossible for a man to look nice in a buzz cut. That's like a girl who doesn't look lesbo or feminazi with a pixie cut; it's a gift from heaven.

god damnit

After watching American History X i got my first buzz-cut

dont do drugs

he's not Harry anymore

Look like terrorist without buzzcut and look like skin head with one. I just cant win

muh yuri ;_;


buzzcut looks good


Wel thanks but all my clothes made me look like a skinhead and living in socal is not the best place to look like one.

It gets annoying having to shave everyday so sometimes I skip. Im growing my hair out now so not a problem

your sideburns and weak-ass mustache are super lame either way


Well I was 17 at the time, any facial hair in highschool was something most kids didnt have. Ive moved on from that


great, you look much better

You didn't stop to think that a terrorist scarf and a scrawny beard makes you look like a terrorist? And you don't look that much like a skinhead!

mine, i regretted it

Tell them to kick rocks.

Yeah. He did one photo shoot, haven't seen him around since.

what are the requirements for pulling off a buzzcut?

Great movie.


Be good looking

you have the fucked up type of head shape, with buldging sides, looks like a light bulb, I feel you man

Did this a while ago from shoulder length. Kinda regret it t b h

brown people can't be skin heads, silly

buzzcut and shave your beard. it's not thick enough. you won't look like a skinhead mate.

looks good to me

see this would look good with a shaved head


NOP. also he looks like hipster trash

this to be quite honest with you family

fell for the meme, no ragrets

looks good on you but why you standing like a fruit? Pink phone as well, are you a poof m8? All good if you are, where do you live?

i was a fruit but i have fixed my posture problems now. im straight & ldn senpai

Is this you?


buzz fits you with that fit mane

thanks brother

Breakin Bad?

>tfw took the buzzcut pill 4 months ago

can vouch for it

Tfw balding at 25 and miniscule beard growth.

Have been keeping a 3mm buzz, but today tried to shave it. Went pretty ok, eventho it took 45 minutes to finish.

Comments pls


Actually looks good. Just grow that beard bro :)

Some of the first skins were brown, silly.

Looks great you got a great jawline. you're gonna be okay senpai.


Don't do it you'll look like either a Slav or some kid that just got out of boot camp.


Which episode of star treks is this?

w2c pants plz

Yohji pour homme, not sure which season

that show was so good

looks good on you no homo

The look in his eyes in this scene was probably the best shot of the film. That or when he blows the smoke in the black kids face.

thanku doggeroo xo

>tfw the binge is over
feels bad

The best tip I can give to anyone trying to pull off that buzzcut is to decrease and then keep your body fat at a percentage as low as you can.
Also, you don't _absolutely_ have to shave, but unmaintained facial hair looks more gross on a buzzcut head.
I think it's because a buzzcut look is already kind of ominous, so not taking good care of your face just enforces that negative impression that is the main risk of getting a buzzcut.

My skull is incredibly egg shaped, but I am latino so I look thug as fuck.

Wife hates it so I don't do it too often

you look like you have a great face. do whatever you can to get that full beard going. bald head + full beard = tough and tough is cool

Aloways Sunny always fixes me up from these

I've been trying to grow it in any way I can.
>Been eating healthy
>Lifting heavy and compound moves

I started to use minoxidil 3 months ago. It certainly has jumpstarted my beard growth, before that I had literally less than 30 hair on my whole "beard" area.

My balding and poor beard growth started to make me think I should get my blood tests done, to see if my hormone levels are okay. Since often hairloss and beard growth go hand in hand.

Anyways, thanks for the positive comments. I think this is mostly mental issue, if you believe you look good, you'll act confident, which in turn increases your attractiveness.

Whites with buzzcut look like neanderthal subhumans. I mean they always do, but now it's even more obvious.
Not sure why you would get a shitty hair cut like this.

t. Karl Marx

reported, nigger

forced meme

The dude supposed to grew up into Norman Reedus but something gone wrong in the process.

you don't look either

damn that looks good

dont have low T

Don't be gay

now he looks like Larry.

w2c shoes toooo!?

also YYPH :)

great jaw and head shape

dont worry



should I buzz it? I kind of want to grow it out, but it literally looks like shit right now so I don't know what to do

is there any way to deal with balding when you have shit tier jaw/chin?

like im already beyond the point of being able to fix it with fin.

Did it with a couple of friends yesterday. Now I realize we look like a fucking skinhead gang.
Long stares and shit. I now look like the type of guy that might have a shank in his pocket.

>off brand walter white

it's shite.


$5000 human leather derbies

Post pictures of you or your crew

Look's really really good man, fuck.

buzzed my hair, it was a weird day. went from left to right not realising how much my long nose and pointy ears would stand out lol