This is the top post in /r/streetwear, remind me why anyone goes there anymore

This is the top post in /r/streetwear, remind me why anyone goes there anymore

you tell me, faggot

actually dope as fuck. lil uzi vert core

If I knew the answer I wouldn't be asking, double faggot.

WC2? It's soooo cute. :)

the point of his comment was that you yourself visited /r/streetwear. Why did you personally visit, faggot?

Am I the only one who gets 'triggered' by this? The person who made this is only doing so because pokemon go came out and is a social phenomenon and is socially acceptable. On top of that it's one of the most recognizable ones from the original 151, but selected to be slightly obscure (i.e not Pikachu) so as to imply that he's a real nerdy geek xD. I bet this faggot can't even name type interactions or pokemon from gen 2. You shouldn't be wearing something with a reference to a series or work if you don't give a shit about it.

I like visiting it just to see what their up to. I don't take advice from them, I lerk around, sometimes they're better with news too


holy fucking shit dude

While I understand and even agree with what you're saying, you're still an autistic fegit

>triggered /v/irgin

I don't dislike the trends on reddit but the clothes never ever fucking fit ever. what the fuck

triggered man baby

Actually, didn't Uzi debut this jacket months before pokemon go came out?


Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the autistic guy is talking about the OP.

well there is your answer

It would be fucking cool if it wasnt based on pokemon go hype tho. Nowadays everyone and their mother wants smth pokemon related

the truly worst part is the Japanese
Squirtle alone would have been decent
Second worst part is that it's just an ugly flannel


everyone fucking knows who Meowth is, chill out nigger


is this bait

Please kill yourself


this is fucking digimon nerd

can anyone translate the jap kanji in this shirt?

its squirtle's name in japanese


New pasta

The fuck are you judging other people for?
That looks pretty alright, wouldn't wear myself though.


Yah, your a fucking neckbeard and a fucking virgin.

thats katakana fagget

>The fuck are you judging other people for?

Because I can?

Are you literally brain dead? Are you saying I can't trash or shit on other's people garbage because it might hurt their delicate sensibilities.