My autistic friend told me I shouldn't wear a black suit with a red tie to an interview. Is this true?

how is he autistic if he's the one giving you tips on dressing

He's always overdressing for everything and he's the only one in our friend group who has never had a girlfriend.

my autistic friend wants to wear a black suit with a red tie to an interview, how do i make him understand not to do this?

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Black suits are usually more formal, but I suppose it depends on the setting. I think a blue or grey suit would likely be a better choice for an interview.

You also shouldn't hesitate to ask your prospective employer what the appropriate attire is for your workplace.

Neither of those things make someone autistic.

If you are interviewing for a position with a company that cares about the 'rules' of businesswear, then no, you shouldn't wear a black suit, regardless of tie colour.

Solid navy or charcoal are the safe options. black is reserved for funerals and eveningwear. brown is too casual. a medium grey is fine too, but charcoal is more versatile, so if you don't want to own like seven suits, go with that over medium grey.

as far as patterning goes, stick with solid colour for now. pinstripe indicates business seniority, large windowpane or herringbone are too casual

fuck. how do you get to adulthood and start interviewing for positions without knowing this shit

not him but im 18 and applying for my first 'real' job so thx

Wearing a suit to an interview is fucking autistic
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Last time I interviewed for a job only me and one other guy wore a suit, everyone else wore khakis and a button up. Someone even had a graphic tee.

Do you work at Macy's?

different if the job specifies formal business attire

As far as general dresscode goes you shouldnt wear black suits unless it's an evening formal occasion or a funreal. For an interwiev you'll be safets with navy, which is most universal color or grey to acheive more business look

that doesn't make an autist, but the animus you're posting definitely make you one

Nobody abides by that anymore, go to any major business district and you'll see black suits everywhere.


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Semi related.

I own a navy suit and a black suit and had an interview a few months ago. I came in for the interview in my navy suit, of course. Then they asked me when I'll be available for the second interview.
I wore my blue suit again but with a very pastel pink shirt instead of white and got the job. For future reference, do I stick with wearing the same suit over several interviews or pull out the funeral suit?

same suit, different shirt and tie

Thanks, senpai

Black suits are generally considered a faux pas in Western society, if only because they are (1) considered more formal and (2) associated with funerals. The red tie might make it even more overly stark.

This is correct.

>For future reference, do I stick with wearing the same suit over several interviews or pull out the funeral suit?
Agree with - it's okay to wear the same suit if you vary up the shirt/tie.

In addition I'd add that black and white makes white people look washed out during daylight, which is why it's used specifically for eveningwear, not business

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