What deodorant do you use?

What deodorant do you use?

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old spice fiji. shit is great you'd be amazed how many compliments you'll get every once and a while on how good you smell

Primal pit paste scentless. Lasts forever

I use Elmer's glue, it works fine and it smells heavenly

>anything not cruelty free

I use old spice original scent. I works and smells ok. I tried one of the newer old spice scents and I got a rash on my face whenever I applied it.

Crystal deodorant.

I had the MiraDry procedure done last month, so none, and will continue to be none for the rest of my life.


Arm and hammer
Cheap lasts longer than any ive used. Gf loves the smell

Picture related, but it's been discontinued and I'm on my last one and I'm at the point of having to be careful when applying lest the sliver of stuff falls out. I have owned a for years, but it never worked for me. Have kept it around as a styptic. Just found out about the "proper way" to apply it, but haven't tried yet. youtube.com/watch?v=2ZLUk04R_rw

My nigga. Sometimes swap it with swagger just for the thrill, but both are great

This. Aluminum free, and smells very lightly of cream soda. Seems like it would kinda be a meme brand but it's alright. Oh, and all that cruelty free stuff.

Christ I tried this shit and hated it. Got s different smell though but it reeked of windex
If I don't wear deodorant I smell like a warm trashbag but pic related keeps me fresh

Windex? I don't smell that at all. That's actually pretty odd. Yeah, without deodorant I smell like a homeless dude after about 3 hours of sitting around.


100% aluminium free, 0 alzheimer , 0 Veeky Forumsget fragrances.

Only the alpha males use it



the best axe fragrance of all time

This is the
>fuck aluminum, I don't want to see a drop of sweat in my pits for a couple days
shit. I bust this out for mission critical assignments.

This stuff made my skin break out in hives. I must have some kind of allergy.
This stuff is great

Old Spice Champion. I've gotten complements from 4-5 girls and my gf is always sniffing me when i wear it.

I know right? Yet it's too underrated because of the lack of fragance, and the simple package.

i dont use anything
hope i dont smell bad boys

That video is correct that you need to rub the moistened crystal for several seconds, but you can and should use more water than she discusses. The idea is to lay down a salt barrier over the entire armpit area to prevent bacteria growth and thus odors. Using more water will also help prevent any redness or irritation from the stick. I apply the stuff liberally and sweat all day at work but never stink. It is excellent for use with your daily /frag/ as well. I spray my pits with whatever perfume I'm wearing that day.


shiggy diggy

Literally this for the last few years. I should probably mix it up but nothing else seems to pass the sniff-test in store.

>Gel deodorants.

Have fun waiting for your pits to dry.

>buy Old Spice fiji
>it look like the one on the left
>the deodorant itself is yellow
>buy it again
>it look like the one on the right
>the deodorant itself is blue
>the smell is actually different
Am I being tricked? Both are Fiji.

One is deodorant. One is deodorant and anti-perspirant. They're different things.

yeah, but even the smell.


Most other kinds make me break out

I don't lmao

Ordered on Amazon. Looks like it got good reviews. Don't think it's an every day thing, but certainly for warm days with nice fits

been my go to for a couple months now, smells light and fresh, I feel like one of those guys in a cologne commercial, I feel so clean. I have a bunch of old spice I haven't used in months too and some dove men which is pretty good too.

I use right guard gel antiperspirant. I need to use gel because I sweat a lot and end up ruining my white shirts with yellow stains.

Currently using Pic Related. Have maybe a few days left in it, thinking of buying Fiji next.

>not phoenix

I don't get it too, I just buy whatever is on sale

old spice confirmed neckbeard deodorant

can you answer what's up with

old spice swagger

Been using this for years. Always scared because I feel like eventually they will discontinue this product. Just the name itself "swagger" is already an outdated phrase.

How do you apply this?

The big question is which smells better?

The one on the left.


cedar wood reporting in

old spice amber & black currant because it mixes well with all four of my seasonal colognes

Click is the least offensive axe, it's ok

old spice V.I.P

Oldspice wolfthorn
smells like skittles

This. I prefer denali and those two discontinued ones, but fiji and even the he line work just fine. Toms smells nice but is useless for any time you might exercise, and dove has worked fine, but I never find it cheaper than old spice.

Foxcrest is the best of the animal line.

I feel like the animal/nature line doesn't last as long as "red zone"

The smell is just fucking great. Sort of the classic Dove scent but with more of a pine touch to it. Girl I'm sort of hanging with loves it

Honestly, the only two the seem to last a long time are Foxcrest and Hawkridge. FC being way better though, imo


Best smell is no smell. If I wanted to be overwhelmed by the stench of peach, the. I'd eat a fucking peach.

I use the same, I had to switch to this because specific types of deodorant make me itch bad. Only problem is that it might sometimes rub off on my black shirts.

this stained ALL my shirts, do not recommend

Deodorant vs. Anti Persperant

Personally, I can't think of a single situation to use only deodorant.
Even in the winter; people taking off their jacket just to release a wave of BO is the worst.

Those type of deodorants never last long, at least for me anyways. Is it like Toms?

>0% alzheimer
>100% aspergers

Is there a deodorant that stops sweating?

no then it would be an antiperspirant

No. Deodorant means it masks bad odors. Antiperspirant is what stops sweating.

catch up


Right guard

To be pedantic, a deodorant ideally *prevents* BO. Once you have BO, nothing really masks it.

holy fuck, it never crossed my mind to get anything other than pic related

It smells great to me, and I much rather have a gel-like deodorant than the white bar.

Red pill me on deodorant. Should I be using something else?

Next time I go to a walgreens or something I'll check out other brands.

But what are you being pedantic about? They said does it stop sweating. Which is doesn't.
They didn't ask if it prevents bo. You're being unecessary.

>not posting the G.O.A.T.

Look up the words "prevent" and "mask." They mean very different things.

I don't like that aluminum shit.

That smells so fucking good. Nice choice.

Same nigga. That stuff is the bomb

Are you imagining a conversation people are having with you that isn't happening. Your replies to people aren't making sense.

Maybe you don't know how Veeky Forums's quoting system works, but if you follow those numbers in each post you can follow a thread of conversation:

Original post:
>Deodorant means it masks bad odors

My comment:
>To be pedantic, a deodorant ideally *prevents* BO. Once you have BO, nothing really masks it.

Smell doesn't come from sweating, it comes from sitting in it like a gross pig.

If I'm doing something that's actually going to make me noticeably sweat enough that would produce a smell, it's likely a continuing activity and I'm flushing out. If I'm away from home, quick trip to the bathroom and rinse the pits and I'm good.
I have it to use once in a while if I'm going out or something as a sort of 'suiting up' placebo effect, but I don't freak out if I forget.

I know some have a problem, but people are supposed to smell like people.

I don't have a problem with Axe, I love it.
Not my problem that bros drown themselves in it.

Well, they're made differently. Expect a difference.

Using anti-antiperspirant makes me hotter, honestly.
Especially when I'm not wearing a cotton shirt.

If you're going to be this big an asshole, no, deodorant doesn't prevent BO and it doesn't prevent sweating.
Antiperspirant preventings sweating, which can help prevent BO.

Deodorant only masks.

Axe is for junior high kids

And you'd know this, sounding like someone who's still in jr. high.
Most of Axe's line just smells like some kind of 'sport scent', especially when companies like Old Spice are finding new fame with their scents. It's just like Axe, except it has the benefit of being an older company, and doesn't have a culturally association with teenage boys.
I don't really give a shit about their marketing. If I like the smell, and the smell lasts as long as I'd prefer, I'm buying it.

>deodorant doesn't prevent BO
>Deodorant only masks
Wat. So you think deodorant is exactly the same thing as perfume? Do you apply deodorant *after* you get BO? I give up trying to explain the difference to you; maybe someone else will have better luck. Perhaps you are ESL. But to be fair, I did say my point was pedantic from the beginning.

>not buying the cruelest deodorant possible
you're not gonna make it

This, the ultimate deodorant if you don't have the money

Alpha junior high kids

>Wat. So you think deodorant is exactly the same thing as perfume? Do you apply deodorant *after* you get BO? I give up trying to explain the difference to you; maybe someone else will have better luck. Perhaps you are ESL. But to be fair, I did say my point was pedantic from the beginning.
Friend, let me explain this to you step by step.

Where does BO come from? It comes from sweating, you can agree with me there.
Now, does deodorant preventing sweating? No, only antiperspirant prevents sweating. You can agree with me there.

Now we come to your rub:
If deodorant does NOT preventing sweating, you are going to sweat. SO, what deodorant is doing is sitting on your skin doing nothing but sitting standy-by ready to mask, which is its job, if and when you do sweat. If you don't smell BO, you're either not sweating enough yet to start getting it, or the BO hasn't gotten to the point where it overpowers the deodorant, and it is masking it.
Do you understand why you're wrong now?

Yes, once you have BO, wash up, you're not going to overpower it and you're just going to make your stick smell like your pits for next time.
However, the only real way to PREVENT BO from happening is to use antiperspirant, because it contains elements that prevent the sweat from happening. Deodorant is a masker period, regardless of whether or not there is something to mask yet or not.

Any questions, class?

that shit is way too sweet smelling, i bought it once and deeply regretted it

Is Axe/Lynx Africa effay approved?

Does alum stone work? I want to switch to a scentless once I'm no longer a bum and can afford Versace Dreamer.

Wearing men's deodorant is the fucking best.

Unless you want to smell like baby powder or fresh flowers, it's your only option, reasonably.

I see where the issue lies. You think sweat = BO, when in actuality sweat + bacteria + time = BO. Deodorant kills bacteria. How else can you explain the existence of unscented deodorants?


>Deodorant kills bacteria. How else can you explain the existence of unscented deodorants?
No. There are few deodorants that kill bacteria, and even fewer that actually accomplish this after the initial application.
By and large, deodorants are maskers. Most of these unscented 'deodorants' aren't deodorants, they're unscented antiperspirants.

On the rare case that you've actually found an unscented deodorant, that isn't an antiperspirant, once it's dry, it stops killing bacteria.


I didn't realize you were delusional. Anyone else want to try? I really am leaving the house now.


Says the guy who reeks like a junior high kid. How is that monster energy and xbox live? Sporty?

Any scent is going to make you smell like a tween if you douse yourself in it.