Why don't we have grooming threads on Veeky Forums? I mean nothing says IDGAF like being poorly groomed...

Why don't we have grooming threads on Veeky Forums? I mean nothing says IDGAF like being poorly groomed. I'm a well groomed man myself I'll admit it. Are Harry's razors any good? What about Dollar Shave Club? Is it true they're overpriced rebranded Dorco?Looking for a cheaper alternative to Gilette. No safety razors, I'm a cartridge man myself.

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>What about Dollar Shave Club? Is it true they're overpriced rebranded Dorco?

They are.

>No safety razors.

Seconding this. Go back to plebbit and have a sad cum about it not being the 1950s while you take an extra 15 minutes to shave.


>Go back to plebbit and have a sad cum about it not being the 1950s while you take an extra 15 minutes to shave.
as long as you're not fucking incompetent, it takes the same time to shave with a safety razor as it does with a cartridge, if not less
they also provide a better shave and irritate your face less
real autists use straight razors, but again they're probably the best if you actually know how to use them

tl;dr let people shave their faces however the fuck they want

safety razer here

I might try a straight though I know they aren't efficient or cost-effective. Safety razors are the most practical if you aren't happy with the sub-par results electric gives

>Are Harry's razors any good?
2. No, DE/straight or bust.

>Looking for a cheaper alternative to Gilette
A cheaper alternative to Gillette is getting GIllette DE blades, I like yellows mys--
>No safety razors
You're a massive fag. Just shut up and get one.

>Having to using Le Classy Gentlecuck Shave Soap lather with your memerazor
>Taking the same amount of time.
>Having to re-learn to shave
>Irritating your face less

Yeah, no.

safety razors are for idiots. if you knew how to shave properly you would never have a problem with multiple bladed razors in the first place.

it doesn't make you more classy, enough with the 1950s vision shit

i went full meme and bought the braun series 9.

i think i still spend as much time shaving as before. maybe longer. and the shaves obviously aren't as smooth.

but i always skipped a day or two or five before. but with this electric, i'm happy to shave when i wake up.

also, the cleaning station is nice. the whole setup is perfect if you're fucking tired of shaving and cleanup and want to defer to robots.

would rec.

(downside is the pure aesthetics of the setup is really ugly and looks horrible on my sink. click through this if you want to pine for the past: core77.com/posts/24437/a-history-of-braun-design-part-1-electric-shavers-24437)

>braun series 9.

you really spent $300 on a fuckin razor baka

>inb4 poorboi

never learned how to shave.

Why is it when i shave my throat, when it grows in its super sensitive and hurts like a motherfucker. Like getting out of the shower and drying my neck/throat is the absolute worst

Straight razors take a lot of time prepping up, it's for enthusiasts. Try a shavette instead.

Just choose the right tool for the job, you know? With a longer beard, use a knife (straight razor or shavette), everyday shave, safety or cartridge will give you a closer shave. Safety will irritate less than a multi blade cartridge, but will need more passes.

yeah, I don't mind spending money on something I use everyday. Compared to spending that much on a pair of shoes that only get worn a few times a month.

Found my grandpa's Gillette Fatboy razor a year or two ago. Used to use those expensive 3-5 blade cartridge razors but I get just as good of a shave with super cheap DE razors. I can go months without shaving and shave it all off in 1 pass without trimming with my Fatboy. For an even better shave I'll go two. Best thing is to go with your grain on the first pass and then against on the second.

Depends on how many passes you do and if you go with or against grain. Try just going with the grain once and using aftershave or lotion after.

It's not about cuts. It's about cartridge cost.


>never learned how to shave.
Were you raised by a single mother?

not him, but my dad always used an electric. so one year, i got an electric razor in my christmas stocking. a free gilette mach 3 showed up on my 18th birthday (no idea where they got this information, but it was obviously good marketing) and i switched immediately. learned by trial and error, bits of pieces of info that entered my brain from the ether (shave with the grain, then much later: shave with the grain, then against the grain).


It takes me longer to shave with a cartridge razor. They get clogged up too fast. Even after rinsing, it gets clogged pretty quickly and all of that clogging leads to a bad shave and taking more time. With a safety razor, I spend way less time and money.

I think what leads to my experience is having thick beard hairs.

Straight razors just make you feel like you're not part of a really shitty generation that uses almost exclusively safety razors because they have tiny balls. I think it's worth it.

gilette are marketing scams, any razor with more than 1 blade is marketing scams from jews. just like gaming mice with more than 1k dpi
all you need is a good safety razor. you can then just buy razor blade packs instead of buying a new razor every other day...

>Why don't we have grooming threads on Veeky Forums?

Because this board is filled with children. For fucks sake look at the clothes they wear. There are very few grown men who visit here.

oh, of course it's a marketing scam. just point out that it's a very good one. often considered switching to safety, but went electric instead. it's surely not as """cool""" as the ritual of wet shaving and the associated accouterments, but my life is simpler and relaxed now, however less cinematic.

I think there are many of them here, but they just let the kiddos argue about clown sneakers and dont post so much

Lmao I got one of those things on my 18th birthday too. Still kinda scares me how they knew when it was and where I lived, but I've used it since

Really is a brilliant tactic. I bought blades for seven years. Who knows how much money they got from me. Still have it, but only use it when I go camping. Memes aside, it works well enough that there's no reason to switch aside from cost.

>I like wasting my money on over priced shit and easily fall for memes

Saftey/straight or bust.

OP didn't mention saftey or straight razors like these shills

Except that safety razors are much cheaper. DSC is the expensive meme. It's the quivalent of buying your shitty Dorco cartridges directly from the supplier and lighting a couple bucks on fire every month just for the fuck of it.

>$30 meme razor handle (blades not included.)

>$60 badger brush
>$12 shaving soap

All so you can pretend you're better than everyone when you buy shitty $1 razor blades at Dollar General.

merkur 34c + gillette super stainless + mitchell's wool fat here

A package of 4 cartridges costs about 20 dollars. Say you get a weeks use from each one, that's 20 a month over 12 months. 240 dollars a year over your entire life. 20 dollars gets you 100 double edge razors which last me about a month a piece

The blades cost pennies. You save in the long run.

Ty for commenting this

I get a months use out of a Fusion cartridge because I learned how to properly shave

If I grow out a beard for winter it costs me even less.

Judging by the prices, I could ditch the Fusion, buy a Dorco +30 cartridges and be set for less than you probably paid for your shitty Merkur memerazor handle.

Cheap, shitty blades cost pennies.

Personna Comfort Coated are great and cost about 10 cents. They also shave long bear hair better than any electric shaver or cartridge razor I have ever used.