What are some good western style shirts?

What are some good western style shirts?

LVC, RRL, Pendleton, Woolrich

I found a nice looking Nautica shirt the other day. I would post pictures but my eyes hurt and I want to sleep.

bumpo. will be posting some inspo from time to time to keep this thread alive. Any one know any other good brands that sell quality western type wear that isnt too autistic (i.e i can wear it in general public without sticking out like a sore thumb). I think wrangler is preety good, specifically their jeans.


thanks by the way these are all great



Townes was so fucking cool

these + Lee and Wrangler as well

Love this one. This is the gayest/most lesbian movie I've ever seen.



I want to get a pair of Levi 501, but not sure what color. For some reason they look like different fits for the different color? Anybody have any experience with these?

What shoes besides boots can be worn with these looks? In the summer my feet get really hot.

w2c plain well made leather belt with brass buckle?


desert mali doesn't get too hot in my personal experience

I hate my desert mali's, not very comfy with the wrong proportions for a boot. I'd say desert boots for hot weather, but they age poorly.

What do you mean by age poorly?

My CDB's kind of "shrunk" after a few years. Its hard to explain, like they lost their original form after awhile and became flatter. I couldn't wear them with anything towards the end.

Do you think keeping one of those shoe shapers in it when I'm not wearing them would help?

moccasins could work

penny loafers or derbies

levis sizing is inconsistent. there's no way to tell what fits which way unless you try them on. but generally the cuts don't vary enough for me to actually care. if you're a stickler for pants then definitely try them on first.


townes is my favorite artist, arguably one of the greatest songwriters of all time

Any recs for darbies? Something I could buy used for not too much?

allen edmonds, loake, meermin, the usual

he is pretty based desu,