/r9k/ said I was autistic for wearing boots, joggers and a button up shirt...

/r9k/ said I was autistic for wearing boots, joggers and a button up shirt, but I honestly am trying to improve my fashion sense. I didn't think it looked that bad. Is it shit?

looks pretty bad

What's bad about it? What mistakes did I make.

lurk here more and then once you get a good sense fucking leave, this board makes you hate everyone also get the fuck off r9k unless you like feeling like a piece of shit

It's kinda conflicting in its message. The boots and button up are old-fashioned (to a degree; both are modern in their own right) while joggers are very much a trending piece. If you just had slim brown pants with similar stacks, it'd be a solid outfit. Your color coordination seems fine, the only real issue is the mix of style between leather boots, a long-sleeve button-up, and joggers.

Thanks so much dude, thanks for the info.

The pants are too skinny. Looks a bit awkward.

get something in more of a slim straight fit.

Put on some dark denim instead of joggers and button up your shirt John Stamos

Then you'll look alright and . . well like John Stamos

Thanks for the suggestions and advice.

What am I doing wrong in this pic btw.

God damnit fuck off already.

shit tshirt, wear plain ones
rest is fine

clothes fit ok, but mindlessly mixing styles is not ok. just lurk more and start to build your own fashion sense and personal style.

graphic tees are a no go my dude

/r9k/ is full of sloppy fucking neckbeards so get out of there, as someone said before lurk here more and also check out tuxbell.com, its pretty good and the advice that the guy gave about the message of your outfit is good to follow

It isn't a graphic tee but I get the sentiment thanks bro.

You look fine, OP. Ignore these faggots.


Yeah, boots are clunky and don't look good with anything too skinny. The boots with the shirt are fine, but switch the pants up.

where did i go wrong

at the moment u where born

jk outfit could be worse desu

Shirt doesn't compliment your figure. The unbuttoned top isn't great for this look. The pants are a bit too skinny and the color is slightly off. It could just be lighting and angle from that dark room but I'd change it up a little bit.

Lovely shirt and boot, shame about the bottom

what is this, 2012?

thought u were naked from the waist down at first

clever girl

Is it possible to wear any high top shoe without tucking your pants in? Just looks uncomfortable and forced to me so I never do it.