Post Veeky Forums musicians/albums

post Veeky Forums musicians/albums

and join this dubtrack if you dare

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>tfw no one joins or posts

Just me and OP in the dubtrack.

P-pls join ;_;


scarlet johansen

Norm-core is the best core.

who is that

Can't have one of these threads without him

Beach Fossils

God tier "feel good" indie rock


Grimes, Mac Demarco, Deerhunter

join the dubtrack doods


is ibeyi fa?


death in june/rome
aphex twin
probably dg

pretty entry lvl but still

dont place iceage on the same level as grimes and mac demarco

Cate Le Bon

Loren Mazzacane Connors

aztec camera was pretty Veeky Forums

Does anyone know why /mu/ hates Iceage? I'm just curious.

Because they're pretty known nowadays in the indie scene, when they were more underground everyone sucked their cocks. /mu/ is basically the epitome of hipster stereotypes, they hate everything that is not cult, because that makes them feel cool.

Jesse Lacey's pretty effay in a dad kinda way

W2C similar belt in black

all of death grips

Ugh I can't stand these faggots who have musical talent but then manage to look like fucking high school drop out stoners with disgusting messy hair, "I can't be bothered shaving" beards and dumpy untrained bodies.

good music, decidedly not effay

>black keys
>musical talent

shit taste my man

>The Black Keys

you have no idea how much pussy that guy probably gets

>it's another "my band is less mainstream than yours" dick measuring contest


bro join me bro

garden aren't Veeky Forums

i thought this was chocolate rain for a sec

the music is irrelevant, iceage are the most Veeky Forums band

>zach hill

well, that isn't true at all. not even close.

only good ones ITT

Jeff Mills

He does look good but his music is utter crap

Yeah it is /mu/ fag. Here it is an example of what im talkin about ------->

Nico is pretty Veeky Forums

I used to like Iceage a lot, I saw them right after they released their second album(i think) and that's still one of the best gigs i've ever been to. When they released their third album i thought they'd changed for the worse. I don't really mind change and i can understand why they felt the need to change. It's just that they chose a pretty easy way to change, that is, choosing a sound more inspired by bands like Nick Cave and the bad seeds instead of their other, more obscure and interesting influences like Burzum and Death in June. The other problem with the path they chose is that they aren't as good as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Elias can't write lyrics as interesting as Nick can, and iceage as a whole is far from as capable as musicians as the bad seeds. I don't think you have be an objectively great musician to make interesting music, you can make up for that by being experimental or having an interesting take on old things- it Iceage doesn't do any of that.


Whats some Veeky Forums music approved/essentials?

>inb4 mac demarco

>Listening to bands
go to bed dad

iceage are literally not even close to being as well known as meme demarco or grimes, just look at their youtube hits. nearly every 'music' person i've spoke to at college has either not heard of ice age or hates them

The Cure

n-no u

Eh, not really. I love his music but I wouldn't call him effay.



he has a much better leather jacket than this one that is very worn in




I mean, Ta fĂȘte was pretty good.



form your own opinions you fuck

How can I "learn" more about music?

Going through flowcharts from /mu/ isn't working very well, it just leaves me with a few good albums to listen to, but no way to go from there and no new knowledge about the bands/genre.

to elaborate on this, my goal is to feel comfortable enough to talk about a specific genre with someone in real life.

(the genres I've enjoyed so far is post-punk and shoegaze)

Rateyourmusic charts and lists to discover music and Wikipedia for background information.
That big ass post-punk chart from /mu/ is pretty great though. It moves onto cold wave, industrial etc. The shoegaze flowchart is good too but has a lot of random stuff imo.

With (modern) hiphop it was at least somewhat simple to get a quick overview of the "essential" albums & artists, but I'm feeling like the complete opposite applies to my experience with post-punk and shoegaze so far

it's not even close


get on

Good taste mon

mndsgn bois these Italians are the shit this Frenchie too these russki too even if a bit late

shit as fuck

was going to post him, nice taste

I really like mndsgn in a cuddle kind of way

not Veeky Forums in the slightest but still good

join dis

more of king zach

all hail

what kind of pants are those/?

That's in the No Love Deep Web bathroom.


a n y w h e r e

I like Anna Domino's music, hairstyle, and outfit in this video.